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Didn't Mean To Scare You Quotes By Warren Ellis

Our guy has a property office, John. And I don't mean the Property Office here in One PP. I mean the huge fucking storage facility. A guy in there, with access to thousands of fucking handguns. Even the ones that other people would be keeping an eye on, like Son of Sam's piece, for fuck's sake - a guy in there who'll just boost them and give them to our guy to kill people with. And if the guns are too famous, he'll cut his own slugs out of the bodies and walk away. This guy, our guy, he's actually starting to scare me a bit right now."
"A couple of hundred kills to his name didn't do that?"
"Meh. I dream about killing two hundred people every fucking night."
"You know," said Tallow, "whenever I'm in danger of forgetting you're CSU, you always find a way to remind me. — Warren Ellis

Didn't Mean To Scare You Quotes By Brandon Mull

You're just a character in my dream."
"You wish."
"I didn't mean my love interest," she replied defensively. "You'd have better hair. You're the character I dreamed up because the rest of the dream was making me homesick."
"Maybe you're the character I dreamed up to scare myself awake."
"That's not very nice!"
"You made fun of my hair. I like it this way. Short and simple."
I don't mind short. Mine is short."
"Then what's wrong with mine?" Jason challenged.
"Maybe we should talk about something else."
"Like the guy on a horse coming to kill us?"
"It needs more style," she muttered.
"The horse?"
"Your hair."
"I forgot to bring my gel when I got eaten by a hippo. — Brandon Mull

Didn't Mean To Scare You Quotes By C.L.Stone

Is that why you had to pin her wrists to the floor? Haven't I taught you better on how to treat a lady? You can't hold them against their will." She turned to me, her lips broadening her smile. "I didn't mean to scare you. Really. I thought ... well ... don't mind me." She stepped closer, her eyes raking over my body. "But I can see why he did. Holy shit." She looked me in the face again. "You are a girl, right? God, please say yes."
"Pam, this is Sang Sorenson. Sang, this is my stepmom, Pam. And yes, she's a fucking girl."
"Thank the lord," she said, and she stepped around Gabriel and wrapped her arms around my shoulders, pulling me into a hug. "Thank you, thank you." She smelled heavily of cigarettes and perfume that got caught in my throat, but her hug felt genuine.
"Jesus H. Christ," Gabriel breathed out, pressing a hand to his forehead. — C.L.Stone

Didn't Mean To Scare You Quotes By Colleen Hoover

I didn't mean to scare you. I'm not suicidal if that's what's freaking you out. I'm not fucked up in the head. I'm not deranged. I'm not suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. I'm just a brother who loved his sister more than life itself, so I get a little intense when I think about her. — Colleen Hoover

Didn't Mean To Scare You Quotes By Gene Geter

He went to his note bag and took out hand sanitizer. Later, he placed his note bag back over the same shoulder. The train was incredibly late. Bruce waited and waited. A happy Trudy appeared from behind him and touched his arm. Bruce jumped. Trudy didn't mean to scare him. "Oops, — Gene Geter

Didn't Mean To Scare You Quotes By Taya Kyle

Silly stuff could tickle him no end. Chris loved practical jokes, even when they weren't planned.
One day he brought home a large kudu head to keep for a friend. (Kudus are large African antelopes; this one had been shot and mounted as a trophy.) I was in the kitchen getting something out of the refrigerator. I heard a noise and looked up-there was a beast in my house!
I screamed.
Chris appeared behind the head. For a brief moment his face was tight with concern and worry.
It was a very brief moment. When he realized he'd scared me with the silly head, he began laughing so hard the house shook.
"I'm sorry," he said, gasping for air. "I didn't mean to scare you."
He laughed some more.
"Oh, I'm sorry," he said when he managed to stop momentarily. "I'm sorry."
Another five minutes of hysterical laughter. By now it was contagious, and I started laughing, too.
"I didn't mean to do it," he said finally. "But it couldn't have worked out better. — Taya Kyle

Didn't Mean To Scare You Quotes By David Wong

The thing with Jen ended with a pregnancy scare. She had seen my world and didn't want to bring a baby into it. This led to some violent arguments during which I pointed out, loudly and in sprays of spittle, that if she got an abortion the fucking unborn fucking fetus would likely fucking haunt us - I mean literally haunt our home - until the day we died and possibly beyond. It turned out that was the wrong thing to say. — David Wong

Didn't Mean To Scare You Quotes By Monica McCarty

You're a hard man to love, Lachlan MacRuairi, but I do belive I'm up to the challenge."
"We'll probably argue."
"Aye, it seems likely."
"I have a bit of a temper when I get angry."
"I have noticed," she said wryly.
"I can be a mean bastard. I"ll probably say something to hurt you."
She laughed. "Are you trying to scare me off?"
He gave her a rueful smile. " Maybe."
"Well, stop - it isn't going to work. I'm quite aware of your faults."
He frowned. "I didn't say they were faults. — Monica McCarty

Didn't Mean To Scare You Quotes By Rick Riordan

Nyx's quasar eyes burned. "Of course not. I would not let my horses eat you, any more than I would let Akhlys kill you. Such fine prizes, I will kill myself!"
Annabeth didn't feel particularly witty or courageous, but her instincts told her to take the initiative, or this would be a very short conversation.
"Oh, don't kill yourself!" she cried. "We're not that scary."
The goddess lowered her whip. "What? No, I didn't mean - "
"Well, I hope not!" Annabeth looked at Percy and forced a laugh. "We wouldn't want to scare her, would we?"
"Ha, ha," Percy said weakly. "No, we wouldn't. — Rick Riordan

Didn't Mean To Scare You Quotes By Zach Braff

I'm pretty sure Africa was made up by the media to scare people. I mean, I've never seen it. Have you? I didn't think so. — Zach Braff

Didn't Mean To Scare You Quotes By Catt Ford

Shut up. Take down your pants. I'm going to mark you as mine."
Nick squeaked and held onto his belt, fighting Damian for possession of it. "Here? Everyone will hear. They'll know!"
"I want them to know," Damian said, winning the wrestling match for the belt as was inevitable that he would.
"London!" Nick gasped. "London!"
Damian stopped, his eyes clearing as he noticed how terrified Nick looked. After a long minute, he pulled him into a hug. "I'm sorry, baby. I didn't mean to scare you. I thought you'd like it. — Catt Ford

Didn't Mean To Scare You Quotes By Amber Kell

Just because your lover died doesn't mean you can't find another. Besides, if
you don't start dating again your parents will intervene and I've met your parents, they scare the crap out of me."
Anthony shivered at the memory of his parents'
matchmaking skills. "Last time they fixed me up with a fairy."
Steven snorted. "I thought you didn't like labels."
"No. He was an actual fairy, you know, from Faeland."
That got Steven's full attention. "What happened?"
Anthony shrugged. "Let's just say it didn't work out. — Amber Kell