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Did You Know Gaming Quotes By Jane McGonigal

The idea of the 'lone gamer' is really not true anymore. Up to 65 percent of gaming now is social, played either online or in the same room with people we know in real life. — Jane McGonigal

Did You Know Gaming Quotes By Rich Sommer

Gaming has been a great way to get to know people. That's part of what I love about games, that they are social. — Rich Sommer

Did You Know Gaming Quotes By Oliver Goldsmith

Whenever you see a gaming table be sure to know fortune is not there. Rather she is always in the company of industry. — Oliver Goldsmith

Did You Know Gaming Quotes By Ice Cube

I used to game a lot, you know, back in the day. My gaming time done got so short that my skills ain't where they need to be to be online, you know what I'm saying? I just got that Xbox One. I gotta get my skills back, up the par to call myself a gamer. — Ice Cube

Did You Know Gaming Quotes By Devin Grayson

You know what's so cool about gaming? The whole collective consciousness thing! Like when you tap into your own knight in shinning armor, you're tapping into all knights in shinning armor. All these archetypes, you know, are we're all of them, and you have to learn to honour and acknowledge them inside you."
"Plus, you get to be people you're not."
"Um. True. And people you are. — Devin Grayson

Did You Know Gaming Quotes By Rebecca Solnit

Women in the online gaming community have been harassed, threatened, and driven out. Anita Sarkeesian, a feminist media critic who documented such incidents, received support for her work, but also, in the words of a journalist, 'another wave of really aggressive, you know, violent personal threats, her accounts attempted to be hacked. And one man in Ontario took the step of making an online video game where you could punch Anita's image on the screen. And if you punched it multiple times, bruises and cuts would appear on her image.' The difference between these online gamers and the Taliban men who, last October, tried to murder fourteen-year-old Malala Yousafzai for speaking out about the right of Pakistani women to education is one of degree. Both are trying to silence and punish women for claiming voice, power, and the right to participate. Welcome to Manistan. — Rebecca Solnit

Did You Know Gaming Quotes By Lisa Kleypas

Good evening," Evie murmured, taking a place at the table beside Sebastian. She smiled as she glanced up at him. "Are you clever with numbers, my lord?"
"I've always thought so," Sebastian replied ruefully, "until now. Rohan ... are the other croupiers adept with probability calculations?"
"Adept enough, my lord. They are well-trained. They all know how to tempt a player to make wagers to the house's advantage, how to identify a good player from a bad one ... "
"Trained by whom?" Evie asked.
Cam's grin was a flash of startling white in his honey-skinned face. "By me, of course. No one understands gaming as well as I."
Smiling, Evie glanced up at her husband. "All he lacks is confidence," she remarked dryly. — Lisa Kleypas

Did You Know Gaming Quotes By Ted Kosmatka

The enrichment center would like to announce a new employee initiative of forced voluntary participation.

If any Aperture Science employee would like to opt out of this new voluntary testing program, please remember; science rhymes with compliance.

Do you know what doesn't rhyme with compliance?


Due to high mortality rates, you may be reluctant to participate in the new initiative.

The enrichtment center assures you this is a strictly selfish impulse on your part, and why can't you love science like [insert co-worker's name here]? — Ted Kosmatka

Did You Know Gaming Quotes By Hideo Kojima

Super Mario Bros. is equivalent to the Big Bang of our gaming universe. If it were not for this blindingly spectacular creation, digital entertainment as we know it today would not exist. — Hideo Kojima

Did You Know Gaming Quotes By Andy Serkis

I'm not a big gamer myself. I've (become) increasingly interested in games. And I certainly am passionate about, about storytelling in gaming. And, and the marriage of, you know, immersive characters, with gaming. — Andy Serkis

Did You Know Gaming Quotes By Alexandra Robbins

Gaming was "one of the only times when you only have to focus on one thing." But even more than that, "It's like an anchor. As long as I know it's there, it's part of me. It's some form of continuity that in my life I desperately need. — Alexandra Robbins

Did You Know Gaming Quotes By Pansy Ho

I don't play. I'm a terrible gambler. I don't know half the rules, and I'm not really patient enough to sit through hours of gaming. — Pansy Ho

Did You Know Gaming Quotes By Ted Kosmatka

Speaking of boxes...

Do you know that thought experiment with the cat in the box with the poison? Theory requires the cat to be both alive and dead until observed.

Well, I actually performed the experiment. Dozens of times. The bad news is reality doesn't exist. The good news is we have a new cat graveyard. — Ted Kosmatka