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Different Routes Quotes By Bill Bryson

In this sense, according to Harding, every gene is a different highway, and we have only barely begun to map the routes. No single gene is ever going to tell you the whole story, — Bill Bryson

Different Routes Quotes By Thomas Young

But it will be found ... that one universal law prevails in all these phenomena. Where two portions of the same light arrive in the eye by different routes, either exactly or very nearly in the same direction, the appearance or disappearance of various colours is determined by the greater or less difference in the lengths of the paths. — Thomas Young

Different Routes Quotes By Richard Dawkins

Matthew and Luke handle the problem differently, by deciding that Jesus must have been born in Bethlehem after all. But they get him there by different routes. — Richard Dawkins

Different Routes Quotes By James Purefoy

Decide very early on: do you want to be an actor or do you want to be famous? Because they're very different routes. — James Purefoy

Different Routes Quotes By Dean Koontz

Fate isn't one straight road ... there are forks in it, many different routes to different ends. We have the free will to choose the path. — Dean Koontz

Different Routes Quotes By Geoff Manaugh

Leslie inhabited a city of spectacular raids and speculative break-ins yet to occur, a world where criminal opportunities were hidden in the very architecture of the metropolis, just a different way of using its streets and buildings. Lines of sight, potential hiding places, how shadows were cast at different times of day, routes into and out of a bank vault, even the specific order of streets that led to and away from a chosen target: these were the landmarks Leslie looked for and noted. He inhabited a parallel New York, a wire diagram of every potential entrance and connection. Leslie — Geoff Manaugh

Different Routes Quotes By Christopher Abts

Most people would not attempt to climb Mount Everest on their own. Typically, climbers will look toward Sherpas, who have served as guides for generations in Nepal, high in the Himalayas. They help climbers prepare and show them along the routes that will get them to the top. They are seasoned and know every details of the trails. But your guide is even more essentail if you are to make it back down safely. Coming down the mountain can be the most perilous part. You're tired. Your defenses are down. You may very well fall at the critical moment. You need that guide. As you approach retirement, you are moving to a different phase of life. You are descending the mountain. — Christopher Abts

Different Routes Quotes By Ma Jian

'Three Kingdoms' gives you a panoply of different routes; everyone can find their own path. It shows that sometimes the route to fulfilment or success is not the obvious one. You must take twists and turns to achieve a goal. — Ma Jian

Different Routes Quotes By Simon Conway Morris

The common ancient ancestor of mulluses and chordates could not possibly have possessed a camera eye, so quite clearly they have evolved independently. The solution has been arrived at by completely different routes. — Simon Conway Morris

Different Routes Quotes By Andre Luiz Moreira

The great river follows its own course before joining the vast sea. Likewise, the soul follows equally varied routes and passes through different stages, receiving here and there tributaries of knowledge, strengthening its personality and perfecting its qualities before reaching the Ocean of Eternal Wisdom. — Andre Luiz Moreira

Different Routes Quotes By Christopher Boucher

The heart of the engine is the one part that I can't help you find, unfortunately. There is just no way for me to document its location; it's different in every car. I could barely find the heart of my VW-it was too confusing, and there were too many routes. Every time I thought I'd reach the center point I realized I was lost, not where I thought I was, following the wrong sunrise yet again. I wonder: Does the heart move around or something? The geographic arrangement of the engine compartment doesn't make things any easier- some of the mechanical parts are underground, nestled in the hills, and others are hidden behind the hustle and lathe of small mechanical cities. But don't cloudy-day! We'll find the heart eventually- I don't care if we need to tear the engine down to every bolt and moment to do so. — Christopher Boucher

Different Routes Quotes By Mahatma Gandhi

The various religions
are like different roads
converging on the same point.
What difference does it make
if we follow different routes,
provided we arrive
at the same destination? — Mahatma Gandhi

Different Routes Quotes By Geoff Manaugh

As a cop trying to anticipate how burglars might use the city, you have to think three-dimensionally. Volumetrically. You have to think in a fundamentally different spatial way about the city laid out below, including how neighborhoods are actually connected and what the most efficient routes might be between them. After all, this is how criminals think, Burdette explained, and this is how they pioneer new geographic ways to escape from you. — Geoff Manaugh

Different Routes Quotes By James Norton

There's so much going on in Andrei [Bolkonsky]. He's wrangling with these big existential conundrums, and he tries out different routes to fulfillment. He tries falling in love, that doesn't work. He goes to war and searches for military glory, that doesn't work. He does the quiet life of a farmer. He's always active. That's what I loved about him, he's always looking, searching. He's really inquisitive. — James Norton

Different Routes Quotes By Miguel Grinberg

Blueprints were introduced in Chapter 7 as a way to define routes in the global scope after the creation of the application was moved into a factory function. The routes related to the user authentication system can be added to a auth blueprint. Using different blueprints for different sets of application functionality is a great way to keep the code neatly organized. — Miguel Grinberg

Different Routes Quotes By Jamie Bell

I look at my contemporaries, and we're all at different stages and levels, and all choosing different routes, different ways to do things. — Jamie Bell

Different Routes Quotes By Hannah Brencher

And I was looking for escape routes all the time. Ways to not fully be there, to be distracted by other lives, the lives of people I knew from high school and college that were happening in different states and cities. I would waste hours comparing my life to theirs, sitting the two of them side by side and circling the things that seemed out of place in my own life, like the "What's Wrong?" pictures in the back of the Highlights magazines. I don't exactly know what happened that night after — Hannah Brencher

Different Routes Quotes By Italo Calvino

A map of Esmeralda should include, marked in different colored inks, all these routes, solid and liquid, evident and hidden. It is more difficult to fix on the map the routes of the swallows, who cut the air over the roofs, dropping long invisible parabolas with their still wings, darting to gulp a mosquito, spiraling upward, grazing a pinnacle, dominating from every point of their airy paths all the points of the city. — Italo Calvino

Different Routes Quotes By Tamae Watanabe

In 1977, I climbed a fairly difficult mountain for the first time, which was Mount McKinley, in Alaska. I climbed the so-called 'American Direct Route,' which was a route straight up to the top. I really enjoyed it. Through such experiences, I learned that mountaineering wasn't just about height. I found that different routes have different charms. — Tamae Watanabe