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Disturbingly True Quotes By Leigh Bardugo

Every poem is about a brave hero named Kregi," she said. "Every single one. He always has a steed, and we have to hear about the steed and the three different kinds of swords he carried and the color of the scarf he wore tied to his wrist and all the poor monsters he slew and then how he was a gentle man and true. For a mercenary, Tolya is disturbingly maudlin. — Leigh Bardugo

Disturbingly True Quotes By Tony James Slater

And then came the three-toed sloth. Stupid sloth. It was a crazy-looking beastie, all arms and bristling grey fur; its body was a blob, the kind of shape a six-year-old would draw for a pig, and its face was flattened like a racoon that had run full tilt into a brick wall. A triangular stub of a nose jutted out at an angle beneath a fringe that must have been difficult to see through. In fact, from side-on it looked disturbingly like John Lennon. — Tony James Slater

Disturbingly True Quotes By Shara Azod

You are life to me." He hadn't meant to say those words, but it was true. She was the thing that kept him tethered to life. He'd never realized how disturbingly close he'd been to slipping into the darkness never to return. "And you are everything to me." Sitting up as she said it, she straddled his lap and took his face between her hands. "You know that, right? You are more than I ever hoped to have, more than I could dream of. I love you, you know?" "Yes, baby, I know." And it felt damn good. She felt so damn good. — Shara Azod