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Dont Want U Quotes By David Frost

Dont aom for success if u want it just do what u love n believe in and it wil come naturaly. — David Frost

Dont Want U Quotes By Antoni Omeihe

I dont only want to Be successful in life. I also want to Live a Life that the people will remember for a Better tomorrow — Antoni Omeihe

Dont Want U Quotes By Perez Hilton

Im not a celebrity. I dont take myself too seriously. I know where I stand in the food chain. And no matter how much of an insider I ever become or am, Ill still always be an outsider. — Perez Hilton

Dont Want U Quotes By Russell Hoban

Our woal life is a idear we dint think of nor we dont know what it is. — Russell Hoban

Dont Want U Quotes By Larry The Cable Guy


Dont Want U Quotes By David Gilmour

Our music has depth, and attempts philosophical thought and meaning with discussions of infinity, eternity and mortality. There is a line which people cross that turns it into some magical, mystical realm, for which I dont claim responsibility and dont hold any great truck with. — David Gilmour

Dont Want U Quotes By Lailah Gifty Akita

What you dream of, you will possess. — Lailah Gifty Akita

Dont Want U Quotes By Bruce Lee

Its like a finger pointing away to the moon. Dont concentrate on the finger or you will miss all that heavenly glory. — Bruce Lee

Dont Want U Quotes By Geoff Zanelli

When I'm writing a score, I'm constantly looking for ways to improve on it, even when I think it's working well. I don't give up on things, and am always trying to make incremental improvements, which means I never finish writing a score early! — Geoff Zanelli

Dont Want U Quotes By Jane Harvey-Berrick

Now that's a sight for sore eyes, Sebastian. Maybe I should just leave you here: the hotel maids might appreciate that. Or, better still, maybe I'll take a photograph of you on my phone. Dont worry, I wont post it on the internet, it'll just be my screen saver. — Jane Harvey-Berrick

Dont Want U Quotes By Riker Lynch

If you absolutely love it more than anything in the world, don't give up. You gotta keep working hard because it's a lot tougher than it looks. — Riker Lynch

Dont Want U Quotes By Lady Gaga

If you dont have any shadows you're not in the light — Lady Gaga

Dont Want U Quotes By Edward Allen Bernero

If you don't like me, you don't like me. You can call me anytime; I'll have an opinion on just about anything. I will also tell you if I shouldn't have an opinion on something - I just make television shows. — Edward Allen Bernero

Dont Want U Quotes By Georg Baselitz

I dont want to create a monster; I want to make something which is new, exceptional, something that only I do ... something that references tradition, but is still new. — Georg Baselitz

Dont Want U Quotes By Arafath Shanas

I dont wanna see you again.
B'coz U'r the one left me here ...
but, what to do ...
You are always just crossing ...
I cant love you, as u left me..
same time I cant hate you ... b'coz.. one day you have to take me out from here..!! — Arafath Shanas

Dont Want U Quotes By Lailah Gifty Akita

With hope, we can endure any hardship. — Lailah Gifty Akita

Dont Want U Quotes By Kim Richards

I don't trust you with my shoe; I wouldn't trust you with an old pair of socks. — Kim Richards

Dont Want U Quotes By Nicole Kidman

Whatever you do in life, don't give up on your own dreams. — Nicole Kidman

Dont Want U Quotes By Robert Musil

I dont believe in the Devil, but if I did I should think of him as the trainer who drives Heaven to break its own records. — Robert Musil

Dont Want U Quotes By Cristiano Ronaldo

I dont want to tell my dreams, I want to show them! — Cristiano Ronaldo

Dont Want U Quotes By Sherry Argov

When you nag, you become the problem, an he deals with it by turning you out, but when you dont nag, he deals with the problem. — Sherry Argov

Dont Want U Quotes By Rachel Caine

Thats why i'm staying here,"claire said."with you.tonight."shane took in a deep breath."clothes stay on." "mostly,"she agreed. "you know,your parents really are right about me."claire sighed."no,they're not.nobody knows you at all,i think.not your dad,not even michael.your a deep,dark mystery,shane."he kissed her for the first time since she'd entered the room,a warm press of lips to her forehead."i'm an open book." she smiled."i like books." "hey,we've got something in common." i'm taking off my shoes." "fine.shoes off." "and my pants." "dont push it claire. — Rachel Caine

Dont Want U Quotes By Lailah Gifty Akita

A determined soul and indomitable spirit are necessary for any achievement. — Lailah Gifty Akita

Dont Want U Quotes By Amarillo Slim

I dont play any two suited cards. I play any two non-suited cards. That way I am drawing at two different flushes. — Amarillo Slim

Dont Want U Quotes By Raf Simons

I dont want to show clothes, I want to show my attitude, my past, present and future. I use memories and future visions and try to place them in todays world. — Raf Simons

Dont Want U Quotes By Cormac McCarthy

Somewhere out there is a true and living prophet of destruction and I dont want to confront him. I know he's real. I have seen his work. I walked in front of those eyes once. I wont do it again. I wont push my chips forward and stand up and go out to meet him. It aint just bein older. I wish that it was. I cant say that it's even what you are willin to do. Because I always knew that you had to be willin to die to even do this job. That was always true. Not to sound glorious about it or nothin but you do. If you aint they'll know it. They'll see it in a heartbeat. I think it is more like what you are willin to become. And I think a man would have to put his soul at hazard. And I wont do that. — Cormac McCarthy

Dont Want U Quotes By Brian Houston

You don't change the world out of obligation, but you will out of glorious obsession. — Brian Houston

Dont Want U Quotes By Cassandra Clare

I dont know," said Simon, "it doesn't sound so bad to me. I'd rather have someone mess around inside my head than chop it off."
"Then you're a bigger idiot than you look. — Cassandra Clare

Dont Want U Quotes By Beverly Jenkins

To aspiring writers, I say : Don't give up. Storytelling has been an integral part of the human condition since the beginning of time. Don't let anyone tell you your dreams don't have value. They do. — Beverly Jenkins

Dont Want U Quotes By Thomas Sowell

It doesnt matter what you do if you dont do what matters. If you do what matters it doesnt matter what you do. — Thomas Sowell

Dont Want U Quotes By Orson Welles

By nature, I am an experimentalist. I don't believe much in accomplishment. — Orson Welles

Dont Want U Quotes By Groucho Marx

A cigar makers organization once said that I was the most famous cigar smoker in the world. I dont know if thats true, but once while visiting Havana, I went to a cigar factory. There were four hundred people there rolling cigars, and when they saw me, they all stood up and applauded. — Groucho Marx

Dont Want U Quotes By Cormac McCarthy

I have no enemies. I dont permit such a thing. — Cormac McCarthy

Dont Want U Quotes By Prerak Trivedi

People will help, they just want to check 'How good are you without them?'. Just Show Them. — Prerak Trivedi

Dont Want U Quotes By Kevin Rose

I don't care what it is, when it has an LCD screen, it makes it better. — Kevin Rose

Dont Want U Quotes By Misha Collins

SeLF censorsHIP?
Not my strong suit ... I dont want to be a total d o u c h e b a g , but a little bit of one. — Misha Collins

Dont Want U Quotes By Indian Navy

if u think thaat achieving ur goals is the true measure of ur potential then u dont neeed us but if u think that u have the will to go beyond the limits of glory then come lets join us,,, after all u r what u want to be.... — Indian Navy

Dont Want U Quotes By Avon Gale

Me: fine. u ever want 2 sleep w/someone u really dont like? Everett: you mean like a republican? — Avon Gale