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Distance Love Affair Quotes & Sayings

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Top Distance Love Affair Quotes

Distance Love Affair Quotes By Alan King

I learned to cook in self-defense. My wife doesn't know what a kitchen is. In the first month of our marriage, she broiled lamb chops 26 nights in a row. Then I took over. I used to mind her not caring about food, but no more - as long as I can eat what I want. — Alan King

Distance Love Affair Quotes By Sydney Addae

Most men haven't got a clue how to treat a woman, let alone respect her. You give women what you think they need and usually that falls way short of what's actually necessary. And then you fall back on fragile egos, guilting her into taking watered down affection that masquerades as a relationship. — Sydney Addae

Distance Love Affair Quotes By Anthony Marra

Ever since studying in Russia as a college student, I had been in a long-distance, one-sided love affair with Chechnya's remarkable history, culture and rugged natural beauty. — Anthony Marra

Distance Love Affair Quotes By George Takei

The arc of our history is toward more equality being expanded to more and more people. — George Takei

Distance Love Affair Quotes By Mary Karr

Memoir done right is an art, a made thing. It's not just raw reportage flung splat on the page. — Mary Karr

Distance Love Affair Quotes By Tibor Fischer

You've got to try everything once, except those things you don't like, or that involve a lot of effort and getting up early. — Tibor Fischer

Distance Love Affair Quotes By Horace

Every man should measure himself by his own standard.
[Lat., Metiri se quemque suo modulo ac pede verum est.] — Horace

Distance Love Affair Quotes By Jennifer Echols

Did you know the local tv channels broadcasts your 900 in an endless loop? It's a bunch of video want ads for snowmobiles, then some kind of school crap with Everett Walsh that nobody wants to see over and over,and then you. — Jennifer Echols

Distance Love Affair Quotes By Jamie Lee Curtis

I have a rule: Pretend you're going on a trip for two weeks, and pull what you'd wear on that two-week trip, and get rid of everything else. — Jamie Lee Curtis

Distance Love Affair Quotes By Steven Magee

Arizona is a great place to be a radiation researcher. — Steven Magee

Distance Love Affair Quotes By Koushun Takami

Your life is too precious to risk it by protesting, right? — Koushun Takami

Distance Love Affair Quotes By Sarah Ockler

What if he thinks I'm a tourist girl looking for some romantics long distance love affair just so she can share his gushing, beach-stained postcards with her friends? — Sarah Ockler

Distance Love Affair Quotes By Francois Mauriac

By the time dusk fell, he was back in his room. The last of the daylight lay like fine ashes on the roof-tops. He did not light his lamp, but sat by the fireplace in the dark, seeking in the far distance of his past some vague memory of a love-affair, some recollection of a friendship, with which to soften the hard tyranny of isolation. — Francois Mauriac

Distance Love Affair Quotes By Art Alexakis

You don't have control of the car, but you can drive it. Life takes you where it wants you to go and where you need to go. — Art Alexakis