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Top Desert Rats Quotes

Desert Rats Quotes By James Patterson

Your kidding" i said. "we've escaped from top- security prisons, lived on our own for years, made tons of smarty-pants grown-ups look like fools without even trying,eaten desert rats with no A1 steak sauce, and your telling me we're minors and have to have guardians?" I shook my head, staring at him. "Listen pal, i grew up in a freaking dog crate. I've seen horrible, part-human mutations die gut-wrenching deaths. I've had people, mutants, and robots trying to kill me twenty-four/seven for as long as i can remember, and you think i'm gonna cave to state law? are you bonkers? — James Patterson

Desert Rats Quotes By Wesley Pruden

Military metaphors are rarely exact, but sending Republicans against Democrats when the issue hangs in the balance is nearly always as futile as sending George B. McClellan against Robert E. Lee, the Italians against Marshal Montgomery's desert rats or an Arab armored division against an Israeli rifle company. The copy desk can write the headline before the battle begins and take the rest of the night off. — Wesley Pruden

Desert Rats Quotes By Eddie Izzard

I want to be a taxidermist! I wanna fill animals with sand. I wanna get more sand into an animal than anybody has ever bloody got in one. I wanna fill a rat with the entire Gobi Desert, so it's really quite tight. — Eddie Izzard

Desert Rats Quotes By Fyodor Dostoyevsky

I understand only too well why Russians with means have all made tracks abroad ... If the ship is about to sink, the rats are the first to desert it. — Fyodor Dostoyevsky

Desert Rats Quotes By Benedict Cumberbatch

My own grandfathers were a submarine commander and a 'desert rats' tank operator in the Second World War. — Benedict Cumberbatch