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Top Don't Let Anyone Judge You Quotes

Don't Let Anyone Judge You Quotes By Daniel Marques

Some people get offended by what I write, by what I do with my life and by what I say to those they never saw. And they also get offended when told they are too stupid to have the right to judge anyone. These poor souls don't know that respect and intelligence are correlated. — Daniel Marques

Don't Let Anyone Judge You Quotes By Butch Walker

Don't let your cool stand in the way of being soulful. Life is too short. Too short to hate. Too short to judge. Too short not to live for. Don't let anything or anyone get the best of you or your heart and mind. If you are going down ... go down swinging, singing, and loving. — Butch Walker

Don't Let Anyone Judge You Quotes By Homer

Canada? Why would I want to leave America just to visit America, Jr.? — Homer

Don't Let Anyone Judge You Quotes By Poul Anderson

My knowledge of the human psyche is as yet imperfect. Certain areas won't yield to computation. — Poul Anderson

Don't Let Anyone Judge You Quotes By Sandra Vischer

Have greater compassion and empathy for others, and don't judge anyone, because you have no idea what's going on in their life. — Sandra Vischer

Don't Let Anyone Judge You Quotes By Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

Don't judge anyone harshly until you yourself have been through his experiences — Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

Don't Let Anyone Judge You Quotes By Naomi Watts

Never say never - and I certainly don't judge anyone who does it. But most of the characters I play are going through some kind of emotional turmoil, so my job requires me to have expression. If my face was froze, what right do I have to play that part? All the women who haven't done anything to their faces are still able to play great roles. And some of the ones who have done something have messed it up- they look freakish. Anyway, for me it's about playing women with rich lives - and the longer the life, the deeper the wrinkles. — Naomi Watts

Don't Let Anyone Judge You Quotes By Jennifer Niven

Life is too short to judge others. It is not our job to tell someone what they feel or who they are. Why not spend some time on yourself instead? I don't know you, but I can guarantee you have some issues you can work on. And maybe you've got a fit body and a perfect face, but I'll wager you've got insecurities too, ones that would keep you from stripping down to a purple bikini and modeling it in front of everyone.

As for the rest of you, remember this. YOU ARE WANTED. Big, small, tall, short, pretty, plain, friendly, shy. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise not even yourself.

Especially not yourself. — Jennifer Niven

Don't Let Anyone Judge You Quotes By A.W. Tozer

[The Church] has lived through its early travails and has now come to accept an easier way of life. It is content to carry on its painless program with enough money to pay its bills and a membership large enough to assure its future. Its members now look to it for security rather than for guidance in the battle between good and evil. It has become a school instead of a barracks. Its members are students, not soldiers. They study the experiences of others instead of seeking new experiences of their own. — A.W. Tozer

Don't Let Anyone Judge You Quotes By Billy Idol

It doesn't matter about money; having it, not having it. Or having clothes, or not having them. You're still left alone with yourself in the end. — Billy Idol

Don't Let Anyone Judge You Quotes By Jung Chang

Before our "company" set off, at a wink from the officer, Plumpie stood up and proposed a search. I could see that some of the others thought she was wasting our time, but our company commander cheerfully seconded her proposal. He suggested we search him first. A boy was called to do this, and found a big bunch of keys on him. Our commander acted as though he had been genuinely careless, and gave Plumpie a victorious smile. The rest of us searched each other. This roundabout way of doing things reflected a Maoist practice: things had to look as though they were the wish of the people, rather than commands from above. Hypocrisy and playacting were taken for granted. — Jung Chang

Don't Let Anyone Judge You Quotes By Nicola Haken

Because they're wrong. People who judge me are wrong. There's nothing wrong with me. There's nothing wrong with being gay, or how I dress, or how I choose to express myself. I'm not hurting anyone, but they're hurting me. If I change to fit in with their misguided opinions then I'm just reinforcing them. On top of that, their lives wouldn't alter. They don't know me. They have an issue with gay people in general, not me personally. So, if I changed who I was to fit in with what they deem an acceptable society, it wouldn't affect them, but it would affect me. I'd be living a lie. I'd be miserable, and they wouldn't even know about it. They'd find another gay person to disapprove of. So why do that? Why change for people who don't even know who I am?" This — Nicola Haken

Don't Let Anyone Judge You Quotes By Kanae Minato

I think we regular people may have forgotten a basic truth - we don't really have the right to judge anyone else. — Kanae Minato

Don't Let Anyone Judge You Quotes By Donna Grant

Reapers are the hands of Death. Death might be the judge, but the Reapers are the executioners. They police all Fae."
"So kill the bastards."
Taraeth glanced at his glass. "MNo one knows who the Reapers are. No one as even seen Death. We can't fight what we don't see or know."
"So ... you're afraid of some whispers?"
"What do you think has been hunting the Fae besides the Kings? The Reapers."
Mikkel made a sound at the back of his throat. "Has anyone ever seen one of these Reapers?"
"You see one, you die."
"Of course you do," Mikkel scoffed. — Donna Grant

Don't Let Anyone Judge You Quotes By Joe Abercrombie

I'm no high judge of righteousness."
"Who is?"
"But I find this to be a good thing."
"Don't let anyone know, it might ruin my reputation."
Yarvi saw an old woman glaring at him from across the square, and he smiled back, and waved, and watched her scuttle away.
"It seems I've become the villain of this piece. — Joe Abercrombie

Don't Let Anyone Judge You Quotes By Louise Nurding

There are hundreds and hundreds of women who are married to footballers, and we get to see a very small handful of them. They are all different individuals, and they choose the way they want to live their life or look, and I don't think it is really fair on anyone else to judge. — Louise Nurding

Don't Let Anyone Judge You Quotes By Hugh Prather

Today I acknowledge that I am not in position to judge what mistakes anyone is making or what lessons anyone needs to learn. I don't know how far someone has come or when that person will have a breakthrough, I simply don't know what other people should be doing. But when I think I do know, I clearly am not doing what I should be doing, which is taking responsibility for my own life. — Hugh Prather

Don't Let Anyone Judge You Quotes By Stacia Kane

We don't like murders here, said a man's voice, low and threatening, from the back of the crowd. Megan glanced at Cassie and her friends. They looked away, as if they didn't see what was happening.
Anger boiled in her chest. Why wouldn't they leave her alone? She hadn't killed anyone. She hadn't killed Harlen Trooper, all those years ago. She knew it and the judge knew it. She hadn't even been charged.
If I wanted to, I could have you all killed, she thought, and was stunned when the thought didn't scare her the way it should. She looked at their faces, stony and stubbled, shiny with alcoholic sweat. The power in her chest hadn't worked against Ktana Leyak, but it could against them, this miserable bunch of humans with their heavy boots and beer guts.
She pictured those guts exploding. She pictured the terror in their eyes when they realized they were messing with the wrong fucking demon, they were -
Demon? — Stacia Kane

Don't Let Anyone Judge You Quotes By Anonymous

13 And when you were dead in trespasses and in the uncircumcision of your flesh, He made you alive with Him and forgave us all our trespasses. 14 He erased the certificate of debt, with its obligations, that was against us and opposed to us, and has taken it out of the way by nailing it to the cross. 15 He disarmed the rulers and authorities and disgraced them publicly; He triumphed over them by Him. 16 Therefore, don't let anyone judge you in regard to food and drink or in the matter of a festival or a new moon or a Sabbath day. 17 These are a shadow of what was to come; the substance is the Messiah. 18 Let no one disqualify you, insisting on ascetic practices and the worship of angels, claiming access to a visionary realm and inflated without cause by his unspiritual mind. — Anonymous

Don't Let Anyone Judge You Quotes By Ricky Gervais

As an atheist, I see nothing "wrong" in believing in a God. I don't think there is a God, but belief in him does no harm. If it helps you in any way, then that's fine with me. It's when belief starts infringing on other people's rights when it worries me. I would never deny your right to believe in a God. I would just rather you didn't kill people who believe in a different God, say. Or stone someone to death because your rulebook says their sexuality is immoral. It's strange that anyone who believes that an all-powerful all-knowing, omniscient power responsible for everything that happens, would also want to judge and punish people for what they are. — Ricky Gervais

Don't Let Anyone Judge You Quotes By Ginnifer Goodwin

There's nothing I want less than a piece of cheese or a burger. I have nightmares I'm being force-fed these things. I have no interest in converting anyone. It's purely how I want to live my life. I don't judge anyone. — Ginnifer Goodwin

Don't Let Anyone Judge You Quotes By Robyn Carr

But, Marcie had reminded herself, I don't know the weight of anyone else's burdens - only my own. She didn't judge. She didn't feel smart or strong enough to judge. — Robyn Carr

Don't Let Anyone Judge You Quotes By E.A. Bucchianeri

Make your lives a masterpiece, you only get one canvas. — E.A. Bucchianeri

Don't Let Anyone Judge You Quotes By Carine Roitfeld

When I left French 'Vogue,' New York welcomed me with a big, big hug. — Carine Roitfeld

Don't Let Anyone Judge You Quotes By Pamela Anderson

Obviously, I think being vegan is important. But no one should judge anybody. I'm not a dictator and I don't expect anyone to be any certain way. — Pamela Anderson

Don't Let Anyone Judge You Quotes By Hilary Thayer Hamann

I was an American girl; I possessed what our culture valued most-independance and blind courage. — Hilary Thayer Hamann

Don't Let Anyone Judge You Quotes By Emmet Fox

DYNAMITE (13 Sticks for Immediate Use - Handle with Care) PLAN tomorrow's work today. Review the events of the day, very briefly before retiring. Keep your voice down. No screamers wanted. Train yourself to write very legibly. Keep your good humor even if you lose your shirt. Defend those who are absent. Hear the other side before you judge. Don't cry over spilt milk. Learn to do one thing as well as anyone on earth can do it. Use your company manners on the family. If you must be rude, let strangers have it. Keep all your goods and possessions neat and orderly. Get rid of things that you do not use. Every day do something to help someone else. Read the Bible every day. These points may seem to be trite and obvious, but each one has hidden behind it, an invincible law of psychology and metaphysics. Try them. — Emmet Fox

Don't Let Anyone Judge You Quotes By Ian Gurvitz

(Ayn Rand was the godmother of laissez faire capitalism, the Virgin Mary of Libertarianism. She died in 1982. She spent her life attempting to turn selfishness into a religion so that people could claim their greed was grounded in the nature of man. Her heinous ideas and crappy books have given politicians philosophical cover to promote their "greed is good" agenda for decades. — Ian Gurvitz

Don't Let Anyone Judge You Quotes By Lady Gaga

Don't judge anyone but don't trust anyone. — Lady Gaga

Don't Let Anyone Judge You Quotes By Ivanka Trump

The average person can look at someone in public life and say they have it all, but they might be struggling. Or you may think another person has more apparent challenges, but she's deeply grateful for her life. I don't think anyone can judge what having it all means for someone else. — Ivanka Trump

Don't Let Anyone Judge You Quotes By Maurine Stuart

Become the person of no rank. Become the noble soul, and live in this awakened way, not imitating anyone. Whatever the circumstances your life asks of you, respond to them in your own individual Zen-spirited way. Don't waste any time trying to be someone else ... We are not here to have someone else's experience. We are here to have our own vivid experience. So please don't cling to yesterday, to what happened, to what didn't happen. And do not judge today by yesterday. Let us just live today to the fullest! Moment after moment, each sitting is the only sitting. — Maurine Stuart

Don't Let Anyone Judge You Quotes By Christopher Rice

I don't want to judge anyone's sex life - but I worry that those are the only options we are giving to our young people. — Christopher Rice

Don't Let Anyone Judge You Quotes By Jeanette Winterson

I learned capacity for self-reflection very early, finding it through interior monologues that books are so good at and that visual media is so bad at because it's so boring - nothing's happening. In a book, you can be inside the narrator's head for 50 pages, and nothing needs to happen. Then you learn to be inside your own head without something needing to happen. It's a very good antidote to a crazy, restless, "what's next?" culture - that you can just be in your own head and nothing is happening except that this is a rich place. I love that. — Jeanette Winterson

Don't Let Anyone Judge You Quotes By The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter-day Saints

Had spent many hours in that upper room in the temple by himself in prayer and meditation. — The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter-day Saints

Don't Let Anyone Judge You Quotes By Rayven Skyy

I don't like labels being put on anyone. I judge the person on how they interact with me. If you're good to me, I'll be good to you. It's just that simple. A persons sexual preference doesn't come before me. To me that's personal and private. In short, people need to mind their own business. My philosophy is live and let live. — Rayven Skyy

Don't Let Anyone Judge You Quotes By Leo Perutz

For it's human nature even in the direst extremity to see a spark of hope and blow it into flames. — Leo Perutz