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Don't Cry When I Die Quotes By Elizabeth Warren

No, Governor Romney, corporations are not people. People have hearts, they have kids, they get jobs, they get sick, they cry, they dance. They live, they love, and they die. And that matters. That matters because we don't run this country for corporations, we run it for people. — Elizabeth Warren

Don't Cry When I Die Quotes By Celia Mcmahon

I begin to cry as my walls of my resolve break down. I don't know how long I can hold on. The pain is horrid and I curl into myself wrestling with a wish to die and a wish to live. Both have their perks. Only one will release me from this agony. — Celia Mcmahon

Don't Cry When I Die Quotes By D.H. Lawrence

Wild Things in Captivity

Wild things in captivity
while they keep their own wild purity
won't breed, they mope, they die.

All men are in captivity,
active with captive activity,
and the best won't breed, though they don't know why.

The great cage of our domesticity
kills sex in a man, the simplicity
of desire is distorted and twisted awry.

And so, with bitter perversity,
gritting against the great adversity,
they young ones copulate, hate it, and want to cry.

Sex is a state of grace.
In a cage it can't take place.
Break the cage then, start in and try. — D.H. Lawrence

Don't Cry When I Die Quotes By Edwin Kagin

There are Atheists in foxholes
Atheists in hurricanes
There are Atheists in all the roles
Denied by your refrains
Atheists are your fellow citizens
People who love and laugh and cry
Atheists are your relatives and friends
Don't insult them with a lie
Atheists in many foxholes served
And some have had to die
Give Atheists the thanks deserved
Don't dismiss them with a lie
Atheists are all around you
They work, they help, they care
And no matter what you think is true
Atheists are everywhere
And no matter what you think is true
They do not want your prayer — Edwin Kagin

Don't Cry When I Die Quotes By L.J.Smith

Boss, please!" Winnie was almost crying, too.
"Let me die in peace," Keller said, although she didn't realize she was saying it aloud until she heard the words. Then she added, "Don't you cry, Winfrith. You did a good job."
"Boss, you're not dying! The blue fire did something - it healed us. We're all okay. But it's almost midnight! — L.J.Smith

Don't Cry When I Die Quotes By Louise Gluck


What does the horse give you
That I cannot give you?

I watch you when you are alone,
When you ride into the field behind the dairy,
Your hands buried in the mare's
Dark mane.

Then I know what lies behind your silence:
Scorn, hatred of me, of marriage. Still,
You want me to touch you; you cry out
As brides cry, but when I look at you I see
There are no children in your body.
Then what is there?

Nothing, I think. Only haste
To die before I die.

In a dream, I watched you ride the horse
Over the dry fields and then
Dismount: you two walked together;
In the dark, you had no shadows.
But I felt them coming toward me
Since at night they go anywhere,
They are their own masters.

Look at me. You think I don't understand?
What is the animal
If not passage out of this life? — Louise Gluck

Don't Cry When I Die Quotes By Anne McCaffrey

Don't leave me alone!
A cry in the night,
OF anguish heart-stiking,
Of soul-killing fright.
Live for my living
Or else I must die
Don't leave me alone.
A world heard that cry. — Anne McCaffrey

Don't Cry When I Die Quotes By Richelle Mead

Don't be too hasty," she warned. "Conserve your strength. If you're too eager to fight the undead, you may find yourselves joining them. Then you'd never see us again, and we'd be very sad."
"Yes," said Christian. "I'd cry into my pillow every night."
I resisted the urge to kick him. "Well, I couldn't visit if I was Strigoi, yeah, but hopefully I'd just die a normal death. Then I could come see you as a ghost. — Richelle Mead

Don't Cry When I Die Quotes By Channing Tatum

I've cried a hundred times at The Notebook. My wife cries and that makes me cry, and she makes me promise we're going to die in bed together. I'm like: "That's weird, I don't want to talk about that." — Channing Tatum

Don't Cry When I Die Quotes By Natalie Goldberg

Don't worry, no one ever died of it. You might cry or laugh, but not die. — Natalie Goldberg

Don't Cry When I Die Quotes By Marcel Carne

I don't know what they'll say when I die. I don't give a damn, but they'll probably cry. — Marcel Carne

Don't Cry When I Die Quotes By Inio Asano

So, Kurt Cobain kills himself at 27 and becomes a legend. People like that are one in a million. I'm just a normal human being. I agonize and suffer, but I also laugh all the time. People all die someday and disappear as if they never existed, but that's natural. I though I wasn't afraid of dying. No, NOBODY is actually afraid of dying itself. The pain of suffering lasts for an instant. What truly agonizes me... Is the thought of your crying face from far far across the entire galaxy. You were always prettiest when you smiled. — Inio Asano

Don't Cry When I Die Quotes By Mary E. Pearson

There is a dark place.
A place where I have no eyes, no mouth. No words.
I can't cry out because I have no breath. The silence is so deep I want to die.
But I can't.
The darkness and silence go on forever.
It is not a dream.
I don't dream. — Mary E. Pearson

Don't Cry When I Die Quotes By Whitney Houston

If I should die this very day,
Don't cry ... cause on Earth
We wasn't meant to stay. — Whitney Houston

Don't Cry When I Die Quotes By Tessa Dare

Don't. Don't play that game." His brow pressed to hers. "When I heard you cry out . . . it was like a saber to the gut. I wanted to die. — Tessa Dare

Don't Cry When I Die Quotes By Sara Naveed

Don't you ever cry again, Miss Zarish," he said in a strict but mild tone. "I would rather die than see tears in your eyes. — Sara Naveed

Don't Cry When I Die Quotes By Himmilicious

It consumes you, it hurts you, it troubles you, it pushes you to extreme, it makes you cry, it makes you suffer, it makes you do everything, but it doesn't end you.
If it ends you, it's not love.
When love starts ruining you, you break and then you fight back. Eventually you fall out of love, but you don't die.
Love, suppots you, it makes you grow, it stands by, it makes you crave, it makes you tought, rough, and strong, and then you stay alive.
You don't die because of love, you die because you were never in love, even not with yourself. — Himmilicious

Don't Cry When I Die Quotes By Svetlana Alexievich

They call the souls down from heaven. Those who had people die this year cry, and those whose people died earlier, don't. They talk, they remember. Everyone prays. And those who don't know how to pray, also pray. — Svetlana Alexievich

Don't Cry When I Die Quotes By Don DeLillo

Her death would leave me scattered, talking to chairs and pillows. Don't let us die, I want to cry out to that fifth-century sky ablaze with mystery and spiral light. Let us both live forever, in sickness and health, feebleminded, doddering, toothless, liver-spotted, dim-sighted, hallucinating. Who decides these things? What is out there? Who are you? — Don DeLillo

Don't Cry When I Die Quotes By Helen Goldie

He would cry out, stretch his back in an arch, and his eyes would roll back in his head, and I was terrified that I would lose him before reaching the hospital. I kept crying out to God to save my boy. "Please, Lord! Please, Lord! Don't let him die! — Helen Goldie

Don't Cry When I Die Quotes By Kid Cudi

And if I die before I wake
I pray the lord my soul to take
But please don't cry
Just know that I have made these songs for you. — Kid Cudi

Don't Cry When I Die Quotes By Madeline Sheehan

There are weak men; men who run and hide when life slaps them in the ass. Then there are men; men who have a backbone yet occasionally, when life slaps them in the ass, will rely on others. And then there are real men; men who don't cry or complain, who don't just have a backbone, they are the backbone. Men who make their own decisions and live with the consequences, who accept responsibility for their actions or words. Men who, when life slaps them in the ass, slap back and move on. Men who live hard and die even harder.
Men like my father and my uncles. Men I loved with all my heart.
Men like Deuce. — Madeline Sheehan

Don't Cry When I Die Quotes By Rachel Van Dyken

When I wake up in the morning ... I don't think, wow, how can I make her love me more? How can I have my way with her? I, I, I? Not in my vocabulary. In fact, I'm a big fan of the letter u. I eat, I think of you. I drink, I drink to you. I cry, so you don't have to. I'd die, for you to live. And I'd survive with a broken heart only if it meant mending yours. - Nixon — Rachel Van Dyken

Don't Cry When I Die Quotes By Philip K. Dick

Grief reunites you with what you've lost. It's a merging; you go with the loved thing or person that's going away. You follow it a far as you can go.
But finally,the grief goes away and you phase back into the world. Without him.
And you can accept that. What the hell choice is there? You cry, you continue to cry, because you don't ever completely come back from where you went with him
a fragment broken off your pulsing, pumping heart is there still. A cut that never heals.
And if, when it happens to you over and over again in life, too much of your heart does finally go away, then you can't feel grief any more. And then you yourself are ready to die. You'll walk up the inclined ladder and someone else will remain behind grieving for you. — Philip K. Dick

Don't Cry When I Die Quotes By Roald Dahl

I think the reason I do not want to die is because of the things I hope will happen. Yes, that's right. I'm sure that's right. Point a revolver at a tramp, at a wet shivering tramp on the side of the road and say, "I'm going to shoot you", and he will cry, "Don't shoot. Please don't shoot." The tramp clings to life because of the things he hopes will happen. — Roald Dahl

Don't Cry When I Die Quotes By Rachel Van Dyken

I eat, I think of you. I drink, I drink to you. I cry, so you don't have to. I'd die, for you to live. And I'd survive with a broken heart only if it meant mending yours. — Rachel Van Dyken

Don't Cry When I Die Quotes By Yun Kouga

Please, please. Don't cry like that. I'm going to go mad. I don't want to see you again. I need to see you again ... I'm sick of it. Because as soon as we have to say goodbye ... I want to die. (Ritsuka) — Yun Kouga