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Top Detours In Life Quotes

Detours In Life Quotes By Richard Paul Evans

For the third time since I began, my walk has been delayed. In the beginning, I had considered these stops on my journey as interruptions
but I'm coming to understand that perhaps these detours are my journey. No matter how much I, or the rest of humanity wishes otherwise, life is not lived in smooth, downhill expressways, but in the obscure, perilous trails and rocky back roads of life where we stumble and feel our way through the fog of the unknown. — Richard Paul Evans

Detours In Life Quotes By Sarah Jio

detours in the road. Because without them, this life — Sarah Jio

Detours In Life Quotes By Marty Rubin

Life may be nothing but a series of detours. — Marty Rubin

Detours In Life Quotes By Angela N. Blount

Sometimes the most scenic roads in life are the detours you didn't mean to take. — Angela N. Blount

Detours In Life Quotes By Richard Paul Evans

We plan our lives in long, unbroken stretches that intersect our dreams the way highways connect the city dots on a road map. But in the end we learn that life is lived in the side roads, alleys, and detours. Alan Christoffersen's diary — Richard Paul Evans

Detours In Life Quotes By Elizabeth Parker

There will always be detours in the fascinating game called life. Find the path to your heart's desires, and stay on course. — Elizabeth Parker

Detours In Life Quotes By David Deida

If you don't know your purpose, discover it, now.
The core of your life is your purpose. Everything in your life, from your diet to your career, must be aligned with your purpose if you are to act with coherence and integrity in the world. If you know your purpose, your deepest desire, then the secret of success is to discipline your life so that you support your deepest purpose and minimize distractions and detours. — David Deida

Detours In Life Quotes By Carolee Dean

Want me to drive?" Wade asks. "I won't take any detours."
I slam on the brakes and come to a dead stop right in the middle of the road. "Sure. Why not? My life is one big fucking detour," I yell. Then I bang my head on the steering wheel and I can't help it. I start to cry. — Carolee Dean

Detours In Life Quotes By Oprah Winfrey

Lessons often come dressed up as detours and roadblocks — Oprah Winfrey

Detours In Life Quotes By Gloria Vanderbilt

Throughout my life I have taken detours in acting and writing, but art remains my abiding passion. — Gloria Vanderbilt

Detours In Life Quotes By Lisa Kleypas

If it weren't for public transportation," Sam said, "my brother wouldn't be getting married today. He and Maggie fell in love along the ferry route
from Bellingham to Anacortes ... which brings to mind the old saying that life is a journey. Some people have a natural sense of direction. You could
put them in the middle of a foreign country and they could find their way around. My brother is not one of those people." Sam paused as some of the
guests started laughing, and his older brother gave him a mock-warning glance. "So when Mark by some miracle manages to end up where he was
supposed to be, it's a nice surprise for everyone, including Mark." More laughter from the crowd. "Somehow, even with all the roadblocks and
detours and one-way streets, Mark managed to find his way to Maggie." Sam raised his glass. "To Mark and Maggie's journey together. And to
Holly, who is loved more than any girl in the whole wide world. — Lisa Kleypas

Detours In Life Quotes By Walter Moers

It's quite simple, just follow the dotted line," the Planmaker explained. "Don't let any bad idea lead you astray. Don't let them persuade you to take a short cut or take one yourself. Life is a winding path. One sometimes has to make detours. That's my humble opinion, anyway. — Walter Moers

Detours In Life Quotes By Michel Faber

The highway looked different to him now, as they drove on. In theory it was the same stretch of tarmac, bounded by the same traffic paraphernalia and flimsy metal fences, but it had been transformed by their own intent. It was no longer a straight line to an airport, it was a mysterious hinterland of shadowy detours and hidey-holes. Proof, once again, that reality was not objective, but always waiting to be reshaped and redefined by one's attitude. Of course, everybody on earth had the power to reshape reality. It was one of the things Peter and Beatrice talked about a lot. The challenge of getting people to grasp that life was only as grim and confining as you perceived it to be. The challenge of getting people to see that the immutable facts of existence were not so immutable after all. The challenge of finding a simpler word for immutable than immutable. — Michel Faber

Detours In Life Quotes By Bernard Kelvin Clive

When the storms do come; you can only allow them to slow you down, but don't let them stop you, there will be delays, detours, and disappointments but you have to keep pushing through it. — Bernard Kelvin Clive

Detours In Life Quotes By Robert C.J. Graves

Life is detours, collisions. — Robert C.J. Graves

Detours In Life Quotes By Toni Sorenson

I know personally that when a child is abused the trajectory of that child's life is changed forever. That doesn't mean the path to happiness is impossible, but it does mean there will be detours and side roads that were never intended. Come back from those places, my friends, with lessons and compassion those on the straight road might never have the chance to learn. You are now equipped to help hurting children because you've navigated down those dark courses and made it back. Cudos to you, but also let your shoulders feel the weight of the responsibility to help others who are still lost and struggling to find their way to safety. — Toni Sorenson

Detours In Life Quotes By LaShawnda Jones

What you envision for yourself is far more likely to become a lifelong passion than anything someone can drop into your lap. This is a reminder that pursuing my vision for my life is not a waste of time. Detours happen. They become experience. With experience, accomplishment is only a matter of time. — LaShawnda Jones

Detours In Life Quotes By A.J. Darkholme

The most fulfilling adventures happen when you start your journey without knowing where you're going, because only then are you free to experience the unexpected detours you're meant to take. — A.J. Darkholme

Detours In Life Quotes By Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

Normally, the sciences distance themselves from life and the return to it via a detour. — Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

Detours In Life Quotes By Nikki Rowe

We can make detours with our mind but we can't distract the truth from our heart. — Nikki Rowe

Detours In Life Quotes By Nikki Rowe

I thought having a chronic illness would make my life detour in ways I didn't want to accept, but I've learnt that have a chronic illness made the only detours that are worth the growth. — Nikki Rowe

Detours In Life Quotes By Shilpa Agarwal

If only certain things had been preventable, his life would have unfurled in front of him as intended, like a lush Oriental carpet. No surprises, no detours. Just a thick tapestry of days and nights that at the end of his time on earth, he could roll up and proudly claim as his own. — Shilpa Agarwal

Detours In Life Quotes By Samanthe Beck

Sometimes the journey to love involves some bumpy detours, as any girl with an - ex-fiance will tell you. But I've learned a smooth trip isn't particularly important. Getting there is what matters. — Samanthe Beck

Detours In Life Quotes By Joe Bradley

I'm also interested in something that can happen later in life. In midstream, you can suddenly take what looks like a detour; I'm sure I've taken many detours. — Joe Bradley

Detours In Life Quotes By Leah Atwood

If she'd learned nothing else, it was that sometimes things don't always work out the way anyone planned. Roundabouts and detours in life were often blessings in disguise. — Leah Atwood

Detours In Life Quotes By Lynne Olson

Indeed, in the midst of the devastation, most Londoners demonstrated a dogged determination to live as normal a life as possible: it was their way of thumbing their nose at Hitler. Each morning, millions of people left their shelters or basements and, despite the constant disruption of the train and Underground systems, went to work as usual, many hitchhiking or walking ten or more miles a day. Their commutes, which frequently involved long detours around collapsed buildings, impassable streets, and unexploded bombs, could take hours. Of the staff at Claridge's, Ben Robertson noted after a particularly violent raid: "Everyone was red-eyed and tired, but they were all there." The head waiter's house had been demolished during the night, but he had shown up, as had the woman who cleaned Robertson's room. "She was buried three hours in the basement of her house," another maid told Robertson. "Three hours! And she got to work this morning as usual." FOR — Lynne Olson

Detours In Life Quotes By Albert Camus

A person's life purpose is nothing more than to rediscover, through the detours of art or love or passionate work, those one or two images in the presence of which his heart first opened. — Albert Camus

Detours In Life Quotes By Carsten Jensen

But that's how it is on a sailing ship, and in this respect its journey parallels that of life: simply knowing where you want to go isn't enough, because life is a windblown voyage, consisting mainly of the detours imposed by alternating calm and storm. — Carsten Jensen

Detours In Life Quotes By Thomas S. Monson

Do we have a guide to help us choose the right and avoid dangerous detours? I have tried to pattern my life after the Master. Whenever I have a difficult decision to make, I have looked at that picture and asked myself, "What would He do?" Then I try to do it. We can never go wrong when we choose to follow the Savior. — Thomas S. Monson

Detours In Life Quotes By Brennan Manning

We can embrace our whole life story in the knowledge that we have been graced and made beautiful by the providence of our past history. All the wrong turns in the past, the detours, mistakes, moral lapses, everything that is irrevocably ugly or painful, melts and dissolves in the warm glow of accepted tenderness. As theologian Kevin O'Shea writes, "One rejoices in being unfrightened to be open to the healing presence, no matter what one might be or what one might have done." - A Glimpse of Jesus — Brennan Manning

Detours In Life Quotes By Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni

she knows this from her own life
to get to the other side, you must travel through grief. No detours are possible. — Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni

Detours In Life Quotes By Steve Knox

There are no maps for the unexpected detours and unmarked paths we face in life. — Steve Knox

Detours In Life Quotes By Walter Benjamin

I came into the world under the sign of Saturn
the star of the slowest revolution, the planet of detours and delays. — Walter Benjamin

Detours In Life Quotes By Isabel Allende

So it is with my life, a multilayered and ever-changing fresco that only I can decipher, whose secret is mine alone. The mind selects, enhances, and betrays; happenings fade from memory; people forget one another and, in the end, all that remains is the journey of the soul, those rare moments of spiritual revelation. What actually happened isn't what matters, only the resulting scars and distinguishing marks. My past has little meaning; I can see no order to it, no clarity, purpose, or path, only a blind journey guided by instinct and detours caused by events beyond my control. There was no deliberation on my part, only good intentions and the faint sense of a greater design determining my steps. — Isabel Allende

Detours In Life Quotes By Renata Adler

Those for whom there was, first dimly, then more bright, then dimly again, a possibility. Which, though dimly, perhaps still exists, but which they know, have somehow always known, would never come to anything. They were never, how can I put this, going to be a part of life. It is as though, going through a landscape, through the seasons, in the same general direction as everybody else, they never quite made it to the road. Through the years, humanity, like a tide of refugees or pilgrims, shoeless and in rags, or in Mercedes, station wagons, running shoes, were traveling on, joined by others, falling by the way. And we, joined though we may be, briefly, by other strays, or by road travelers on their little detours, nonetheless never quite joined the continuing procession, of life and birth, never quite found or made it to the road. Whose voice is this? Not here. Not mine. — Renata Adler

Detours In Life Quotes By Joel Osteen

Your life may have taken a detour, but God is still on the throne. He has brought you this far, and sooner or later, your peace will be restored. — Joel Osteen

Detours In Life Quotes By Sheryl Crow

Let's face it, life is a constant challenge. It's full of unexpected detours that no one but you can navigate. — Sheryl Crow

Detours In Life Quotes By Oprah Winfrey

The world has so many lessons to teach you. I consider the world, our earth, to be like a school, and our life, the classrooms. Sometimes on our planet life school, the lessons often come dressed up as detours and road blocks and sometimes as full blown crises. And the secret I've learned to getting ahead is being open to the lessons. — Oprah Winfrey

Detours In Life Quotes By Belinda M. Gordon

Do you see the labyrinth out there?" She waved a graceful hand toward the garden. "Life is like that labyrinth, full of pathways that seem like the right way, but end up being detours. We go one way and then another until we find our true path. — Belinda M. Gordon

Detours In Life Quotes By James Arthur Ray

Often what may appear as a detour in life is actually the most direct and empowering path to your destination. — James Arthur Ray

Detours In Life Quotes By Shannon Ables

In the moment, you most likely won't know how valuable such detours will prove to be, but life has a way of revealing the hidden magic in these moments down the road at the appropriate time. — Shannon Ables

Detours In Life Quotes By Ann Patchett

Coming back is the thing that enables you to see how all the dots in your life are connected, how one decision leads you another, how one twist of fate, good or bad, brings you to a door that later takes you to another door, which aided by several detours
long hallways and unforeseen stairwells
eventually puts you in the place you are now. — Ann Patchett

Detours In Life Quotes By Sanjo Jendayi

When you begin navigating your life towards your dreams; some will call you selfish, some will become uncomfortable and others will be inspired. The only thing that really matters is following the path to living YOUR best life. There may be detours, one way streets and occasional U-turns on this journey but allow your soul to get you there right on time. — Sanjo Jendayi