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Top Different Colours Of Life Quotes

Different Colours Of Life Quotes By Sanober Khan

I find it incredibly amazing how at every sunset, the sky is a different shade. No cloud is ever in the same place. Each day is a new masterpiece. A new wonder. A new memory. — Sanober Khan

Different Colours Of Life Quotes By Julia Woodman

If we accept that opposites (or gradations of circumstances, or differences in ways of being) are all part of the same hologram of life (just as we need different shades and colours to make up a picture), then we can see that we need all those aspects to make up our world. — Julia Woodman

Different Colours Of Life Quotes By Kelly Clarkson

It's ignorant to think you know everything about a person. There's many different sides to everybodys personality and there's just different colours to a personality. — Kelly Clarkson

Different Colours Of Life Quotes By Jonathan Coe

[...] these questions gave way, in the course of time, to a different preoccupation, namely, a slow and growing awareness of familiarity with the landscape into which she was being carried. A familiarity based not on the sighting of particular landmarks, but on her feeling that the very contours of the hills and fields, and the very shapes and colours of the buildings, now appeared as surviving monuments to the existence of a much earlier self whom she had long forgotten. She knew, of course, that they could not bring that self back to life, perish the thought, but they reminded her of it in a way which she did not find disagreeable. — Jonathan Coe

Different Colours Of Life Quotes By Alex Haditaghi

I believe that flowers are like people. Flowers come in different colours, shapes and sizes. Some extremely rare and some very common. They are all beautiful in their own unique way. — Alex Haditaghi

Different Colours Of Life Quotes By Tan Redding

James looked at the people around his table. He stared at each one of them as though he were looking at a magic-eye puzzle and he could see all of the different pieces and the colours but not beyond what was on the surface, and the more he tried, the depth, the revealing images, were kept away from him. — Tan Redding

Different Colours Of Life Quotes By Dave Gahan

Music is still the one thing that ties people together.
People can come together from all different religions,
walks of life, colours, creeds and enjoy the same song.
That's still the most incredible thing to me about performing live. — Dave Gahan

Different Colours Of Life Quotes By Victor Hugo

So different are the colours of life, as we look forward to the future, or backward to the past; and so different the opinions and sentiments which this contrariety of appearance naturally produces, that the conversation of the old and young ends generally with contempt or pity on either side. — Victor Hugo