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Don't Get Frustrated Quotes By Myra McEntire

Hey, bro, do you think you can put Shorty back on her chain?"
I stepped forward with my hands on my hips, only slightly intimidated to find Kaleb almost eye level with me when he was seated and I was standing.
"First of all, no one is the boss of me but me. Secondly, if you ever reference my 'chain' again, I will kick your ass." I jabbed him hard in the chest with my finger. Possibly breaking it. "And thirdly, don't call me Shorty."
Kaleb sat silently for a second, his eyes wide as he looked at Michael. "Where did you get her? Can you get me one?"
I blew out a loud, frustrated sigh and dropped down beside Michael, who didn't even try to hide his smile. "You should probably apologize to Emerson."
"I am sorry." Kaleb grinned at me. "Sorry I didn't meet you first. — Myra McEntire

Don't Get Frustrated Quotes By Tom Lehman

To have faith doesn't mean you get any less frustrated when you don't do your best, but you know that it's not life and death. Take what you're given, and when you continue to work hard, you will see results. That will give you the confidence you need to keep going. — Tom Lehman

Don't Get Frustrated Quotes By LeBron James

We don't want to get frustrated because it sticks in your mind too much. We have to work at it and see what we did wrong. — LeBron James

Don't Get Frustrated Quotes By Beyonce Knowles

I mean, I feel like you get more bees with honey. But that doesn't mean I don't get frustrated in my life. — Beyonce Knowles

Don't Get Frustrated Quotes By Jamie Hewlett

It's about reaching that moment of pure ecstasy when a drawing just happens. Where every move you make with your hand and every thought you have in your head grows in front of you without any mistakes; no rubbing out, starting again and getting frustrated. It's like being in a trance - it's a fluid - and you almost don't remember doing the picture. Drawing is an escape from all the unnecessary things in life that get in the way of being free. — Jamie Hewlett

Don't Get Frustrated Quotes By Calvin Johnson

I don't really get too frustrated. I know I'm going to get the ball. — Calvin Johnson

Don't Get Frustrated Quotes By Michelle Hodkin

In music, consonant chords are point of arrival. Rest. There's no tension. Most pop music hooks are consonant, which is why most people like them. They're catchy but interchangeable. Boring. Dissonant Intervals, however are full of tension, you can't predict which way they're going to go. It makes limited people uncomfortable
frustrated, because they don't understand the point, and people hate what they don't understand. But the ones who get it,"
he said, lifting a hand to my face,
"find it fascinating. Beautiful."
He traced the shape of my mouth with his thumb.
"Like you. — Michelle Hodkin

Don't Get Frustrated Quotes By Tom Bailey

I think the Thompsons had got a sort of fatal illness about three albums ago and it just took this long to find out that enough was enough. And we became increasingly frustrated by ... I don't know, we want to get into the areas that being a pop group never allowed you to get into. — Tom Bailey

Don't Get Frustrated Quotes By Walter Isaacson

He's a very, very sensitive guy. That's one of the things that makes his antisocial behavior, his rudeness, so unconscionable. I can understand why people who are thick-skinned and unfeeling can be rude, but not sensitive people. I once asked him why he gets so mad about stuff. He said, "But I don't stay mad." He has this very childish ability to get really worked up about something, and it doesn't stay with him at all. But there are other times, I think honestly, when he's very frustrated, and his way to achieve catharsis is to hurt somebody. And I think he feels he has a liberty and a license to do that. The normal rules of social engagement, he feels, don't apply to him. Because of how very sensitive he is, he knows exactly how to efficiently and effectively hurt someone. And he does do that. — Walter Isaacson

Don't Get Frustrated Quotes By Walter Dean Myers

People told me to give up trying to be special and settle down to a regular life. There ain't nothing wrong with a regular life, and that's the Lord's truth ... But it wasn't for me, because I wanted to be something special ... I knew how easy it was for a dream to die. I seen that all around me. You could let it die by just looking the other way - you know, some of those Asian people say they don't kill nothing, but they'll take a fish out of water and lay it on the ground and then say it just died on its own - you can do that with a dream, too. And sometimes you can get so frustrated, you feel so bad about your dream, that you go on and kill it yourself. When you do that, you're killing a piece of yourself, too.
- Mr. Cephus — Walter Dean Myers

Don't Get Frustrated Quotes By Mary Anne Radmacher

In your days - things like this happen to you ... You get a tap, a nudge, a gentle shake, and life whispers to you, "I know you're tired - but I don't want you to miss this." — Mary Anne Radmacher

Don't Get Frustrated Quotes By Christopher Roberts

There are two reasons why the world is in a mess. One is because the world has rejected Christ. The other reason, is because the world will not necessarily listen to those who know God. This often means that Christians end up frustrated because they cannot impart some of the wisdom, God has provided them over the years, to others. Like Joseph, this is where we need to be patient. We cannot always cast our pearl before those who don't want to listen. Joseph was only able to operate in his gifts and abilities, simply because there was a discerning Pharaoh in the land at the time. We can only provide wisdom, when the person (or group) who need it, get desperate enough to listen. — Christopher Roberts

Don't Get Frustrated Quotes By Lisa Tawn Bergren

And sometimes, sometimes, wanting things, wishing for, working for them, is a good thing. Otherwise, we become nothing but spoiled boys and girls frustrated that we don't get every new toy we see. — Lisa Tawn Bergren

Don't Get Frustrated Quotes By Tia Mowry

I'm very structured. I like planning things out. I get frustrated when they don't go according to plan. — Tia Mowry

Don't Get Frustrated Quotes By Uma Thurman

I love comedy. I don't approach it any different. I'm not a comedian. I'm not a stand-up. I just do it like a part and personally, I love to watch comedies. If you don't get to do what you like to watch you get frustrated. — Uma Thurman

Don't Get Frustrated Quotes By Rahul Dravid

I don't get angry very often, but there have been times when I have been frustrated with myself, maybe after playing a bad shot, after getting out, I have done some damage to some equipment of mine. Once or twice in the course of 20 years - I think you can allow me that at least. — Rahul Dravid

Don't Get Frustrated Quotes By Patton Oswalt

I like confounding expectations. I can expand what it is I am able to do, and hopefully get to do more weird, interesting projects like this. There's nothing wrong with doing comedies, and I'm not against comedies, either, but I always want to do stuff that keeps me off my guard and gets me out of my comfort zone. And how the audience perceives that ... It's out of my hands. And I don't get that frustrated by it, because I'm on to the next thing at that point. — Patton Oswalt

Don't Get Frustrated Quotes By Robert Reed

I don't believe people let things slide away. It's the nature of the universe that everything dissolves into oblivion and by every route possible, but human beings invest a lot of cleverness trying to cling to past events, real or imagined. And because we can't succeed, we get angry and frustrated and feel guilty. Except the Buddhists. — Robert Reed

Don't Get Frustrated Quotes By V. Anton Spraul

Don't Get Frustrated The final technique isn't so much a technique, but a maxim: Don't get frustrated. When you are frustrated, you won't think as clearly, you won't work as efficiently, and everything will take longer and seem harder. Even worse, frustration tends to feed on itself, so that what begins as mild irritation ends as outright anger. — V. Anton Spraul

Don't Get Frustrated Quotes By Nalini Singh

I'll buy you a blow-up doll. I'm sure my mate won't mind when I explain how hard up you are."
She didn't bother to punch him this time, just glared with promise of future retaliation. "Very funny. You wouldn't be laughing if you knew how sexually frustrated I am right now." [ ... ] "The last time was when that SilverBlade sentinel was in town for a communications meeting."
All amusement left Dorian's face. "You serious? That was months ago." A very long time to go without intimate touch. "Merce, that could get dangerous."
"I know. Do you think I don't know?" She thrust her hands through her hair. "Damn it Dorian! It's getting to the point where I'm starting to wonder if some of the wolves would be good in bed. [ ... ]
"Cat and wolf isn't a ... um ... normal combination."
"And Psy and cat is?" She made a face at him. "Yeah, yeah I know. Cat and wolf is strange." [ ... ]
"How about one of the Rats?" Dorian's eyes gleamed. — Nalini Singh

Don't Get Frustrated Quotes By Sarah Michelle Gellar

All joking aside, I'm a television watcher and I get frustrated with shows sometimes when they set up puzzles and then they don't give answers. It's just more questions and more questions. — Sarah Michelle Gellar

Don't Get Frustrated Quotes By Greg Behrendt

If a guy truly likes you, but for personal reasons he needs to take things slow, he will let you know that immediately. He won't keep you guessing,
because he'll want to make sure you don't get frustrated and go away. — Greg Behrendt

Don't Get Frustrated Quotes By Sophie Ellis-Bextor

I get really frustrated if people don't smile. — Sophie Ellis-Bextor

Don't Get Frustrated Quotes By Larry McMurtry

I don't do well with changes in my routine. I read at least three newspapers a day, for example. I'm frustrated if for some reason I can't get ahold of all three. — Larry McMurtry

Don't Get Frustrated Quotes By Diane Moody

He continued. "Most of the time when we go to God, it's because we want something. If we get what we want, we turn and walk off, satisfied. If we don't get what we want, we get frustrated; we kick the machine and blame God for not answering our request."3 — Diane Moody

Don't Get Frustrated Quotes By Daunte Culpepper

You get frustrated when you don't win and when you're not successful. You have to keep battling. You don't give up. You don't start second guessing yourself. — Daunte Culpepper

Don't Get Frustrated Quotes By Gary Sinise

Have I done more business-related things to help my career grow? Yeah. I took the business end more seriously, hooked up with a manager, got some help, because at a certain point, you get frustrated when you go do auditions, and people say you did a great job, and then you don't get he part. — Gary Sinise

Don't Get Frustrated Quotes By Billy Graham

We get angry when others hurt us, both by what they say and what they do. We get angry when we don't get our own way or our plans and dreams are frustrated. Anger may arise in an instant, erupting like a volcano and raining destruction on everyone in sight. Often, anger simmers just below the surface, sometimes for a lifetime. Like a corrosive acid, this kind of anger eats away at our bodies and souls, yet we may not even be aware of its presence. — Billy Graham

Don't Get Frustrated Quotes By Jon Taffer

The fact of the matter is: when you're doing a project, you try to make it better every moment. And a lot of people get frustrated. But I surrounded myself with a good team of people and I'm really proud of the work we've all done. All I can say is - I've learned this in my business - don't let the process frustrate you; focus on the end. Because the end is pretty wonderful. Just fight it out. — Jon Taffer

Don't Get Frustrated Quotes By Frederick Lenz

Learn to meditate, practice and don't get frustrated. It will take you years to learn to meditate perfectly. Every time you try, you are growing. It's not as if you have to meditate perfectly to make progress. — Frederick Lenz

Don't Get Frustrated Quotes By Mark Walden

Well, can you put it on hold for an hour?' Shelby said, sounding slightly frustrated. 'The senior boys' water polo practice starts in five minutes and I want to get good seats. It's the highlight of my week and I'm not going to miss it just because Brand's got her nose buried in machine code again.'

'You go on, I'll catch up,' Laura said. 'I don't suppose that you've actually bothered to learn the rules of water polo yet though, have you?'

'There are rules?' Shelby grinned. — Mark Walden

Don't Get Frustrated Quotes By Mackenzie Davis

I don't just act to pay my rent. I really like doing it, so I get frustrated when I don't get to do it all the time, so short films are a really great way to be doing it and working with your friends, working on smaller, more specific things without limiting yourself in other ways. — Mackenzie Davis

Don't Get Frustrated Quotes By Lorraine Bracco

You know, last season I didn't do anything on the show, so I was frustrated. I mean, don't get me wrong: It's nice to get a paycheck. But if you don't really do anything it's not very satisfying. — Lorraine Bracco

Don't Get Frustrated Quotes By Anonymous

All the momentum in the world makes no difference if you don't take action. Thinking about how hard the task is going to be, or how long it's going to take you will only hinder your progress and make you frustrated. Not starting is failing. You don't need all of the answers right now, you just need to stop stagnating and get going! — Anonymous

Don't Get Frustrated Quotes By Bethany Hamilton

Like, with one arm I know I can surf, but competitive surfing can be really frustrating, and sometimes you don't do as well as you want to. It can be discouraging at times. But whenever I do get frustrated, I just focus on God. — Bethany Hamilton

Don't Get Frustrated Quotes By Richelle Mead

Sometimes I just get so frustrated with games of human attraction." "How so?" "It's all masked in posturing and ploys. There's no honesty. People can't just come up and express their attraction. It's got to be cleverly obscured with some stupid pick-up line or not-so-subtle gift, and I don't really know how to play those games so well. We're taught that it's wrong to be honest, like there's some kind of social stigma with it. — Richelle Mead

Don't Get Frustrated Quotes By Elvis Costello

I get very frustrated by this term 'genre exercise.' I mean, what exactly is that? Genre is not really relevant when you are writing a song; hopefully you are doing it to explore something, to create something, and I don't agree that any of my albums are genre exercises. — Elvis Costello

Don't Get Frustrated Quotes By Ron Reagan

You know, people get frustrated because their loved ones who have Alzheimer's, oh, he doesn't recognize me anymore, how can I recognize this person, if they don't recognize me? They're not the same person. Well, they are the same person, but they've got a brain disease. And it's not their fault they've got this disease. — Ron Reagan

Don't Get Frustrated Quotes By Marta Tuchowska

Don't get angry or frustrated if those around you choose a different lifestyle than your own. Again, people make different choices, and everyone is on a different journey. Stop judging others, and you will see that others will stop judging you. I had to learn this the hard way. — Marta Tuchowska

Don't Get Frustrated Quotes By Steven Seagal

I think people are frustrated in this society, where predators prey upon normal, law-abiding citizens, and you never see justice in the courtroom. In my films, the predators don't get away with it. — Steven Seagal

Don't Get Frustrated Quotes By Tucker Carlson

As a print journalist, you can be frustrated by people who don't call you back, parts of the story you can't get. TV gets you access to everyone because people call you back. It also allows you to satisfy your curiosity. I am a very curious person. — Tucker Carlson

Don't Get Frustrated Quotes By Brenda Lochinger

Someone told me that their child was diagnosed with ADHD. They wanted to know how I handle the day to day. It's hard on me but it's harder on them. I cry sometimes which means they probably do to. I worry that the world will never give them the chance they deserve but I am. I get frustrated when they are treated badly but they feel worse. I keep trying, I keep learning, and I keep telling their story. Just love your child and don't give up. They need you to be the person that understands. — Brenda Lochinger

Don't Get Frustrated Quotes By Jennifer Beals

In North America, people get a sense that something is really wrong in government and in our culture. There is a corruption, not only in politics, but of spirit as well, when people are so quick to be violent with one another. I think everybody would like to be able to find a solution to make things better. We have the desire to reform inside of us, and we get frustrated because we don't know how to change things, even if it comes to our own behavior. Sometimes you get frustrated because you don't know how to stop that thing that you know is either hurtful to yourself or someone else. — Jennifer Beals

Don't Get Frustrated Quotes By Jennifer Lawrence

It's interesting that there's so many different sides of this: Women get frustrated that we don't get paid enough; and then the Republicans or the CEOs that are men say, "Well, it's because women take off time for maternity leave." — Jennifer Lawrence

Don't Get Frustrated Quotes By William Lashner

You don't want to hear what I have to say. You only want me to say what you want to hear. But trust me when I tell you that you won't ever get all you want. You'll just grow frustrated and bitter, and you'll end up doing things that will kill the best part of you. — William Lashner

Don't Get Frustrated Quotes By Beyonce Knowles

I feel like you get more bees with honey. But that doesn't mean I don't get frustrated in my life. My way of dealing with frustration is to shut down and to think and speak logically. — Beyonce Knowles

Don't Get Frustrated Quotes By Robert Smith

Apart from the fact that I've got a strange job, I do lead a fairly normal life. I do my own shopping. I don't feel constrained by who I am because of what I do; I often feel disappointed by my lack of ability. I get frustrated at myself, but I think everyone does. — Robert Smith

Don't Get Frustrated Quotes By Shelby Harris

When you are more awake at nights, they'll toss and turn, they'll think more, they get frustrated. And when that starts to happen, you really don't sleep even more because you're making your body tense and your mind is getting more and more active. — Shelby Harris

Don't Get Frustrated Quotes By Megan Bostic

I struggle with the whys on my life. why her? why him? why me? I get frustrated with the things that are out of my control and I wonder why people don't deal with the things they can control. — Megan Bostic

Don't Get Frustrated Quotes By Melody Beattie

Many codependents: have lived through events and with people that were out of control, causing the codependents sorrow and disappointment. become afraid to let other people be who they are and allow events to happen naturally. don't see or deal with their fear of loss of control. think they know best how things should turn out and how people should behave. try to control events and people through helplessness, guilt, coercion, threats, advice-giving, manipulation, or domination. eventually fail in their efforts or provoke people's anger. get frustrated and angry. feel controlled by events and people. DENIAL — Melody Beattie

Don't Get Frustrated Quotes By Penny Reid

It's not that simple."
"It's as simple as dry toast."
"You're encouraging me to knowingly hurt him."
Cletus grunted impatiently and threw his hands up. "We're talking in circles. Here's reality: People get hurt and they move on or they don't. You can't have it both ways. You either get to be famous, and deal with the hassle that comes with it, or you leave it all behind. Own your shit, Sienna. And let Jethro own his. And then get married and own that shit together."
Cletus stood, clearly frustrated, and stomped away from me to the back door. He disappeared into the house only to appear three seconds later to add, "And while you're at it, beget me some nieces and nephews. — Penny Reid

Don't Get Frustrated Quotes By Anna Maria Chavez

There's a tendency for young people to get discouraged and frustrated easily. But don't be afraid to fail. In many ways, we learn so much more from our failures than our successes. Remind yourself that failure is nothing more than a means to a greater end. Bide your time, learn from your mistakes, and lead by example. If you believe in what you're doing, it will show. — Anna Maria Chavez

Don't Get Frustrated Quotes By Jane Goodall

When I was young, I knew that, somehow, I would go to Africa and live with animals. And I wanted to write books about them. I don't think I spent too much time wondering exactly how I would do it. I just felt sure the right opportunity would somehow come. I didn't feel frustrated because I could not immediately get to the wild places. Partly this was because I knew I could never go on a reallt long trip while Rusty was still alive. It would have seemed like a betrayal. And while I waited I went on learning. — Jane Goodall

Don't Get Frustrated Quotes By Stephanie Sarkis

they get frustrated more easily, and they just don't seem to learn from their mistakes. — Stephanie Sarkis

Don't Get Frustrated Quotes By Wm. Paul Young

Mack was getting frustrated. He spoke louder, 'But, don't I have a right to ... '
To complete a sentence without being interrupted? Not in reality. But as long as you think you do, you will surely get ticked off when someone cuts you off, even if it is God. — Wm. Paul Young

Don't Get Frustrated Quotes By Khaled Hosseini

I know. I know. But he's always buried in those books or shuffling around the house like he's lost in some dream." "And?" "I wasn't like that." Baba sounded frustrated, almost angry. Rahim Khan laughed. "Children aren't colouring books. You don't get to fill them with your favourite colours. — Khaled Hosseini

Don't Get Frustrated Quotes By Eva LaRue

It's tough. We don't have a character-driven show so I think the fans get really frustrated because they don't get to see any consistency in terms of what's happening romantically. We kind of just have to take it with a grain of salt. It shows up where it shows up. — Eva LaRue

Don't Get Frustrated Quotes By John Ortberg

How often in spiritual life do we get burdened because we try to wield weapons that have helped someone else in the battle? We hear about how someone else prays, or reads Scripture to start or end their day, or worships, or studies, or serves - and we feel guilty if we don't do the same. We get frustrated because what works for someone else is not helpful to us. We are like David, trying to walk around in Saul's — John Ortberg

Don't Get Frustrated Quotes By Justin Guarini

The one thing I seek above all else is understanding. Sometimes I'm so frustrated and I don't get it. But I'm lucky to have a good management team and people around me who explain things and answer my questions. — Justin Guarini