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Different Likes Quotes By Wayne Coyne

Most artists I run into aren't that thrilled with what they do anyway. They are glad to have different versions out there to see which one the audience likes the best. — Wayne Coyne

Different Likes Quotes By Erin Bow

No one likes them, because their ways are different,' Drina explained. 'Just like the Roamers - no one likes us either. So we have to like each other. — Erin Bow

Different Likes Quotes By Miyavi

There's nothing that everyone likes in the world. People have different opinions. It's just the way of living. I know that there will be differences. — Miyavi

Different Likes Quotes By David Lagercrantz

I'm an author who likes assignments, who needs suggestions, ideas I would never have thought of otherwise - then something happens inside my alien head. Other people have to decide whether or not I'm a good writer, but I do have the ability to write in different styles. — David Lagercrantz

Different Likes Quotes By Peach-Pit

Like" as a friend. "Like" as respect.
There are so many different kinds of "likes."
So when does "like" turn into "love"? Where's the boundary? — Peach-Pit

Different Likes Quotes By Elif Batuman

While it's true that, as Tolstoy observed, every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way, and everyone on planet Earth, vale of tears that it is, is certainly entitled to the specificity of his or her suffering, one nonetheless likes to think that literature has the power to render comprehensible different kinds of unhappiness. If it can't do that, what's it good for? — Elif Batuman

Different Likes Quotes By Lisa Mantchev

A whirlwind tour, I think, with each day starting in a different city, you wearing a different silk dress, tasting food the likes of which you cannot even imagine and learning how to weave your word-spells in all the world's languages. — Lisa Mantchev

Different Likes Quotes By Malia Ann Haberman

We're all entitled to our different likes and dislikes. Imagine the world if we all liked the same things. — Malia Ann Haberman

Different Likes Quotes By Chris Bosh

I think we all have our own different styles. [James] LeBron likes to be comfortable - he's going to be more comfortable over everything else. Dwyane [Wade Jr.] likes really stylish stuff. If you bring something questionable he'll try it. — Chris Bosh

Different Likes Quotes By Donald Trump

I'm a believer in the Tea Party. I love the Tea Party. I love the people in the Tea Party. And, yes, I have a lot of different likes and maybe dislikes. And I don't know why. — Donald Trump

Different Likes Quotes By Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

Several classical sayings that one likes to repeat had quite a different meaning from the ones later times attributed to them. — Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

Different Likes Quotes By Hasnat Khan

Really, I am just a guy who likes his profession and travelling and good food, and that is it. I'm no different from you or anyone else. — Hasnat Khan

Different Likes Quotes By E. Lockhart

Kim called me a slut under her breath in H&P, and Mr. Wallace heard her and gave a lecture on the negative effects of labels, and how words like that serve to limit women's sexual expression, and how there's a whole history of words that basically mean slut8 and yet there are no equivalent epithets for men whatsoever, and didn't that say something about how women are viewed in our culture? He said a more accurate term could be: "a girl who's using sexuality in an attempt to gain approval from the opposite sex ... ." Or, if you look at it a different way, "a liberated, open girl who likes boys and feels comfortable expressing affection, but is misunderstood." Blah blah blah.
I'm sure he meant well, but I wanted to call Kim a megaslut right back and not think about it anymore — E. Lockhart

Different Likes Quotes By Derek Sanderson

I have found that I really am different. There's nobody like me. And not that it's good or bad. — Derek Sanderson

Different Likes Quotes By Craig Alexander

Like most of us, Shane Niemeyer likes to test his limits. THE HURT ARTIST gave me an entirely different perspective on just how far he fell before becoming an Ironman. His life story deserves to be told and demonstrates what perseverance can do for anyone no matter how hopeless they may feel their situation is. You may never compete in an Ironman Triathlon, but Shane shows how anyone can overcome any obstacle and pursue their dream with passion. — Craig Alexander

Different Likes Quotes By Julianne Moore

Every child is so different. Their experience growing up and their experience relating to the world has so much to do with their temperament, and their likes and their dislikes. — Julianne Moore

Different Likes Quotes By Walter Savage Landor

It has been my fortune to love in general those men most who have thought most differently from me, on subjects wherein others pardon no discordance. I think I have no more right to be angry with a man, whose reason has followed up a process different from what mine has, and is satisfied with the result, than with one who has gone to Venice while I am at Siena, and who writes to me that he likes the place. — Walter Savage Landor

Different Likes Quotes By Paul Auster

I've dealt with numbers all my life, of course, and after a while you begin to feel that each number has a personality of its own. A twelve is very different from a thirteen, for example. Twelve is upright, conscientious, intelligent, whereas thirteen is a loner, a shady character who won't think twice about breaking the law to get what he wants. Eleven is tough, an outdoorsman who likes tramping through woods and scaling mountains; ten is rather simpleminded, a bland figure who always does what he's told; nine is deep and mystical, a Buddha of contemplation ... — Paul Auster

Different Likes Quotes By Joseph Fink

There was a girl Josh liked who only liked Josh when he was bipedal. Josh does not like always being bipedal and found this news disappointing. There was a boy Josh liked who liked Josh when he was a cute animal. Josh always likes being a cute animal, but Josh's subjective sense of the word cute was different than the boy's. This was another disappointment for Josh, and also for the boy, who did not find giant centipedes cute at all. — Joseph Fink

Different Likes Quotes By Erin Morgenstern

It arrived only a few days ago and is still a novelty. Had it been present for longer, Caroline likely would have chosen a different dare, but the circus is currently the talk of the town, and Caroline likes to keep her dares en vogue. — Erin Morgenstern

Different Likes Quotes By Kellie Pickler

Everybody likes their coffee different. — Kellie Pickler

Different Likes Quotes By Adrian McKinty

A specific editor in a specific place likes the book, and you're in. A different editor on a different day goes, 'Oh, this isn't for me', or doesn't even look at it, and that's it. — Adrian McKinty

Different Likes Quotes By Chris Cornell

To me, music shouldn't be ego-driven. When you go out on stage and play songs, it is. But when you're sitting in a room, writing songs, it's a completely different process. It's a completely different place. It's a creative place, a musical place. It has nothing to do with who likes what. — Chris Cornell

Different Likes Quotes By Craig Ferguson

I can't wait to see the debate between Ryan and Joe Biden. Biden is said to be already trying out different strategies. So far the one that Obama likes is where Biden pretends to have food poisoning and they cancel the debate. — Craig Ferguson

Different Likes Quotes By Kazune Kawahara

Fumi: So, what happened Asami-chan?

Asami: Onii-chan's(big brother)... always said mean stuff and he's always been cold. He couldn't get along well with his ex-girlfriend and I thought that he wouldn't be able to get along with anyone else either. I'd always thought that he'd always be by my side. But it's different with Haruna! He's getting along so well with her! And on top of that, they might be OO and XX and they might get married!! He won't be only my Onii-chan anymore!!

Fumi: Wow! You really approve of Haruna-chan, huh? I see!! Asami-chan really likes Haruna-chan!!

Asami: Fumi-kun... were you even listening...? — Kazune Kawahara

Different Likes Quotes By Emily St. John Mandel

adulthood's full of ghosts." "I'm sorry, I'm not sure I quite - " "I'm talking about these people who've ended up in one life instead of another and they are just so disappointed. Do you know what I mean? They've done what's expected of them. They want to do something different but it's impossible now, there's a mortgage, kids, whatever, they're trapped. Dan's like that." "You don't think he likes his job, then." "Correct," she said, "but I don't think he even realizes it. You probably encounter people like him all the time. High-functioning sleepwalkers, essentially." What — Emily St. John Mandel

Different Likes Quotes By Philip K. Dick

You're an unusual person," she said.
"Bill didn't like you, but he never likes anything different. He's so - so prosaic. Don't you think that when a person gets older he should become - broadened in his outlook? — Philip K. Dick

Different Likes Quotes By Robert Cormier

My wife likes to say there are two kinds of people, those chasing pleasure and those running from pain. Maybe she's right, I don't know. What I do know is this: Pleasure helps you forget. But pain, pain forces you to hope. You tell yourself this can't last. Today could be different. Today something just might change. — Robert Cormier

Different Likes Quotes By Zhuangzi

If you want to nourish a bird, you should let it live any way it chooses. Creatures differ because they have different likes and dislikes. Therefore the sages never require the same ability from all creatures ... concepts of right should be founded on what is suitable. The true saint leaves wisdom to the ants, takes a cue from the fishes, and leaves willfulness to the sheep. — Zhuangzi

Different Likes Quotes By Denzel Whitaker

I listen to a lot of different music. I love hip-hop. I'm a big underground rap fan. I listen to the likes of J. Cole. Lately, I've also been getting into techno house music. And I've been on an Eighties retro kick, and I've even been experimenting with some rock. — Denzel Whitaker

Different Likes Quotes By Jens Lehmann

In England everything is liberalised. Within certain boundaries and rules everybody can do what he likes. Maybe London's society has a different tempo, a different dynamic. London is fast, productive, creative but it is not England. If you want to transfer that to football, you could say: in the four big English clubs and maybe in the one or two behind them there is a top level. Everything that comes after that rather mirrors English society. It's honest, fair and hard, sometimes also fast, but not always so perfect. — Jens Lehmann

Different Likes Quotes By Katy Perry

I think the world likes to pick apart different songs and play doctor with songs sometimes and make them into this big controversial thing. — Katy Perry

Different Likes Quotes By Buck Owens

I am who I am, I am what I am, I do what I do and I ain't never gonna do it any different. I don't care who likes it and who don't. — Buck Owens

Different Likes Quotes By Woody Allen

There's no correlation between what the public likes and what I'm after. I'm in a different world. — Woody Allen

Different Likes Quotes By Jim Lee

More often than not, the fans really gravitate towards who's on the cover as opposed to how it's drawn or how it's composed, and so, a lot of the time, what an artist likes will be very different from what a fan likes. — Jim Lee

Different Likes Quotes By Jiddu Krishnamurti

To understand a child we have to watch him at play, study him in his different moods; we cannot project upon him our own prejudices, hopes and fears, or mould him to fit the pattern of our desires. If we are constantly judging the child according to our personal likes and dislikes, we are bound to create barriers and hindrances in our relationship with him and in his relationships with the world. Unfortunately, most of us desire to shape the child in a way that is gratifying to our own vanities and idiosyncrasies; we find varying degrees of comfort and satisfaction in exclusive ownership and domination. — Jiddu Krishnamurti

Different Likes Quotes By Anton Chekhov

A man can deceive his fiancee or his mistress as much as he likes and, in the eyes of a woman he loves, an ass may pass for a philosopher. But a daughter is a different matter. — Anton Chekhov

Different Likes Quotes By Italo Calvino

What is more natural than that a solidity, a complicity, a bond should be established between Reader and Reader, thanks to the book?
You can leave the bookshop content, you, a man who thought that the period where you could still expect something from life had ended. You are bearing with you two different expectations, and both promise days of pleasant hopes; the expectation contained in the book - of a reading experience you are impatient to resume - and the expectation contained in that telephone number - of hearing again the vibrations, a times treble and at times smoldering, of that voice, when it will answer your first phone call in a while, in fact tomorrow, with the fragile pretext of the book, to ask her if she likes it or not, to tell her how many pages you have read or not read, to suggest to her that you meet again ... — Italo Calvino

Different Likes Quotes By LaToya London

I want to tap into different styles. Something definitely mature, sultry, sensual, easy listening that everyone can enjoy. Every one of every race and everyone that likes different styles. — LaToya London

Different Likes Quotes By Arthur Schopenhauer

Whoever heard me assert that the grey cat playing just now in the yard is the same one that did jumps and tricks there five hundred years ago will think whatever he likes of me, but it is a stranger form of madness to imagine that the present-day cat is fundamentally an entirely different one. — Arthur Schopenhauer

Different Likes Quotes By Frances Hodgson Burnett

I dare say it is rather hard to be a rat," she mused. "Nobody likes you. People jump and run away and scream out: 'Oh, a horrid rat!' I shouldn't like people to scream and jump and say: 'Oh, a horrid Sara!' the moment they saw me, and set traps for me, and pretend they were dinner. It's so different to be a sparrow. But nobody asked this rat if he wanted to be a rat when he was made. Nobody said: 'Wouldn't you rather be a sparrow? — Frances Hodgson Burnett

Different Likes Quotes By Gary Burton

I think I always have been someone who likes to push at the edges of things, looking for something different. — Gary Burton

Different Likes Quotes By Kerry Cohen

I begin to learn there are certain things I shouldn't tell her. Like when we meet boys at Dorrian's and I give mine a blow job, or the time I messed around with a boy in the back near the bathrooms. Amy wants to be intimate with boys too, but to her this kind of conduct is slutty. I suppose it is. She, like most girls, including the Jennifers, has a different relationship to boys than I do. She engages in sexual acts with them if she wants, but from my vantage point it looks like she can take them or leave them if they are not just right. She considers whether she actually likes someone before she jumps into bed with him. She isn't wracked with anxiety when there aren't any boys around. And she doesn't need them to live, which is what it feels like for me. — Kerry Cohen

Different Likes Quotes By Rachael Wade

The world likes to tell us not to be judgmental. To be kind and tolerant, loving and forgiving. But what they want and what they're actually willing to do are two very different things. — Rachael Wade

Different Likes Quotes By R.B. O'Brien

It was great but intense to try to go back into a character's mind, a mind that is filled with self-loathing and a mind that is male. It is fun to try to psychoanalyze why a character acts and feels the way he/she does, and doing it as a different gender lends itself to many challenges. My desire to delve into the male psyche comes from many years of being drawn to men that seem to have a darker side. But there is also light in them, and it is that duality and intensity that makes me feel alive. Thorne is very much that man as is my first male protagonist, Michael, from the Natalie's Edge series. Each man, while plagued with a dark past and demons, has this glorious light within them, fighting noble causes. I picture them as true anti-heroes, like the likes of Batman, the Dark Knight. — R.B. O'Brien

Different Likes Quotes By Columba Marmion

The ways of God are entirely different from our ways. To us it seems necessary to employ powerful means in order to produce great effects. This is not God's method; quite the contrary. He likes to choose the weakest instruments that He may confound the strong: "God chose what is weak in the world to shame the strong - Infirma mundi elegit ut confundat fortia". — Columba Marmion

Different Likes Quotes By Richard Carson

A plan that everyone dislikes for different reasons is a success. A plan everyone dislikes for the same reason is a failure. A plan that everyone likes for the same reason is an act of God! — Richard Carson

Different Likes Quotes By Robert Graves

That the crowd always likes a holiday is a common saying, but when the whole year becomes one long holiday, and nobody has time for attending to his business, and pleasure becomes compulsory, then it is a different matter. — Robert Graves

Different Likes Quotes By Nicky Oppenheimer

One likes at the point of production to realize the maximum value, and diamond producers are no different. — Nicky Oppenheimer

Different Likes Quotes By Edith Wharton

But we're so different, you know: she likes being good and I like being happy. — Edith Wharton

Different Likes Quotes By Justin Cronin

Arthur laughs at his son's embarrassment, though he also knows that this is exactly the kind of thing he likes about her. What does anyone like? Freckles, the curve of hair where she tucks it behind an ear, the sound of her voice when she tells a joke, her great, gleaming trombone in its velvet case. O'Neil has had girlfriends before, but this, Arthur knows, is different; he is entering the web, the matrix of a thousand details that make another person real, not just an object to be wanted. — Justin Cronin

Different Likes Quotes By Fay Weldon

When today's young woman says she isn't a feminist what she means is she isn't a lesbian and she doesn't hate men, she likes to wear make-up and she enjoys a laugh. In which she is no different from many an early feminist. — Fay Weldon

Different Likes Quotes By Emily St. John Mandel

But anyway, I look around sometimes and I think - this will maybe sound weird - it's like the corporate world's full of ghosts. And actually, let me revise that, my parents are in academia so I've had front row seats for that horror show, I know academia's no different, so maybe a fairer way of putting this would be to say that adulthood's full of ghosts."

"I'm sorry, I'm not sure I quite --"

"I'm talking about these people who've ended up in one life instead of another and they are just so disappointed. Do you know what I mean? They've done what's expected of them. They want to do something different but it's impossible now, there's a mortgage, kids, whatever, they're trapped. Dan's like that."

"You don't think he likes his job, then."

"Correct," she said, "but I don't think he even realises it. You probably encounter people like him all the time. High-functioning sleepwalkers, essentially. — Emily St. John Mandel

Different Likes Quotes By Simone Elkeles

I would have loved to be a fly on the wall when she walked in on you two."
"Thanks for your compassion," I say dryly. "I'm hanging up now."
"No! I'm sorry for laughing. It's just that the more we talk, the more I see you as a totally different person than I thought you were. I guess I can understand why Alex likes you."
"Thanks, I think. Remember when I told you I wouldn't let anything happen between me and Alex?"
"Yeah. Just so I get my timetable straight, that was before you kissed him. Right?" She chuckles, then says, "I'm just kidding, Brittany. If you like him, girl, go for it. — Simone Elkeles

Different Likes Quotes By Calvin W. Allison

I am an author that likes to write in many different styles so to use the platform of expression to the absolute best of the ability that I have been given. — Calvin W. Allison

Different Likes Quotes By Lowell C. Bennion

Learn to like what doesn't cost much.
Learn to like reading, conversation, music.
Learn to like plain food, plain service, plain cooking.
Learn to like fields, trees, brooks, hiking, rowing, climbing hills.
Learn to like people, even though some of them may be different...different from you.
Learn to like to work and enjoy the satisfaction doing your job as well as it can be done.
Learn to like the song of birds, the companionship of dogs.
Learn to like gardening, puttering around the house, and fixing things.
Learn to like the sunrise and sunset, the beating of rain on the roof and windows, and the gentle fall of snow on a winter day.
Learn to keep your wants simple and refuse to be controlled by the likes and dislikes of others. — Lowell C. Bennion

Different Likes Quotes By Calvin Harris

Growing up around British music, you realise how much depth there is to it ... my stuff is different to the likes of Pitbull for that reason. — Calvin Harris

Different Likes Quotes By Kiera Cass

No, I mean, I don't think I like him"
"Oh." That was something different. "Have you tried?" What a stupid question.
"Yes! So hard! I keep waiting for a moment to come when he'll say or do something in common, but it never happens. I think he's handsome, but that's not enough to build a whole relationship on. I don't even know if he's attracted to me. Do you have any idea what kind of things he, you know, likes? — Kiera Cass

Different Likes Quotes By Chasey Lain

A guy should find out what the woman likes. Every woman is different, so you can't just assume what works on one will work on another. — Chasey Lain

Different Likes Quotes By Tristan Taormino

Fear triggers the fight-or-flight response, fueled by adrenaline, which, as it turns out, is chemically related to amphetamines. Granted, it's a very different kind of high for mindfuckers: not a mellow, floaty "my vulva is one with the universe" high but a jittery, revved-up "oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck" kind of high. Endorphins are like great downers but adrenaline is uppers all the way. And it's just as addictive. Don't believe me? Go ask anyone who likes to jump off bridges or out of airplanes. - Edge — Tristan Taormino

Different Likes Quotes By Mark Twain

There warn't anybody at the church, except maybe a hog or two, for there warn't any lock on the door, and hogs likes a puncheon floor in summer-time because it's cool. If you notice, most folks don't go to church only when they've got to; but a hog is different. — Mark Twain

Different Likes Quotes By M.R. Carey

And one of the reasons why he likes her is because she's so different from him. She's as big as four-fifths of five-eighths of fuck all, but she takes no bullshit from anyone. She even talks back to the Sarge, which is like watching a mouse bark at a pitbull. — M.R. Carey

Different Likes Quotes By Doug Magee

Townsend's wife Rita, a striking, razor-sharp Latina lawyer, who seemed to be the brains in the household, lost her cool in front of the cameras at a rally in Charleston and called C2C a concha de tu madre before she could be hustled off the stage. Her press officer translated the phrase as "the seashell your mother likes," but the several million South Americans in the U.S. knew it to have a slightly different connotation. — Doug Magee

Different Likes Quotes By Mihir S. Sharma

At some point, economists must study the Business Family Wedding Gift Economy. It is an extraordinary, closed bubble. What happens is this: a woman marries into a conservative Indian business family. She may well be energetic and bright, but there's no place for her at work, nor can she work elsewhere. So, instead, she's urged to 'take up something'. Scented candles, usually. Sometimes kurta design. Or necklaces, or faux-Rajasthani coffee tables. She then becomes a 'success', because every other woman in the family buys her candles as wedding presents, at hideously inflated prices. In return, she buys their kurtas as wedding presents. Eventually, everyone is buying everyone else's hideous creations at hideously high prices, and nobody can ever tell anyone else their stuff sucks, and that nobody really likes the smell of lavender anyway. The most amazing thing is, this is not a very different economy from the one their husbands are in. — Mihir S. Sharma

Different Likes Quotes By Julie Klausner

Because really, men and women aren't that different. One likes astrology more than car chases for some reason, but we're ultimately all looking for the same thing - to be loved and understood. — Julie Klausner

Different Likes Quotes By Brian Bell

Truthfully, we don't want my Weezer affiliation to have any bearing on whether someone likes us or not. It's an entirely different thing. The Space Twins have our own chemistry. — Brian Bell

Different Likes Quotes By J.R.R. Tolkien

They seem a bit above my likes and dislikes, so to speak," answered Sam slowly. "It don't seem to matter what I think about them. They are quite different from what I expected - so old and young, and so gay and sad, as it were. — J.R.R. Tolkien

Different Likes Quotes By Malcolm Gladwell

I don't go to an office, so I write at home. I like to write in the morning, if possible; that's when my mind is freshest. I might write for a couple of hours, and then I head out to have lunch and read the paper. Then I write for a little bit longer if I can, then probably go to the library or make some phone calls. Every day is a little bit different. I'm not highly routinized, so I spend a lot of time wandering around New York City with my laptop in my bag, wondering where I'm going to end up next. It's a fairly idyllic life for someone who likes writing. — Malcolm Gladwell

Different Likes Quotes By Laini Taylor

My wife likes to say that the mind is a palace with room for many guests. Perhaps the butler takes care to install the delegates of Science in a different wing from the emissaries of Faith, lest they take up arguing in the passages. — Laini Taylor

Different Likes Quotes By Zach McGowan

The Ice Nation is a pretty brutal place. They breed war heroes. The relationship between mother and child, in that world, is a little bit different than it is in our own society. But, no one really likes being a disappointment to their parents and their family. — Zach McGowan

Different Likes Quotes By Audrey Niffenegger

Knowing the future is different from being told what I like. — Audrey Niffenegger