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Domain Registration Quotes By Matt Mickiewicz

On April 1, 1998, I launched Webmaster-Resources, and I remember that date specifically because it was the date that the price of a two-year domain name registration dropped from $100 to $70, and considering I was funding this out of my allowance, that $30 made all the difference. — Matt Mickiewicz

Domain Registration Quotes By Anonymous

The domain namespace is chaotic - every top-level domain and registry seems to have its own rules for things like minimum character lengths for domains, whether or not you can register at the top level - and I didn't want to go compile all these nuances by hand. So I used Mechanical Turk to gather things like the min-char lengths for each top-level domain, top-level registration possibilities, and all the second-level domains they may or may not use (Brazil is the craziest). — Anonymous

Domain Registration Quotes By Jon Postel

If you're in charge of managing domain name space you should treat everybody who asks for a registration the same. Whatever that is - whether it's nice or ugly or whatever - just be fair, treat them all the same. — Jon Postel