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Design Is Important Quotes By Carolyn Tennant

The point of our service in the church isn't how much we do and how important we are. The point is whether or not we're taking our place in the synchronized dance that God is orchestrating. When each one takes their assigned role, the design is fabulous! When one wants to do their own thing, needing attention, wanting to hog the show, or playing to the crowd, disaster ensues. — Carolyn Tennant

Design Is Important Quotes By Miuccia Prada

Clothes can be important. I am learning this. For instance, often when I design and I wonder what is the point, I think of someone having a bad time in their life. — Miuccia Prada

Design Is Important Quotes By Tommy Hilfiger

I think it is really important to have a sense of business. As a designer you can get so wrapped up in the design and fashion side that you forget the business side. — Tommy Hilfiger

Design Is Important Quotes By Shirin Ebadi

There is a verse [in the Koran] that says God swears by time. Anything you gain in life, you pay for with your time. Time is the most important thing that has been given to man. — Shirin Ebadi

Design Is Important Quotes By Ruth Reed

This project is so important because it's going to create an environment to inspire people. The RIBA believes that here in the UK we can design buildings and places that bring out the very best in people and motivate them. There is a real desire to see this project happen. — Ruth Reed

Design Is Important Quotes By Debi Mazar

When entertaining, it's great to wow your guests with an outstanding recipe, but it's also very important to design a menu that's not too demanding of yourself, otherwise everybody will have fun but you. A great appetizer or simpler dish is a good way to work a menu that's delicious but does not impose too much effort or time spent in the kitchen. — Debi Mazar

Design Is Important Quotes By Christine Jones

If I weren't a theatre designer, I wouldn't be any other kind of designer. Design is interesting to me as it relates to narrative: the design has to support the narrative. Storytelling is the most important thing. — Christine Jones

Design Is Important Quotes By Tom Ford

Advertising is, of course, important because advertise is the final design. It's the last layer that speaks to the customer, that tells them what you have. — Tom Ford

Design Is Important Quotes By Fernando J. Corbato

The general problem with ambitious systems is complexity. [ ... ] it is important to emphasize the value of simplicity and elegance, for complexity has a way of compounding difficulties. — Fernando J. Corbato

Design Is Important Quotes By David Pearce

A lot of people recoil from the word "drugs" - which is understandable given today's noxious street drugs and their uninspiring medical counterparts. Yet even academics and intellectuals in our society typically take the prototypical dumb drug, ethyl alcohol. If it's socially acceptable to take a drug that makes you temporarily happy and stupid, then why not rationally design drugs to make people perpetually happier and smarter? Presumably, in order to limit abuse-potential, one would want any ideal pleasure drug to be akin - in one limited but important sense - to nicotine, where the smoker's brain finely calibrates its optimal level: there is no uncontrolled dose-escalation. — David Pearce

Design Is Important Quotes By Kate McGahan

Our Master puts the desire to procreate in us to be sure that we are fruitful and multiply. He knows how important animals are to the planet because most animals He allows to reproduce in great number. He put every one of us on the ark for a reason. Do you think it's a mistake that dogs and cats have litters of 8, 9, 10 or more and people typically only have one or maybe two? It's no mistake. It's because God intends that there is more than enough four-legged love to go around. — Kate McGahan

Design Is Important Quotes By John Romero

It is very important to lead the field and innovate in game design. — John Romero

Design Is Important Quotes By Raymond Loewy

Design is too important to be left to designers. — Raymond Loewy

Design Is Important Quotes By Mickey Drexler

First, as I've always said, it all starts with product, which means having the right assortment, styles, and fits. Second is price, where we strive to offer the best quality, style, and design at a fair value. This is critically important, given the highly promotional environment we are operating in. And third, traffic. — Mickey Drexler

Design Is Important Quotes By Kim Chestney

Technology is important to Art because it connects creativity with innovation and the spirit of inventiveness. Whether we are using technology to create our art, or to share our art, it challenges artists to explore new realms of aesthetic experience and cultural relevance. But, on the other hand, Art is important to Technology for the most important reason of all. Art gives Technology its humanity. And our humanity is the driving force behind every new technology we design and every product we manufacture. We are all makers. Without creativity, we don't make anything. If we don't make anything, we don't progress. — Kim Chestney

Design Is Important Quotes By Herbert Muschamp

A building does not have to be an important work of architecture to become a first-rate landmark. Landmarks are not created by architects. They are fashioned by those who encounter them after they are built. The essential feature of a landmark is not its design, but the place it holds in a city's memory. Compared to the place it occupies in social history, a landmark's artistic qualities are incidental. — Herbert Muschamp

Design Is Important Quotes By Brian Greene

Two observations take us across the finish line. The Second Law ensures that entropy increases throughout the entire process, and so the information hidden within the hard drives, Kindles, old-fashioned paper books, and everything else you packed into the region is less than that hidden in the black hole. From the results of Bekenstein and Hawking, we know that the black hole's hidden information content is given by the area of its event horizon. Moreover, because you were careful not to overspill the original region of space, the black hole's event horizon coincides with the region's boundary, so the black hole's entropy equals the area of this surrounding surface. We thus learn an important lesson. The amount of information contained within a region of space, stored in any objects of any design, is always less than the area of the surface that surrounds the region (measured in square Planck units). — Brian Greene

Design Is Important Quotes By Guy Kawasaki

The two most important things about people on a revolutionary team are their ability and passion. Their educational level or work experience is meaningless
most of the engineers who did ground-breaking work of the Macintosh design didn't even graduate from college. — Guy Kawasaki

Design Is Important Quotes By Paola Antonelli

I consider video games a form of design that is amazingly important today and that is going to become even more important in the future, because it is a way we interact with machines and screens. — Paola Antonelli

Design Is Important Quotes By E. J. W. Barber

The Japanese garden is a very important tool in Japanese architectural design because, not only is a garden traditionally included in any house design, the garden itself also reflects a deeper set of cultural meanings and traditions. Whereas the English garden seeks to make only an aesthetic impression, the Japanese garden is both aesthetic and reflective. The most basic element of any Japanese garden design comes from the realization that every detail has a significant value. — E. J. W. Barber

Design Is Important Quotes By Patrick Newbery

We agree. Certainly the rate of change of nearly everything over the past few decades has accelerated greatly. The kinds of work and the nature of the problems that designers work on have shifted as a result. We find it useful to look further back than the past few decades to understand what has led up to the situation today and why this recent increase in the frequency of change is so important for what business and design do together in the future. — Patrick Newbery

Design Is Important Quotes By Thomas Lewis

Even after a peak parenting experience, children never transition to a fully self-tuning physiology. Adults remain social animals: they continue to require a source of stabilization outside themselves. That open-loop design means that in some important ways, people cannot be stable on their own - not should or shouldn't be, but can't be. This prospect is disconcerting to many, especially in a society that prizes individuality as ours does. Total self-sufficiency turns out to be a daydream whose bubble is burst by the sharp edge of the limbic brain. Stability means finding people who regulate you well and staying near them. (86) — Thomas Lewis

Design Is Important Quotes By Jules Feiffer

Design is so important because chaos is so hard — Jules Feiffer

Design Is Important Quotes By Daniel Humm

The visual aspect of a dish is so important; the shapes and colors and overall design have to strike the right mood and convey the right idea. — Daniel Humm

Design Is Important Quotes By Marissa Moss

Not only is writing more important than ever, but visual literacy is vital. We don't teach enough design, art, visual things. We have to recognize what we're seeing. It matters if you send someone a cluttered design. It matters more than ever. — Marissa Moss

Design Is Important Quotes By Ken Yeang

We shouldn't just look at new buildings but at existing stock building because that's an even greater problem than the new buildings being built. The renovation of existing buildings and making them green is just as important as designing new green buildings. — Ken Yeang

Design Is Important Quotes By Todd Bennett

I think psychoanalyze-pinhead is the important lesson of GNU Emacs. — Todd Bennett

Design Is Important Quotes By Eric Ries

This is an important rule: a good design is one that changes customer behavior for the better. — Eric Ries

Design Is Important Quotes By Nicholas Carr

Although we don't tend to think of libraries as media technologies, they are. The public library is, in fact, one of the most important and influential informational media ever created - and one that proliferated only after the arrival of silent reading and movable-type printing. A community's attitudes and preferences toward information take concrete shape in its library's design and services. [ ... ] The library provides, as well, a powerful symbol of our new media landscape: at the center stands the screen of the Internet-connected computers; the printed word has been pushed to the margins. — Nicholas Carr

Design Is Important Quotes By Harry Treadaway

Tone is always such an important thing, and that's achieved through a multitude of people. It comes through the writing, it comes through the way it's shot, and it comes through the production design and the sound design. — Harry Treadaway

Design Is Important Quotes By John Carmack

Developing games for the PC and consoles is all about everything and the kitchen sink. In many ways, you don't have design decisions to make. You do it all. So I enjoy going back to making decisions about what's important as I'm working on a game. — John Carmack

Design Is Important Quotes By James Wan

Designing the technical aspects of my camera movement for me is very important. I want the camera to be a big part in telling the story as well, like what I really believe in with all the films I make. — James Wan

Design Is Important Quotes By Richard Moe

Buffalo is one of America's great designed cities. The interweaving of great architecture, landscape architecture and important historic sites makes Buffalo a must see destination for preservationists, designers, history buffs, and anyone wishing to see an inspiring example of American design. — Richard Moe

Design Is Important Quotes By Donald A. Norman

In design it is important to shoe the effect of an action ... Feedback is critical. — Donald A. Norman

Design Is Important Quotes By Ashly Burch

I think getting something together to showcase your voice is important. You can also watch cartoons and play games and just kinda listen, and try to see how the design of the character matches to the voice. — Ashly Burch

Design Is Important Quotes By Albert Hadley

Design is defined by light and shade, and appropriate lighting is enormously important. — Albert Hadley

Design Is Important Quotes By Avedis Donabedian

Systems awareness and systems design are important for health professionals, but they are not enough. They are enabling mechanisms only. It is the ethical dimensions of individuals that are essential to a system's success. Ultimately, the secret of quality is love. You have to love your patient, you have to love your profession, you have to love your God. If you have love, you can then work backward to monitor and improve the system. — Avedis Donabedian

Design Is Important Quotes By Fred Brooks

Mediocre design provably wastes the world's resources, corrupts the environment, affects international competitiveness. Design is important. — Fred Brooks

Design Is Important Quotes By Yves Behar

Design accelerates the adoption of new ideas. And many of these ideas are important for designers to show that there is a way. When you see things through that lens, you realize it applies to any industry and any form of design. — Yves Behar

Design Is Important Quotes By Louise Erdrich

The pattern glitters with cruelty. The blue beads are colored with fish blood, the reds with powdered heart. The beads collect in borders of mercy. The yellows are dyed with the ocher of silence. There is no telling which twin will fall asleep first, allowing the other's colors to dominate, for how long. The design grows, the overlay deepens. The beaders have no other order at the heart of their being. Do you know that the beads are sewn onto the fabric of the earth with endless strands of human muscle, human sinew, human hair? We are as crucial to this making as other animals. No more and no less important than the deer. — Louise Erdrich

Design Is Important Quotes By Christian Louboutin

I have no problem with the idea of comfort, but it is not an important thing aesthetically. If you look at a shoe and immediately say it looks very comfortable, in terms of design, it is not going to excite me. Of course, I am not putting nails in my shoes to ensure everybody is in pain, but a heel is not a pair of slippers and never will be. — Christian Louboutin

Design Is Important Quotes By Diane Von Furstenberg

The most important relationship you have in life is the one you have with yourself. And then after that, I'd say once you have that, it may be hard work, but you can actually design your life. — Diane Von Furstenberg

Design Is Important Quotes By Anonymous

Discovery is so important, we won't take a project at Mule if a client won't do it. Research isn't an optional phase of design; it's the keystone under which everything else rests. — Anonymous

Design Is Important Quotes By Starhawk

Amory Lovins says the primary design criteria he uses is the question "How do we love all the children?" Not just our children, not just the ones who look like us or who have resources, not just the human children but the young of birds and salmon and redwood trees. When we love all the children, when that love is truly sacred to us in the sense of being most important, then we have to take action in the world to enact that love. We are called to make the earth a place where all the children can thrive. — Starhawk

Design Is Important Quotes By Milford Zornes

When I'm teaching, I tell the story of this painting for two reasons. First of all, if you want a good solid color structure, you have to have a solid development in values, dark and light. Second, if you have a good design, don't leave it if you fail to render it to its full extent the first time around. Remember it's the design that's important. Try and try till you get the thing to work. That's why The Pattern Makers is a key picture in my painting career. — Milford Zornes

Design Is Important Quotes By Dieter Rams

One of the most significant design principles is to omit the unimportant in order to emphasize the important. — Dieter Rams

Design Is Important Quotes By Thom Browne

It is so important to be really true to yourself in design, and I am. — Thom Browne

Design Is Important Quotes By Vivienne Westwood

I wish you didn't have to design so often. Try to do quality and cut down on quantity. I think fashion is very, very important. — Vivienne Westwood

Design Is Important Quotes By Michael J. Behe

Is the conclusion that the universe was designed - and that the design extends deeply into life - science, philosophy, religion, or what? In a sense it hardly matters. By far the most important question is not what category we place it in, but whether a conclusion is true. A true philosophical or religious conclusion is no less true than a true scientific one. Although universities might divide their faculty and courses into academic categories, reality is not obliged to respect such boundaries. — Michael J. Behe

Design Is Important Quotes By Scott Berkun

Einstein said, " Imagination is more important than knowledge," but you'd be hard-pressed to find schools or corporations that invest in people with those priorities. The systems of education and professional life, similar by design, push the idea-finding habits of fun and play to the corners of our minds, training us out of our creativity.[117] We reward conformance of mind, not independent thought, in our systems - from school to college to the workplace to the home - yet we wonder why so few are willing to take creative risks. — Scott Berkun

Design Is Important Quotes By Dave McClure

Design is more important than technology in most consumer applications. — Dave McClure

Design Is Important Quotes By Joseph Alois Schumpeter

Nothing should be more obvious than that the business organism cannot function according to design when its most important "parameters of action" - wages, prices, interest - are transferred to the political sphere and there dealt with according to the requirements of the political game or, which sometimes is more serious still, according to the ideas of some planners. — Joseph Alois Schumpeter

Design Is Important Quotes By Eric S. Raymond

It's not all that important that you be able to originate brilliant ideas... The more important talent is to be able to recognize good ideas from other people. — Eric S. Raymond

Design Is Important Quotes By Narendra Modi

Design in India is as important as Make in India. — Narendra Modi

Design Is Important Quotes By Harley Earl

The art of automobile design has progressed, until today it is regarded as one of the most important factors in the marketing of the automobile. — Harley Earl

Design Is Important Quotes By Ralph Caplan

It is important to notice that these badly functioning designs were praised for 'elegance.' But elegance as theoretical scientists apply it is quite different. The elegance of a mathematical formula is that it explains a phenomenon beautifully, with no parts left over. In design, elegance is more readily perceived as a property of product than of process. If we had more elegant theories, we might look to design for more than elegance. — Ralph Caplan

Design Is Important Quotes By Bert Holldobler

Ants offer special advantages for some important kinds of basic biological research. The colony is a superorganism. It can be analyzed as a coherent unit and compared with the organism in the design of experiments, with the individuals treated as the rough analogues of cells. — Bert Holldobler

Design Is Important Quotes By Robert Kiyosaki

The most important job of an entrepreneur is to design the business before there is a business. — Robert Kiyosaki

Design Is Important Quotes By Victor Papanek

The only important thing about design is how it relates to people. — Victor Papanek

Design Is Important Quotes By Jane Jacobs

the presence of buildings around a park is important in design. They enclose it. They make a definite shape out of the space, so that it appears as an important event in the city scene, a positive feature, rather than a no-account leftover. — Jane Jacobs

Design Is Important Quotes By David McFadden

Outside of the chair, the teapot is the most ubiquitous and important design element in the domestic environment and almost everyone who has tackled the world of design has ended up designing one. — David McFadden

Design Is Important Quotes By Fred Brooks

Conceptual integrity is the most important consideration in system design. — Fred Brooks

Design Is Important Quotes By Nicola Formichetti

Uniqlo as a company has always developed new fabrics and is always trying to be innovative. The design is simple, so the fabric is important. — Nicola Formichetti

Design Is Important Quotes By Steve Krug

The problem is there are no simple "right" answers for most Web design questions (at least not for the important ones). What works is good, integrated design that fills a need - carefully thought out, well executed, and tested. — Steve Krug

Design Is Important Quotes By Seth Godin

When we think of design, we usually imagine things that are chosen because they are designed. Vases or comic books or architecture ... It turns out, though, that most of what we make or design is actually aimed at a public that is there for something else. The design is important, but the design is not the point. Call it "public design" ... Public design is for individuals who have to fill out our tax form, interact with our website or check into our hotel room despite the way it's designed, not because of it. — Seth Godin

Design Is Important Quotes By John Scalzi

Deception, as practically manifested, succeeds because of two things. First, the object of deception is convincingly deceptive in its design; i.e., it looks/feels/acts like the real thing. Second, and equally important, the subject of deception must be predisposed to believing that the object of deception is indeed the real thing. These two criteria work in an inverse relationship with each other; a sufficiently deceptive object can convince a skeptical subject, while a subject who sincerely wants to believe will be able to overlook even gross flaws in the object onto which he or she confers belief. — John Scalzi

Design Is Important Quotes By Tim Gunn

I believe that it's very important to get to know people with whom you can have a substantive dialogue about design and its development. In addition, read everything about fashion that you can get your hands on. A palpable point of view is what makes a designer, so you need to be confident about yours. — Tim Gunn

Design Is Important Quotes By Van Day Truex

Training the eye is the most important way to gain an appreciation and understanding of good design in busienss management. — Van Day Truex

Design Is Important Quotes By Edward Norton

I think one of the most important investments an organization like TNC [The Nature Conservancy] can make is in helping build local capacity - supporting the growth of a global network of small community-based entities. Help people who live within critical ecosystems help themselves and their neighbors to design a better future relationship between themselves and their natural resources. — Edward Norton

Design Is Important Quotes By Orson Scott Card

I wonder sometimes if I'm not, after all, a piece in some other player's game, following blindly his grand designs without ever knowing that my path along the board is only a feint, while the important matters are played out elsewhere by other men.
But whether there's some grand design really matters little to me. My only hope was this: To see what might be, to believe that it should be, and then to do all I could to bring it to pass, whatever the cost. When a life spins out as joyfully as mine has done, then the price, one paid so painfully, is now recalled in gladness. I have received full value. Here among the shepherds, my cup is filled with the water of life; it overflows. — Orson Scott Card

Design Is Important Quotes By Daniel Libeskind

I think there is a new awareness in this 21st century that design is as important to where and how we live as it is for museums, concert halls and civic buildings. — Daniel Libeskind

Design Is Important Quotes By Chad Camara

UX Design is a practical yet very thoughtful discipline, and a UX Designer's single most important skill is the ability to learn and adapt. — Chad Camara

Design Is Important Quotes By Larry Fessenden

Sound and sound design has always been very important to my approach to film, because it is a more subversive and allusive aspect of the medium. — Larry Fessenden

Design Is Important Quotes By Dan Kiley

The thing that's important is not something called design; it's how you live, its life itself. Design really comes from that. You cannot separate what you do from your life. — Dan Kiley

Design Is Important Quotes By Ettore Sottsass

It is important to realize that whatever we do or design has iconographic references, it comes from somewhere; any form is always metaphorical, never totally metaphysical; it is never a 'destiny' but always a fact with some kind of historical reference. To put an object on a base means to monumentalize it, to make everyone aware it exists. — Ettore Sottsass

Design Is Important Quotes By Soumeet Lanka

The most important part of design is finding all the issues to be resolved. The rest are details — Soumeet Lanka

Design Is Important Quotes By Elsa Peretti

Good design for the home should be universal. A house should be like old shoes, comfortable, like a good friend ... The Japanese aesthetic is important to me. Very organic. They have a sense of the weight of the thing: very balanced. — Elsa Peretti

Design Is Important Quotes By Anonymous

the most important element of delightful design is empathy. — Anonymous

Design Is Important Quotes By Joel Friedlander

There are a lot of conventions, a vocabulary and a set of practices and assumptions that underlie most professional book design. Since design is important to the eventual success of your book whether you attempt to do it yourself or hire it out, it pays to know something about those conventions and assumptions. After all, we don't want anything getting in the way of your communication with your readers. You've got a message for them, a story to tell, or ideas to spread. That's what's important. — Joel Friedlander

Design Is Important Quotes By Jules Feiffer

Design is important because chaos is so hard. — Jules Feiffer

Design Is Important Quotes By Katherine Waterston

Costume design is so important and really helpful, and I really love that aspect of character development, just figuring it out. — Katherine Waterston

Design Is Important Quotes By Wim Crouwel

This is what we've been waiting for: finally, an unprecedented critical analysis of the history of Dutch design. Mienke Simon Thomas's Dutch Design is a book to have and to read: an important and richly detailed study of the cultural, economical and social-political context of twentieth-century design in the Netherlands. — Wim Crouwel

Design Is Important Quotes By Richard Dawkins

I think nobody would claim that random genetic drift is capable of producing adaptation, that is to say the illusion of design. Random genetic drift can't produce wings that are good at flying, or eyes that are good at seeing, or legs that are good at running. But random genetic drift probably is very important in driving evolution at the molecular genetic level. — Richard Dawkins

Design Is Important Quotes By Bill Hillier

Architecture and urban design, both in their formal and spatial aspects, are seen as fundamentally configurational in that the way the parts are put together to form the whole is more important than any of the parts taken in isolation. — Bill Hillier

Design Is Important Quotes By Yelena Baturina

When you are in an unpleasant environment that makes you feel uncomfortable, one of the key ways to improve that situation is through design. That's why I think it is so important to help develop and showcase young designers, as they are our future. — Yelena Baturina

Design Is Important Quotes By Arundhati Roy

I'm trained as an architect; writing is like architecture. In buildings, there are design motifs that occur again and again, that repeat
patterns, curves. These motifs help us feel comfortable in a physical space. And the same works in writing, I've found. For me, the way words, punctuation and paragraphs fall on the page is important as well
the graphic design of the language. That was why the words and thoughts of Estha and Rahel, the twins, were so playful on the page ... I was being creative with their design. Words were broken apart, and then sometimes fused together. "Later" became "Lay. Ter." "An owl" became "A Nowl." "Sour metal smell" became "sourmetal smell."
Repetition I love, and used because it made me feel safe. Repeated words and phrases have a rocking feeling, like a lullaby. They help take away the shock of the plot
death, lives destroyed or the horror of the settings
a crazy, chaotic, emotional house, the sinister movie theater. — Arundhati Roy

Design Is Important Quotes By Frederick P. Brooks Jr.

Today I am more convinced than ever. Conceptual integrity is central to product quality. Having a system architect is the most important single step toward conceptual integrity. These principles are by no means limited to software systems, but to the design of any complex construct, whether a computer, an airplane, a Strategic Defense Initiative, a Global Positioning System. After teaching a software engineering laboratory more than 20 times, I came to insist that student teams as small as four people choose a manager and a separate architect. Defining distinct roles in such small teams may be a little extreme, but I have observed it to work well and to contribute to design success even for small teams. — Frederick P. Brooks Jr.

Design Is Important Quotes By H.R. Valderrama

If humans are indeed products of a design, is it not wise to make humans selfish? A selfish person safeguards what's important to him and never exchanges it to one with a lesser value. If the salvation of his soul is the most important to him, he will do everything to secure it. An unselfish person who values his soul just as much is ready to exchange his salvation for less. They are self-deniers, right? — H.R. Valderrama

Design Is Important Quotes By Arnie Lund

The most important driver of user satisfaction is usefulness, which is largely reflected in the interaction design. The interaction design has to be incorporated at the deepest level of the software architecture and it is often the most expensive to change late in the process. — Arnie Lund

Design Is Important Quotes By Stewart Brand

We are convinced by things that show internal complexity, that show the traces of an interesting evolution. Those signs tell us that we might be rewarded if we accord it our trust. An important aspect of design is the degree to which the object involves you in its own completion. Some work invites you into itself by not offering a finished, glossy, one-reading-only surface. This is what makes old buildings interesting to me. I think that humans have a taste for things that not only show that they have been through a process of evolution, but which also show they are still a part of one. They are not dead yet. — Stewart Brand

Design Is Important Quotes By Carlos Ghosn

Design is important, it's an important dimension in the car. It's not the only one. — Carlos Ghosn

Design Is Important Quotes By Tadashi Shoji

So many designers only sketch and leave pattern-making to others. Pattern-making is important so you know the structure. Then if someone tells me, 'I can't make a pattern from that sketch,' I can tell them, 'I will make it' and then they are quiet. If I can't make it, I don't design it. — Tadashi Shoji

Design Is Important Quotes By John August

One of those strange things that happens in movies is that you need someone to actually say people's names, or else you have no idea who those kids are. This was a way for her to introduce who the important boys were in the story, but then it just was so funny that it became a centerpiece to it. When you look at the character design that Tim did for Weird Girl, and what Catherine [O'Hara] did with the voice, and it's gonna kill. — John August

Design Is Important Quotes By Adrian Frutiger

From all these experiences the most important thing I have learned is that legibility and beauty stand close together and that type design, in its restraint, should be only felt but not perceived by the reader. — Adrian Frutiger

Design Is Important Quotes By Christopher D. Manning

The key utility measure is user happiness. Speed of response and the size of the index are factors in user happiness. It seems reasonable to assume that relevance of results is the most important factor: blindingly fast, useless answers do not make a user happy. However, user perceptions do not always coincide with system designers' notions of quality. For example, user happiness commonly depends very strongly on user interface design issues, including the layout, clarity, and responsiveness of the user interface, which are independent of the quality of the results returned. — Christopher D. Manning

Design Is Important Quotes By Jean Nouvel

It is not possible to design always the same. How to be different in each different place - that is the most important work and duty of the architect to find out. — Jean Nouvel

Design Is Important Quotes By Yves Behar

Design certainly has a cosmetic, aesthetic aim. It always aims at making things beautiful. But relevance is just as important. I often say, 'If it isn't ethical, it can't be beautiful. But if it isn't beautiful, it probably shouldn't be at all.' — Yves Behar