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Destroy Myself Quotes By Ernest Hemingway,

Being against evil doesn't make you good. Tonight I was against it and then I was evil myself. I could feel it coming just like a tide ... I just want to destroy them. But when you start taking pleasure in it you are awfully close to the thing you're fighting. — Ernest Hemingway,

Destroy Myself Quotes By Mavis Gallant

I believed that if I was to call myself a writer, I should live on writing. If I could not live on it, even simply, I should destroy every scrap, every trace, every notebook and live some other way. — Mavis Gallant

Destroy Myself Quotes By Antonin Artaud

If I commit suicide, it will not be to destroy myself, but to put myself back together again. Suicide will be for me only one means of violently reconquering myself, of brutally invading my being, of anticipating the unpredictable approaches of God. By suicide, I reintroduce my design in nature, I shall for the first time give things the shape of my will. — Antonin Artaud

Destroy Myself Quotes By Natsuki Takaya

Why does that kid think so highly of himself?"
"Kids that think they're so smart.They're everywhere! Destroy is self-esteem!"
"Yes ... I really do think highly of myself.People like me should get a taste of the ups and downs of life! Sorry I'm so envious.I will reflect upon this. Please don't be angry.
"There, I said it now. Are you satisfied?"
"Bye bye!"
Beat him ... Beat him until he reaches heaven ... !!!
-random people and Hiro-chan
Natsuki Takaya

Destroy Myself Quotes By Bruxy Cavey

I was young and beginning to study the Bible for myself and, in the process, came to believe that I held a volatile document in my hands-one that had the potential to destroy all religion from the inside out. — Bruxy Cavey

Destroy Myself Quotes By Keysha Jade

It's sad, I see women continuously destroy themselves in seek of approval. A man with no good intentions to feed her craving for compliments or other females who bathe in the same need. It's not because they want the attention it's simply because they need someone to see in them what they cannot. It takes years of being told " you're ugly" or " you're worthless" to really push a woman to this point. I was her once. Now I remind myself every time I wake up that I am beautiful with no approval, I am me and that is enough. — Keysha Jade

Destroy Myself Quotes By Dave Cullen

Eric penned nearly a dozen new journal entries in the next two months.
"I have a goal to destroy as much as possible," he wrote, "so I must not be sidetracked by my feelings of sympathy, mercy, or any of that."
It was a mark of Eric's ruthlessness that he comprehended the pain and consciously fought the urge to spare it. "I will force myself to believe that everyone is just another monster from Doom," [the computer game he played day and night] he wrote. "I have to turn off my feelings. — Dave Cullen

Destroy Myself Quotes By Jeremy Caldwell

It's like in someways I've been trying to create without first destroying. Is such a concept possible? For too long I have feared myself, fear what I can create. In essence, I have feared creating myself. — Jeremy Caldwell

Destroy Myself Quotes By Lucy Walker

I am so picky about what films I get myself into because it's such an explosion of energy and commitment once you get in there, you destroy your life until you deliver these films. I never want to be in the position of making films that won't be a great use of 90 minutes of someone's life. — Lucy Walker

Destroy Myself Quotes By Gay Walley

If I am not being creative, I get creative with ways to destroy myself. — Gay Walley

Destroy Myself Quotes By A.C. Crispin

Finally, she'd found a group on Corellia that had helped her deal with her addiction, helped her realize why she felt so empty, so driven. "It took me months of hard digging into myself," she said. "Months to figure out why I wanted to hurt myself. I finally got it through my head that just because my mother hated and despised me for not being what she wanted me to be, I didn't have to hate myself. I didn't have to destroy myself in some twisted attempt to please her. — A.C. Crispin

Destroy Myself Quotes By Marie Lu

I pledge myself to the Rose Society until the end of my days, to use my eyes to see all that happens, my tongue to woo other to our side, my ears to hear every secret, my hands to crush my enemies. I will do everything in my power to destroy all who stand in my way. — Marie Lu

Destroy Myself Quotes By G.K. Chesterton

That peril is that the human intellect is free to destroy itself. Just as one generation could prevent the very existence of the next generation, by all entering a monastery or jumping into the sea, so one set of thinkers can in some degree prevent further thinking by teaching the next generation that there is no validity in any human thought. It is idle to talk always of the alternative of reason and faith. Reason is itself a matter of faith. It is an act of faith to assert that our thoughts have any relation to reality at all. If you are merely a sceptic, you must sooner or later ask yourself the question, "Why should anything go right; even observation and deduction? Why should not good logic be as misleading as bad logic? They are both movements in the brain of a bewildered ape?" The young sceptic says, "I have a right to think for myself." But the old sceptic, the complete sceptic, says, "I have no right to think for myself. I have no right to think at all." There — G.K. Chesterton

Destroy Myself Quotes By Susanna Kearsley

As a former waitress myself, I know firsthand how a simple smile from someone can improve your day and how a single harsh word can destroy it. Being courteous and thoughtful costs you nothing and can sometimes pay you dividends in unexpected ways. — Susanna Kearsley

Destroy Myself Quotes By Andy Warhol

Now and then, someone would accuse me of being evil - of letting people destroy themselves while I watched, just so I could film them and tape-record them. But I didn't think of myself as evil - just realistic. — Andy Warhol

Destroy Myself Quotes By Gene Wolfe

I have told myself over and over that I must get out of this house, that I have stumbled upon a place where dreams walk by daylight and that those dreams may destroy me. But there's the money, and I have been so poor for so long. There is a terrible fascination, too. I am a scholar or I am nothing, Millie. I knew an elderly Jewish scholar at the University of Chicago, a Dr. Kopecky. He was robbed on the street, and surrendered his wallet and his watch without a struggle; but when the gang of juveniles who had surrounded him tried to take his bag, containing one old book and his notes, he fought them all. Perhaps you understand. — Gene Wolfe

Destroy Myself Quotes By Betsy Lerner

I wondered if I was just the sum of my brain scan, little dots clustered in my frontal lobe. Is that where the poems came from? The desire to destroy myself? This last depression had scared me. It had come on so quickly, not like the gradual woolgathering in my brain I had known before. — Betsy Lerner

Destroy Myself Quotes By Muhammad Ali

The day I met Islam, I found a power within myself that no man could destroy or take away from me. — Muhammad Ali

Destroy Myself Quotes By Alexander Chee

Alone with myself and my talent, I chose it in some way I never had before. I chose myself also. The person I was and had been all along, the one who had not belonged to the place where she was born, nor to the places she found along the way, the one always under the mask, here she came out and breathed the air and felt at home. I had always believed that to be this person might destroy me or the world, and so as the world seemed to end, this made the end of the world seem nearly a paradise. — Alexander Chee

Destroy Myself Quotes By Scott Ritter

One, if you attack my integrity, I will defend myself. If you attack my patriotism, I will defend myself. If you come after my family, I will counter-attack viciously, I will destroy you. — Scott Ritter

Destroy Myself Quotes By Katie McGarry

I convinced myself that everything was going to be okay. This is what happens when you believe in in hope. Karma comes around and destroy it. — Katie McGarry

Destroy Myself Quotes By Kiera Van Gelder

I'm so good at beginnings, but in the end I always seem to destroy everything, including myself. — Kiera Van Gelder

Destroy Myself Quotes By Richard Feynman

I dedicate this lecture to showing what ridiculous conclusions and rare statements such a man as myself can make. I wish, therefore, to destroy any image of authority that has previously been generated. — Richard Feynman

Destroy Myself Quotes By Lucas Samaras

I was my own Peeping Tom. Because of the absence of people I could do anything, and if it wasn't good I could destroy it without damaging myself in the presence of others. In that sense I was my own clay. I formulated myself, I mated with myself, and I gave birth to myself. And my real self was the product - the polaroids. — Lucas Samaras

Destroy Myself Quotes By Salma Deera

i want to discover myself.
i want to destroy myself.
i want to be a secret that nobody but i can ruin. — Salma Deera

Destroy Myself Quotes By John Baillie

I, a pilgrim of eternity, stand before Thee, O eternal One. Let me not seek to deaden or destroy the desire for Thee that disturbs my heart. Let me rather yield myself to its constraint and go where it leads me. Make me wise to see all things today under the form of eternity, and make me brave to face all the changes in my life which such a vision may entail: through the grace of Christ my Saviour. Amen — John Baillie

Destroy Myself Quotes By Marie Lu

A pledge," I say again. "To drive fear into those who will confront us."
Violetta hesitates - only for a moment. "To bind us together."
"I pledge myself to the Rose Society," I begin. "Until the end of my days." One by one, the others call out the same thing, murmurs at first that turn into firm words.
"To use my eyes to see all that happens," says Sergio.
"My tongue to woo others to our side," says Magiano, with his savage smile.
"My ears to hear every secret," Violetta continues.
"My hands," I finish. "To crush my enemies."
"I will do everything in my power to destroy all who stand in my way." Right now, what I want is the throne. Enzo's power. A perfect revenge. And all the Inquisitors, queens, and Daggers in the world won't be able to stop me. — Marie Lu

Destroy Myself Quotes By John Waters

When they throw the water on the witch, she says, "Who would have thought a good little girl like you could destroy my beautiful wickedness". That line inspired my life. I sometimes say it to myself before I go to sleep, like a prayer. — John Waters

Destroy Myself Quotes By Rick Riordan

Come on, then!" she yelled. "I'll destroy you all myself if I have to!"
A metallic smell of storm filled the air. All the hairs on Piper's arms stood up.
"The thing is," said a voice from above, "you don't have to."
Piper's heart could've floated out of her body. At the top of the nearest colonnade stood Jason, his sword gleaming gold in the sun. Frank stood at his side, his bow ready. Hazel sat astride Arion, who reared and whinnied in challenge. — Rick Riordan

Destroy Myself Quotes By Aldous Huxley

The doctrine that God can be incarnated in human form is found in most of the principal historic expositions of the Perennial Philosophy - in Hinduism, in Mahayana Buddhism, in Christianity and in the Mohammedanism of the Sufis, by whom the Prophet was equated with the eternal Logos. When goodness grows weak, When evil increases, I make myself a body. In every age I come back To deliver the holy, To destroy the sin of the sinner, To establish righteousness. He who knows the nature Of my task and my holy birth Is not reborn When he leaves this body; He comes to Me. Flying from fear, From lust and anger, He hides in Me, His refuge and safety. Burnt clean in the blaze of my being, In Me many find home. Bhagavad Gita — Aldous Huxley

Destroy Myself Quotes By Tahereh Mafi

I allowed myself to believe she'd seen a future for us; that she wanted to be with me and simply thought it impossible. — Tahereh Mafi

Destroy Myself Quotes By Daphne Du Maurier

This is what it means to be a fanatic - but a fanatic, that is to say, in a very special sense. It has little in common with the obsession of the politician or the artist, for instance, for both of these understand in a greater or lesser degree the impulse which drives them. But the sportsman fanatic - that is another matter entirely.
His thoughts fixed solely on a vision of that mounted trophy against the wall, the eyes now dead that were once living, the tremulous nostrils stilled, the sensitive pricked ears closed to sound at the instant when the rifle shot echoed from the naked rocks, this man hunts his quarry through some instinct unknown even to himself.
Stephen was a sportsman of this kind. It was not the skill needed that drove him, nor the delight and excitement of the stalk itself, but a desire, so I told myself, to destroy something beautiful and rare. Hence his obsession with chamois. ("The Chamois") — Daphne Du Maurier

Destroy Myself Quotes By Dan Pearce

I was receiving at least ninety-nine incredible, positive, and life-changing responses for every negative or abusive one, yet I couldn't stop looking at the one percent. I couldn't get them out of my mind. I let them kill my excitement. I let them destroy my love for what I was doing. I let them shut me down. I let them bully me into changing the way I did things around here.
I almost stopped. I almost gave up. I almost quit writing.
But every time, I remembered my dad.
He taught me better than that.
And I forced myself to be excited again. I forced myself to see the goal and vision of why I was excited in the first place. I forced myself to start skipping over the negative replies and start diving into the loving ones. — Dan Pearce

Destroy Myself Quotes By Ken Keyes Jr.

I am freeing myself from security, sensation and power addictions that make me try to forcefully control situations in my life and thus destroy my serenity and keeps me from loving myself and others. — Ken Keyes Jr.

Destroy Myself Quotes By Tiffany Reisz

How are you going to get revenge against dead people? Dig 'em up and stake 'em through the heart?"
"I asked myself that same question, and I think I know the answer. You destroy what they loved, and you love what they destroyed. — Tiffany Reisz

Destroy Myself Quotes By Andrew Solomon

It is a surprise to me to like myself; among all the elaborate possibilities I contemplated for my future, that never figured. My hard-won contentment reflects the simple truth that inner peace often hinges on outer peace. In the gnostic gospel of St. Thomas, Jesus says, If you bring forth what is within you, what is within you will save you. If you do not bring forth what is within you, what is within you will destroy you. — Andrew Solomon

Destroy Myself Quotes By Dan Pearce

I've been chained to my bathroom scale for two decades now. I've used the number on my scale to tell me if I'm valuable or not. I've let the number on my scale destroy many beautiful opportunities in my life such as scheduling family photos, having fun at the beach, or giving myself 100% in intimacy. I've let the number on the scale tell me if I should be confident in who I am. I've let the number on the scale tell me if I am worthy of kind thoughts from others. Ultimately, I've always let some ridiculous number on the bathroom scale tell me whether or not I should love myself. — Dan Pearce

Destroy Myself Quotes By Eric Allman

I used to be enamored of object-oriented programming. I'm now finding myself leaning toward believing that it is a plot designed to destroy joy. — Eric Allman

Destroy Myself Quotes By Megan Whalen Turner

The room was full of people. "Ninety-eight days," said the queen, folding her hands in her lap. "You said it would take six months." Eugenides picked at a nub in the coverlet. "I like to give myself a margin. When I can." "I didn't believe you," the queen admitted with a delicate smile. "Now you know better." The king smiled back. They might as well have been alone. The queen turned her head to listen. There was shouting in the guardroom. Costis tensed. His hand went to his belt, looking for his sword. "That will be Dite," said the king. "He must have been in the outer rooms. I may as well see him." The queen rose and stepped behind the embroidered screen in front of the fireplace. Her attendants withdrew. The king's attendants remained, digesting the fact that their helpless, inept king had promised his wife to destroy the house of Erondites in six months and had done it in ninety-eight days. — Megan Whalen Turner

Destroy Myself Quotes By Jim DeMint

I've developed a lot of reform proposals myself and been accused of trying to destroy Social Security, when the whole point was to try to save it. I think most people know that Social Security is bankrupt. — Jim DeMint

Destroy Myself Quotes By Henry Miller

Nothing that had happened to me thus far had been sufficient to destroy me; nothing had been destroyed except my illusions. I myself was intact. The world was intact. — Henry Miller

Destroy Myself Quotes By Jose N. Harris

I'm dying.
But its ok.
God's not doing this to me.
It's the World.
So I'm not upset.
He's not even sending an Angel to save me.
But that's cool.
I'm still not upset.
For you see, I took God's workshop- "How to Be an Angel" and then I took man's (the special forces medical sergeant's course).
And I studied really hard.
I took the lessons seriously.
I was a very good student.
And so, I'm going to save myself.
I didn't take the Cherub classes. I'm not all cute and chubby with rosy cheeks. I don't know how to play the harp.
I took the Serafin classes to learn how to be a guardian, a protector, a warrior.
I learned how to sneak up on badness, on evil. To get as close as I can to it. Then destroy it.
Trust me. This is gonna be good!

You darn Skippy, if I'm not going to do just that! — Jose N. Harris

Destroy Myself Quotes By Charles Dickens

I know how hard it has grown for me, the wearer of this, to support life in myself; but do you know how easy it has grown for me, the wearer of this, to destroy life in you?" Every — Charles Dickens

Destroy Myself Quotes By Robert Walser

If a hand, a situation, a wave were ever to raise me up and carry me to where I could command power and influence, I would destroy the circumstances that had favoured me, and I would hurl myself down into the humble, speechless, insignificant darkness. I can only breathe in the lower regions. — Robert Walser

Destroy Myself Quotes By Paul Watson

As for myself, I do not believe in loggers, I believe in trees. I do not believe in fishermen, I believe in fish. I do not believe in miners, I believe in the rocks beneath my feet. I do not believe in pie in the sky spirituality, I believe in rainbows, rivers, mountains, and moss. I do not believe in environmentalists, I believe in the environment. I am a proud traitor to my species in alliance with my mother the Earth in opposition to those who would destroy her, those parasites who believe the Earth is here to serve human interests. — Paul Watson

Destroy Myself Quotes By Arthur Rimbaud

Hire myself out to whom? What beast must I worship? What sacred images should I destroy? What hearts shall I break? What lies am I supposed to believe? March through whose blood? — Arthur Rimbaud

Destroy Myself Quotes By Paulo Coelho

I'm talking about the love I'm discovering now and doing my best to destroy before it reveals itself. I'd like you to accept it. It's the little I have of myself, but it's not my own. It's not exclusively yours, because there's someone else in my life, but I would be happy if you could accept it anyway. An Arab poet from your country, Khalil Gibran, says: "It is well to give when asked, but it is better to give unasked." If I don't say everything I need to say tonight, I'll merely be a spectator watching events unfold rather than the person actually experiencing them. — Paulo Coelho

Destroy Myself Quotes By Yukio Mishima

Why were things wrong just as they were? The questions which I asked myself numberless times since boyhood rose again to my lips. Why are we all burdened with the duty to destroy everything, change everything, entrust everything to impermanency? Is it this unpleasant duty that the world calls life? Or am I the only one for whom it is a duty? At least there was no doubt that I was alone in regarding the duty as a heavy burden. — Yukio Mishima

Destroy Myself Quotes By Tahereh Mafi

There's something simmering inside of me. Something I've never dared to tap into, something I'm afraid to acknowledge. There's a part of me clawing to break free from the cage I've trapped it in, banging on the doors of my heart, begging to be free. Begging to let go. Every day I feel like I'm reliving the same nightmare. I open my mouth to shout, to fight, to swing my fists, but my vocal cords are cut, my arms are heavy and weighted down as if trapped in wet cement and I'm screaming but no one can hear me, no one can reach me and I'm caught. And it's killing me. I've always had to make myself submissive, subservient, twisted into a pleading, passive mop just to make everyone else feel safe and comfortable. My existence has become a fight to prove I'm harmless, and I'm not a threat, that I'm capable of living among other human beings without hurting them. And I'm so tired I'm so tire I'm so tired I'm so tired and sometimes I get so angry. I don't know what's happening to me. — Tahereh Mafi

Destroy Myself Quotes By Adrienne Rich

This is what I am: watching the spider
rebuild - "patiently", they say,
but I recognise in her
impatience - my own-
the passion to make and make again
where such unmaking reigns
the refusal to be a victim
we have lived with violence so long
Am I to go on saying
for myself, for her
This is my body,
take it and destroy it? — Adrienne Rich

Destroy Myself Quotes By Tracey Ward

I can't fire my gun without bringing attention to myself while surrounded by more zombies than tweens at a One Direction concert, and I cannot win in a hand to hand fight. Against the zombie, not One Direction. I'd destroy those guys. — Tracey Ward

Destroy Myself Quotes By Tamora Pierce

I'm not so fond of people myself, Evvy, but I took my vows for a reason. There are two classes of people in the world, the destroyers and the builders. I want to build, not destroy. You need to ask yourself who you're going to be. — Tamora Pierce

Destroy Myself Quotes By Tiffany Reisz

I have nothing in me that you cannot break. I would let you destroy me, and then I would resurrect myself from my own ashes for the honor of being destroyed by you again. — Tiffany Reisz

Destroy Myself Quotes By Anthony Trollope

Sell yourself for money! why, if I were a man I would not sell one jot of liberty for mountains of gold. What! tie myself in the heyday of my youth to a person I could never love, for a price! perjure myself, destroy myself - and not only myself, but her also, in order that I might live idly! Oh, heavens! Mr Gresham! can it be that the words of such a woman as your aunt have sunk so deeply in your heart; have blackened you so foully as to make you think of such vile folly as this? Have you forgotten your soul, your spirit, your man's energy, the treasure of your heart? And you, so young! For shame, Mr Gresham! for shame - for shame. — Anthony Trollope

Destroy Myself Quotes By Charles Bukowski

I am not out to destroy all the white race - only a small part of it: myself. — Charles Bukowski

Destroy Myself Quotes By Charles Yu

How many times have I failed before? How many times have I stood here like this, in front of my own image, in front of my own person, trying to convince him not to be scared, to go on, to get out of this rut? How many times before I finally convince myself, how many private, erasable deaths will I need to die, how may self-murders is it going to take, how many times will I have to destroy myself before I learn, before I understand? — Charles Yu

Destroy Myself Quotes By Miguel De Cervantes Saavedra

She wanted, with her fickleness, to make my destruction constant; I want, by trying to destroy myself, to satisfy her desire. — Miguel De Cervantes Saavedra

Destroy Myself Quotes By Patrick McCabe

You'll have to learn to forgive," he said. "For if you don't, you know what will happen?"
"What, Doctor?" I croaked, for my outburst had exhausted me.
"It will destroy you," he said as he handed me the tea.
A tear came into my eye when he said it for I knew it was true and I would have loved to be able to do it (not because of its destroying me but because it was right, and deep down I knew that) but I couldn't and the more I thought of it the more the blood came coursing to my head so that whenever I'd write I'd find myself clutching the pencil so tight I broke the lead how many times I don't know, hundreds. — Patrick McCabe

Destroy Myself Quotes By J.D. Robb

She took a shaky swallow of wine. "She didn't know me. When we were face-to-face again, and she looked right at me. She didn't know me."
"Did that hurt you?"
"No. I don't know. I couldn't think. I just know that for a minute I was nothing again. Like they - she - took everything from me. Roarke, my badge, my life, myself. For a minute it was just gone because she was there. I can't be nothing again."
"You could never be nothing." Roarke spoke in a voice of barely controlled rage. "You're what you made yourself against the impossible. Even when you were helpless they couldn't destroy what you are. You're a miracle. You're my miracle, and you'll never be anything else. — J.D. Robb

Destroy Myself Quotes By Laura Wiess

How about giving your old man a break here, huh, Chirp?"
"Chirp is dead," I hear myself say and watch the flat words destroy his pleasure. "You killed her, and now you have to deal with me because I'm what's left. — Laura Wiess

Destroy Myself Quotes By Yayoi Kusama

Certainly, I devote my energy to both telling my personal life story and seeking self- obliteration. However, I will not destroy myself through art. — Yayoi Kusama

Destroy Myself Quotes By Heather Heffner

The temperature in the glade plummeted, and I realized she was right behind me. Her jaws, blackened with tar-hardened ice, ripped into my thigh, and then her silvery whorled horns bucked me into the swamp. I whirled around, scrambling to get a grip on the slippery weeds. Sun Bin roared. My challenge was met. She wanted to destroy the vampyre tombs, but she would make sure I was defeated first.

I braced myself as the Winter Dragon lowered her head and charged. — Heather Heffner

Destroy Myself Quotes By Ursula K. Le Guin

It is hard to meet a stranger. Even the greatest extravert meeting even the meekest stranger knows a certain dread, though he may not know he knows it. Will he make a fool of me wreck my image of myself invade me destroy me change me? Yes, that he will. There's the terrible thing: the strangeness of the stranger. — Ursula K. Le Guin

Destroy Myself Quotes By Paulo Coelho

I have won important things for myself, but I'm going to destroy them, because I tell myself they have lost their meaning. I know that is not true. I know they are important, and that if I destroy them, I'll be destroying myself, as well. — Paulo Coelho

Destroy Myself Quotes By Gerhard Richter

If, while I'm painting, I distort or destroy a motif, it is not a planned or conscious act, but rather it has a different justification: I see the motif, the way I painted it, is somehow ugly or unbearable. Then I try to follow my feelings and make it attractive. And that means a process of painting, changing or destroying - for however long it takes - until I think it has improved. And I don't demand an explanation from myself as to why this is so. — Gerhard Richter

Destroy Myself Quotes By Patti Smith

The only way I can lose my mind in bed is to destroy myself in a fantasy. — Patti Smith

Destroy Myself Quotes By Paulo Coelho

I'm afraid of committing myself," she thought to herself.

"When you find your path, you must not be afraid. You need to have sufficient courage to make mistakes. Disappointment, defeat, and despair are the tools God uses to show us the way."

"Don't bother trying to explain your emotions. Live everything as intensely as you can and keep whatever you felt as a gift from God. The best way to destroy the bridge between the visible and invisible is by trying to explain your emotions."

"But how will I know who my Soulmate is?" Brida felt that this was one of the most important questions she had ever asked in her life.
"By taking risks" she said to Brida. ' By risking failure, disappointment, disillusion, but never ceasing in you search for Love. As long as you keep looking, you will triumph in the end."

Nothing is completely wrong. Even a broken watch is right twice a day. — Paulo Coelho

Destroy Myself Quotes By T.J. Klune

I told myself that once I was done ripping the seagull's head off, I would turn around and give a speech so saccharine that even Eddie wouldn't be able to console them when I was finished. I would destroy them, and they would drown in an ocean of their tears.
But first the seagull. — T.J. Klune

Destroy Myself Quotes By Hermann Hesse

I will no longer mutilate and destroy myself in order to find a secret behind the ruins. — Hermann Hesse

Destroy Myself Quotes By William Carlos Williams

It is dangerous to leave written that which is badly written.
A chance word, upon paper, may destroy the world. Watch carefully and erase, while the power is still yours, I say to myself, for all that is put down, once it escapes, may rot its way into a thousand minds, the corn become a black smut, and all libraries, of necessity, be burned to the ground as a consequence.
Only one answer: write carelessly so that nothing that is not green will survive. — William Carlos Williams

Destroy Myself Quotes By Werner Herzog

For a moment the feeling crept over me that my work, my vision, is going to destroy me, and for a fleeting moment I let myself take a long, hard look at myself, something I would not otherwise do
out of instinct, on principle, out of self-preservation
look at myself with objective curiosity to see whether my vision has not destroyed me already. I found it comforting to note that I was still breathing. — Werner Herzog

Destroy Myself Quotes By Anna Todd

I want him to look in the mirror and smile, not scowl. I need him to not think of himself as a monster. I need him to see the real him, because if he doesn't pull himself out of the villain role, it will destroy him, and I'll just be left with ashes. I just needed to get it all out because I feel like I'm drowning, and it's hard to keep myself above water,especially when I'm fighting against the current to save him rather than myself. — Anna Todd

Destroy Myself Quotes By Mia Fontaine

Nor did I grasp the capacity of love's absence to destroy, that my lack of love for myself made my own life unbearable. You take someone whose life experiences have taught them they're worthless, string them out on drugs, and you have one miserable person. How could I have given what I didn't have? It's hard to value another life when you view your own as dispensable, hard to understand how you can have so great an effect on someone else when you don't think you matter. — Mia Fontaine

Destroy Myself Quotes By Phil Volatile

When I think about the past and how blind I was in that life, I compare it to being a god and losing everything when being cast out. I had the unlimited power to destroy myself and everything around me. It's like having been in a cave for years and I'm finally out of the cave. The sun burns my eyes and skin. I don't recognize my surroundings. No one looks authentic, and now I'm on the hunt for people that have the pieces to my puzzle that will help me on my quest. I have no cave to hide in, and I'm just left with the sediment of a previous life and my own mortality. — Phil Volatile

Destroy Myself Quotes By Fyodor Dostoevsky

I must have justice, or I will destroy myself. And not justice in some remote and infinite time and space, but here on Earth ... I want to see with my own eyes the lamb lie down with the lion and the victim rise up and embrace his murderer. I want to be there when everyone suddenly understands what it has all been about. All the religions of the world are built on this longing, and I am a believer. — Fyodor Dostoevsky

Destroy Myself Quotes By Julie Jewels Smoot

I will not let triggers, flashbacks,
nightmares control my emotions.
I will not let those tried
to destroy me win this war.
I have awakened and I will
find peace with myself. — Julie Jewels Smoot

Destroy Myself Quotes By Jasper Johns

Marcel Duchamp, one of this century's pioneers, moved his work through the retinal boundaries which had been established with Impressionism into a field where language, thought and vision act upon one another. There it changed form through a complex interplay of new mental and physical materials, heralding many of the technical, mental and visual details to be found in more recent art ... He declared that he wanted to kill art ("for myself") but his persistent attempts to destroy frames of reference altered our thinking, established new units of thought, a "new thought for that object". — Jasper Johns

Destroy Myself Quotes By John Cassavetes

I've never seen an exploding helicopter. I've never seen anybody go and blow somebody's head off. So why should I make films about them? But I have seen people destroy themselves in the smallest way, I've seen people withdraw, I've seen people hide behind political ideas, behind dope, behind the sexual revolution, behind fascism, behind hypocrisy, and I've myself done all these things. So I can understand them. What we are saying is so gentle. It's gentleness. We have problems, terrible problems, but our problems are human problems. — John Cassavetes

Destroy Myself Quotes By Cezmi Ersoz

I know that I am also destroying you as I destroy myself. — Cezmi Ersoz

Destroy Myself Quotes By Victoria Aveyard

It's in our nature, Julian would say. We destroy. It's the constant of our kind. No matter the color of blood, man will always fall.
I didn't understand that lesson a few days ago, but now, with Cal's hands in mine, guiding me with the lightest touch, I'm beginning to see what he meant.
I can feel myself falling. — Victoria Aveyard

Destroy Myself Quotes By Tahereh Mafi

I've fallen for her ... So hard. I've hit the ground. Gone right through it. Never in my life have if felt this. Nothing like this ... I've known nothing like this terrible, horrible, paralyzing feeling. I feel crippled. Desperate and out of control. And it keeps getting worse. Every day I feel sick. Empty and somehow aching. Love is a heartless bastard. I'm driving myself insane. — Tahereh Mafi

Destroy Myself Quotes By Fyodor Dostoyevsky

Note for a moment do I take you for a truth that is real,' Ivan exclaimed in what even amounted to fury. 'You are a falsehood, you are my illness, you are a ghost. Only I do not know how to destroy you, and perceive that for a certain time I must suffer you. You are a hallucination I am having. You are the embodiment of myself, but only of one side of me ... of my thoughts and emotions, though only those that are most loathsome and stupid. In that regard you might even be of interest to me, if only I had time to throw away on you ... — Fyodor Dostoyevsky

Destroy Myself Quotes By Casey Affleck

We obsess about celebrities. We create them, build myths around them, and then hunt them and destroy them. I don't know where it's taking us or what it means, but I know we do it. I have seen a lot of it myself. — Casey Affleck

Destroy Myself Quotes By C.D. Reiss

Tomorrow I'm going to destroy you. I'm going to mark your body and ruin your mind. By noon, you won't know whether to laugh or cry. But tonight? Tonight I will revere you. I will build an altar of myself. I will frame you in stars. — C.D. Reiss

Destroy Myself Quotes By Anna Zaires

I realized I'd been trying to protect myself from the agony of losing you. Trying to keep myself from loving you so it wouldn't destroy me. Except it was too late. I was already in love with you. I had been for a long time. Obsession, addiction, love - it's all the same thing. I can't live without you, Nora. Losing you would destroy me. I can survive anything but that. — Anna Zaires

Destroy Myself Quotes By Robert Jordan

Whatever the Dark One wants, I oppose, so hear this and know it true. Before I let the Dark One have you, I will destroy you myself. — Robert Jordan

Destroy Myself Quotes By Adolf Hitler

Today Christians ... stand at the head of [this country] ... I pledge that I never will tie myself to parties who want to destroy Christianity .. We want to fill our culture again with the Christian spirit ... We want to burn out all the recent immoral developments in literature, in the theater, and in the press - in short, we want to burn out the poison of immorality which has entered into our whole life and culture as a result of liberal excess during the past ... (few) years. — Adolf Hitler

Destroy Myself Quotes By Jay Crownover

He would always be something sharp and deadly on the inside, something that could be used to destroy, but every blade needs a sheath and every gun needs a holster to protect it. I had no problem offering myself up as the thing that kept this particular weapon secure. — Jay Crownover

Destroy Myself Quotes By Vladimir Nabokov

The few times I said to myself anywhere: 'Now that's a nice spot for a permanent home,' I would immediately hear in my mind the thunder of an avalanche carrying away the hundreds of far places which I would destroy by the very act of settling in one particular nook of the earth. — Vladimir Nabokov

Destroy Myself Quotes By Camryn Manheim

Try as I might, I couldn't destroy my spirit. And try as I might, I couldn't change who I was. I was left with what to me seemed to be the most difficult option: loving myself just the way I am. — Camryn Manheim

Destroy Myself Quotes By Elizabeth Pena

I figured, if I failed, I'd tried something that I hadn't tried before and if one movie was going to destroy my career than I didn't have much of a career to start with. I just went for it. God willing I wasn't over the top and didn't embarrass myself. — Elizabeth Pena

Destroy Myself Quotes By Gregory Benford

Within an hour Groves's teletype rattled out a translation. My fellow Germans! I live! Yet another of the countless atrocities that have befallen our lands has stricken Berlin - but not me. I am speaking to you so that you can hear my voice and know that I myself am not injured and well. The vast crime in Berlin has destroyed the entire center. But it cannot destroy the inevitable victory of the National Socialist Reich! My survival is a confirmation of the task imposed upon me by Providence - and — Gregory Benford

Destroy Myself Quotes By Jennifer Echols

He let go and stood back,eyeing me.I could tell he didn't want to say anything to destroy my confidence,but he was afraid he'd created a monster.
"Don't worry.I'm ready to play the game." I nodded solemnly.
"One more thing," he said. "If you do fall-"
I cringed. Some pep talk!
"-If something terrible happens,you still won't lose everything.Now you have good friends,and nothing will ever change that.You're not that girl."
"Oh,Nick." I threw myself at him,literally. He wrapped me in his arms and brushed my hair aside to kiss my forehead again.
I squeezed him hard,then drew away and punched him on his padded arm. "Go ahead,and don't break a leg. — Jennifer Echols

Destroy Myself Quotes By J.R.R. Tolkien

I am doubtful myself about the undertaking. Part of the attraction of the L.R. is, I think, due to the glimpses of a large history in the background: an attraction like that of viewing far off an unvisited island, or seeing the towers of a distant city gleaming in a sunlit mist. To go there is to destroy the magic, unless new unattainable vistas are again revealed. Also many of the older legends are purely 'mythological', and nearly all are grim and tragic: a long account of the disasters that destroyed the beauty of the Ancient World, from the darkening of Valinor to the Downfall of Numenor and the flight of Elendil. — J.R.R. Tolkien

Destroy Myself Quotes By Marivil

I destroyed myself because I thought no one will destroy me that way but I guess I was wrong ... they're stonger. — Marivil

Destroy Myself Quotes By Yevgeny Zamyatin

Besides, I can't, I no longer have the strength to destroy this painful piece of myself, which might turn out to be the piece I value most. — Yevgeny Zamyatin

Destroy Myself Quotes By Walt Whitman

He most honors my style who learns under it to destroy the teacher."
-from "Song of Myself — Walt Whitman

Destroy Myself Quotes By Nenia Campbell

If the whole world seems like it's against you, it helps to know that you've still got home. A safe place. It just takes one person - a teacher, a friend, a parent. If I didn't have you and Dad, if you hadn't made it so clear you loved me as much as you did, or if you'd said, 'yeah, why don't you do it, and put yourself out of our misery, just shut up,' I would have killed myself. I really would have. I spent most of those days wishing I were dead anyway, and what always stopped me was the fact that doing so would destroy the lives of the only people who ever cared about me. — Nenia Campbell

Destroy Myself Quotes By Graham Greene

I can imagine that if there existed a God who loved, the devil would be driven to destroy even the weakest, the most faulty imitation of love. Wouldn't he be afraid that the habit of love might grow, and wouldn't he try to trap us all into being traitors, into helping him extinguish love? If there is a God who uses us and makes his saints out of such material as we are, the devil too may have his ambitions; he may dream of training even such a person as myself ... into being his saints, ready with borrowed fanaticism to destroy love wherever we find it. — Graham Greene

Destroy Myself Quotes By James Salter

Great lovers lie in hell, the poet says. Even now, long afterwards, I cannot destroy the images. They remain within me like the yearnings of an addict. I need only hear certain words, see certain gestures, and my thoughts begin to tumble. I despise myself for thinking of her. Even if she were dead, I would feel the same. Her existence blackens my life. — James Salter