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Top Don't Irritate Quotes

Don't Irritate Quotes By Assegid Habtewold

Until you irritate some people, you don't have a base that waits to your every prophetic word. You cannot be a prophet to all. — Assegid Habtewold

Don't Irritate Quotes By Amelia Hutchins

I'm the fucking Horde King, I don't woo."
"Woo her," Ristan continues.
"I don't woo."
"Woo," he repeats.
"I'm not the kind of man to woo anyone. I can make her scream my name to the rafters, isn't that enough wooing?"
"Woo," Ristan smirks, which only served to irritate me more.
"Woo," I grind out on an exhale.
"Yes, woo," he says, already turning to walk away. I watch his shoulders quake with laughter.
"Woo," I growl.
"Woo!" He says over his shaking shoulders.
"Fuck me," I shake my head.
"No thanks, not my type ... — Amelia Hutchins

Don't Irritate Quotes By Talbot Mundy

Good women don't reform bad men, they only irritate them. — Talbot Mundy

Don't Irritate Quotes By Elizabeth Hunter

I HATE you," she told her sister over the speakerphone in her secure wing of Brigid and Carwyn's house. "No, you don't." "I do." "What did Murphy do?" "Nothing." Except kiss me in Galway and remind me that I miss him like a lost limb. Stare at me during the opera as if he'd eat me alive in the most pleasurable way possible. Show off his intellect, which has always been the most attractive thing about him. "Patrick Murphy has been a complete gentleman," she said. "Unerringly polite and respectful. Painfully welcoming." Anne heard Mary suck on her cigarette and release a breath. "Hateful man. That would irritate the piss out of me. — Elizabeth Hunter

Don't Irritate Quotes By J.D. Robb

Why would I kill someone I don't know, when I know so many people who irritate me, and havent't killed any of them? — J.D. Robb

Don't Irritate Quotes By Hanya Yanagihara

If you love home - and even if you don't - there is nothing quite as cozy, as comfortable, as delightful, as that first week back. That week, even the things that would irritate you - the alarm waahing from some car at three in the morning; the pigeons who come to clutter and cluck on the windowsill behind your bed when you're trying to sleep in - seem instead reminders of your own permanence, of how life, your life, will always graciously allow you to step back inside of it, no matter how far you have gone away from it or how long you have left it. — Hanya Yanagihara

Don't Irritate Quotes By Nathaniel E. Quimada

I don't need to fight and risk myself just to prove that I am more stronger.
All I need is to show my smile that surely will irritate them. — Nathaniel E. Quimada

Don't Irritate Quotes By Kyung-Sook Shin

My brothers were still catching sparrows when my cousin told me to give him the baby bird. I didn't want to, but I took the squirming bird out of my pocket anyway. I wanted another look at it. It was so small. I don't think it could fly yet. My cousin plucked the bird from my palm and went off with it. I should never have taken it out of my pocket. When he returned, the birds were all burnt to a crisp. Their bones were popping out of their skin. I couldn't even tell which of the birds was mine. I looked at their burnt feathers and blackened skin and burst into tears. I cried for him to give me back my bird, but it was too late. My yelling must have irritate him, because he grabbed the smallest one and shoved it in my face, and said, 'Here it is.' When I took that charred baby bird from him, I felt the world crash down on me. It was the first time I had ever held something that had died. I love you as much as the sorrow I felt. — Kyung-Sook Shin

Don't Irritate Quotes By Anna Akhmatova

Native Soil

Nobody simpler than us, or with
more pride, or fewer tears.

Our hearts don't wear it as an amulet,
it doesn't sob beneath the poet's hand,
nor irritate the wounds we can't forget
in our bitter sleep. It's not the Promised Land.
Our souls don't calculate its worth
as a commodity to be sold and bought;
sick, and poor, and silent on this earth,
often we don't give it a thought.
Yes, for us it's the dirt on our galoshes,
yes, for us it's the grit between our teeth.
Dust, and we grind and crumble and crush it,
the gentle and unimplicated earth.
But we'll lie in it, become its weeds and flowers,
so unembarrassedly we call it - ours. — Anna Akhmatova

Don't Irritate Quotes By Aristophanes

What matters that I was born a woman, if I can cure your misfortunes? I pay my share of tolls and taxes, by giving men to the State. But you, you miserable greybeards, you contribute nothing to the public charges; on the contrary, you have wasted the treasure of our forefathers, as it was called, the treasure amassed in the days of the Persian Wars. You pay nothing at all in return; and into the bargain you endanger our lives and liberties by your mistakes. Have you one word to say for yourselves? ... Ah! don't irritate me, you there, or I'll lay my slipper across your jaws; and it's pretty heavy. — Aristophanes

Don't Irritate Quotes By Shelly Laurenston

You do things just to irritate me, don't you?"
Smiling, enjoying himself immensely, and determined to give her a wonderful and relaxing weekend, Van pushed Irene's wet hair from her face. "Don't be silly, doc." He kissed her lips, nuzzled her chin. "Of course I do things just to irritate you. — Shelly Laurenston

Don't Irritate Quotes By Michelle Sagara

I don't like people much - they irritate and annoy me. But I'm fascinated by them anyway. — Michelle Sagara

Don't Irritate Quotes By Andrew Ashling

Why, Andrew, why would it irritate me? Do you think that being loved by you is something to be ashamed of? I don't. — Andrew Ashling

Don't Irritate Quotes By Jorma Kaukonen

With the bass it's another thing. I don't need to use alternate thumb-picking as much. Even though Jack says he loves it. My thought is that it might irritate him somewhat. — Jorma Kaukonen

Don't Irritate Quotes By J.D. Robb

Played nice while she worked things out. You're married to a guy thirty years, you've got a serious investment. Gonna irritate you when he trades you in." "I'll keep that in mind." "Me, I don't hire hits." She looked up at his mouth-watering face. "I'd give you the basic courtesy of killing you myself. — J.D. Robb

Don't Irritate Quotes By Stephen King

Are you sure he's all right, Susie?" Susan smiled a little defensively. "Sure, I'm sure. He looks like ... oh, I don't know - a college instructor or something." "They say the Mad Bomber looked like a gardener," Mrs Norton said reflectively. "Moose shit," Susan said cheerfully. It was an epithet that never failed to irritate her mother. — Stephen King