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Deportation Quotes By Nydia Velazquez

Because of Obama ... DREAMers who are American in every way except on paper no longer live under the shadow of deportation. — Nydia Velazquez

Deportation Quotes By Winston Churchill

The Turkish Government began and ruthlessly carried out the infamous massacre and deportation of Armenians in Asia Minor. The clearance of the race from Asia Minor was about as complete as such an act, on a scale so great, could well be. — Winston Churchill

Deportation Quotes By Jim Carr

Oh this young man has had a very trying rookie season, with the litigation, the notoriety, his subsequent deportation to Canada and that country's refusal to accept him, well, I guess that's more than most 21-year-olds can handle... Ogie Ogilthorpe! — Jim Carr

Deportation Quotes By Elie Wiesel

It has become increasingly clear that Hungarian authorities are encouraging the whitewashing of tragic and criminal episodes in Hungary's past, namely the wartime Hungarian governments' involvement in the deportation and murder of hundreds of thousands of its Jewish citizens. I found it outrageous that the Speaker of the Hungarian National Assembly could participate in a ceremony honoring a Hungarian fascist ideologue — Elie Wiesel

Deportation Quotes By Eliot Spitzer

The wise decision by President Obama to grant some undocumented immigrants the right to remain in the United States for two years without the threat of deportation is already benefitting the country. — Eliot Spitzer

Deportation Quotes By Elie Wiesel

It all happened so fast. The ghetto. The deportation. The sealed cattle car. The fiery altar upon which the history of our people and the future of mankind were meant to be sacrificed. — Elie Wiesel

Deportation Quotes By Conor Oberst

I'll never understand how destroying families through deportation benefits our society. How we treat the undocumented says a great deal about us as a people and whether or not we'll continue to fulfill the fundamental American promise of equality and opportunity for all. — Conor Oberst

Deportation Quotes By Christopher Hitchens

But now that I view the scene in retrospect I see it as a very gentle and firm deportation, taking me from the country of the well across the stark frontier that marks off the land of malady. — Christopher Hitchens

Deportation Quotes By Paul Kriwaczek

Without Nebuchadnezzar's conquest and deportation, Judaism as we know it, and therefore Christianity and Islam in their turn, could never have come to be. — Paul Kriwaczek

Deportation Quotes By Jeanne Wakatsuki Houston

You cannot deport 110,000 people unless you have stopped seeing individuals. Of course, for such a thing to happen, there has to be a kind of acquiescence on the part of the victims, some submerged belief that this treatment is deserved, or at least allowable. — Jeanne Wakatsuki Houston

Deportation Quotes By Jon Meacham

After an early legal and legislative life attempting to abolish slavery, Jefferson, now at midlife, made a calculated decision that he would no longer risk his "usefulness" in the arena by pressing the issue.55 (There was a partial victory later: The Northwest Ordinance of 178756 prohibited slavery north of the Ohio and east of the Mississippi rivers.) In all, though, for Jefferson public life was about compromise and an unending effort to balance competing interests. To have pursued abolition, even when coupled, as it was in Jefferson's mind, with deportation, was politically lethal. And Jefferson was not going to risk all for what he believed was a cause whose time had not yet come. — Jon Meacham

Deportation Quotes By Lesslie Newbigin

Through the repeated hammer blows of defeat, destruction, and deportation, interpreted by the faithful prophets, Israel has to learn that election is not for comfort and security but for suffering and humiliation. — Lesslie Newbigin

Deportation Quotes By Ann Coulter

All we can do is politely ask aliens from suspect nations to leave ... while we sort the peace-loving immigrants from the murderous fanatics ... Muslim immigrants who agree to spy on the millions of Muslim citizens unaffected by the deportation order can stay. — Ann Coulter

Deportation Quotes By Eliot Spitzer

President Obama is doing the right thing by offering young immigrants, most often in this country through no action of their own, a chance to live and work openly, free from the fear of deportation. — Eliot Spitzer

Deportation Quotes By Michele Bachmann

What I'm talking about is the order of deportation, the sequence of deportation. It is almost impossible to move 11 million illegal immigrants overnight. You do it in steps. — Michele Bachmann

Deportation Quotes By William J. Clinton

In the budget I will present to you, we will try to do more to speed the deportation of illegal aliens who are arrested for crimes, to better identify illegal aliens in the workplace as recommended by the commission headed by former congresswoman Barbara Jordan. We are a nation of immigrants, but we are also a nation of laws. It is wrong and ultimately self-defeating for a nation of immigrants to permit the kind of abuse of our immigration laws we have seen in recent years, and we must do more to stop it. — William J. Clinton

Deportation Quotes By Frank I. Cobb

If the author of the Declaration of Independence were to utter such a sentiment today, the Post Office Department could exclude him from the mail, grand juries could indict him for sedition and criminal syndicalism, legislative committees could seize his private papers and United States Senators would be clamoring for his deportation that he should be sent back to live with the rest of the terrorists. — Frank I. Cobb

Deportation Quotes By Greta Van Susteren

What person here illegally (and in his right mind), will go to the government, announce being here illegally (e.g. plead guilty), provide all sorts of information as to where that person lives etc. to get a work permit only to be a target for deportation in two years? — Greta Van Susteren

Deportation Quotes By Franco Santoro

Life is a relentless expulsion from where we come from and an ongoing deportation to alien realms. We are in exile and our greatest dream is to return to the lost land. It is the greatest dream because no matter how long our exile is going to last, the dream will remain. It is the greatest dream because when we finally care only for this dream, then our exile will be over. — Franco Santoro

Deportation Quotes By Lemony Snicket

Gregor was involved with something called Volatile Fungus Deportation. — Lemony Snicket

Deportation Quotes By Valeria Luiselli

Before the immigration crisis was declared in the summer of 2014, minors seeking immigration relief were given approximately twelve months to find a lawyer to represent their case before their first court hearing. But when the crisis was declared and Obama's administration created the priority juvenile docket, that window was reduced to twenty-one days. In real and practical terms, what the creation of that priority docket meant was that the cases involving unaccompanied minors from Central America were grouped together and moved to the top of the list of pending cases in immigration court. Being moved to the top of a list, in this context, was the least desirable thing - at least from the point of view of the children involved. Basically, the priority juvenile docket implied that deportation proceedings against them were accelerated by 94 percent, and that both they and the organizations that normally provided legal representation now had much less time to build a defense. — Valeria Luiselli

Deportation Quotes By Barack Obama

We are reorganizing how we work with state and local governments to make sure that we are not prioritizing families [for deportation], and you are gonna see, I think, a substantial change even as the case works its way through the courts. — Barack Obama

Deportation Quotes By Herbert Adams Gibbons

From May until October, the Ottoman Government pursued methodically a plan of extermination far more hellish than the worst possible massacre. Orders for deportation of the entire Armenian population to Mesopotamia were dispatched to every province of Asia Minor. These orders were explicit and detailed. No hamlet was too insignificant to be missed. The news was given by town criers that every Armenian was to be ready to leave at a certain hour for an unknown destination. — Herbert Adams Gibbons

Deportation Quotes By Mike Coffman

It's different when you talk about immigration in the abstract ... It's very different when you sit in front of a family, and [undocumented] children who grew up in this country, and who go to the same school you once went to ... They thought if we only enforce the law, people will self-deport ... It's not going to happen. The solution is not the status quo, or deportation when you're talking about breaking up families. — Mike Coffman

Deportation Quotes By George Orwell

practices which had been long abandoned, in some cases for hundreds of years - imprisonment without trial, the use of war prisoners as slaves, public executions, torture to extract confessions, the use of hostages and the deportation of whole populations - not only became common again, but were tolerated and even defended by people who considered themselves enlightened and progressive. It — George Orwell

Deportation Quotes By Nicolas Bouvier

Beyond a certain degree of hardship or misery, life often revives and heals the scars. As time passed, deportation [to the concentration camps for the young woman] had become a kind of voyage and even, thanks to the almost terrifying capacity of memory to transform horror into courage, a voyage that she could easily mention. Any way of seeing the world is good, as long as one returns. — Nicolas Bouvier

Deportation Quotes By John Ferling

To deal with what a High Federalist claimed was the "army of spies and incendiaries scattered through the continent," two acts authorized the deportation of aliens who were already in the country.44 — John Ferling

Deportation Quotes By Jean-Marie Le Pen

For some the most terrible aspect of it was the deportations, while for others it was the leveling bombings or the mass deaths by starvation and cold. — Jean-Marie Le Pen

Deportation Quotes By Nancy Pelosi

Our view of the law is that it - if somebody is here without sufficient documentation, that is not reason for deportation. — Nancy Pelosi

Deportation Quotes By Rush Limbaugh

[Barak Obama] just said children who are Americans or legal residents, they will remain low priorities for enforcement - meaning deportation - as long as they've not. — Rush Limbaugh

Deportation Quotes By Juan Rodolfo Wilcock

Utopians are heedless of methods. To render the human species happy, they are prepared to subject it to murder, torture, lethal injection, incineration, deportation, sterilization, quartering, lobotomy, electrocution, military invasion, bombing, etc. — Juan Rodolfo Wilcock

Deportation Quotes By Julian Castro

And because he knows that we don't have an ounce of talent to waste, the president took action to lift the shadow of deportation from a generation of young, law-abiding immigrants called dreamers. — Julian Castro

Deportation Quotes By Talaat Pasha

The destination of the deportation is annihilation. — Talaat Pasha

Deportation Quotes By Margaret Regan

None of the store's balloons seemed right. They offered birthday wishes, congrats on a new baby, but nothing to celebrate the reunion of a mother and child after a government-engineered separation. Then Laurie spotted some early-bird Valentine's balloons. They were red, heart-shaped, and printed with the simple words Te quiero. I love you. — Margaret Regan

Deportation Quotes By Gail Collins

For the undocumented immigrants, the big priority is just to get out from the shadows, be able to get a driver's license, buy an airplane ticket and stop worrying about sudden deportation. But for the country as a whole, it's crucial that everybody have a citizen's stake in the nation's welfare. — Gail Collins

Deportation Quotes By Alexander Dubcek

Spring and summer 1942 was probably the worst period of internal terror in Slovakia. It was also the time of mass deportation of Slovak Jews to the extermination camps in Poland. — Alexander Dubcek

Deportation Quotes By Christine Pelosi

Remember the Dreamers whose patriotism was praised when the Democratic House passed, and the Senate filibustered - the DREAM Act in 2010? Washington promised a path to citizenship, not just a roadblock to deportation. — Christine Pelosi

Deportation Quotes By Rush Limbaugh

It's what [Barak] Obama was complaining about. All this is now up to the voters - who, of course, the Democrats do not trust. People who would have benefited from the programs face no imminent threat of deportation because Congress has provided money to deal with only a small percentage of people who live in the country illegally. — Rush Limbaugh

Deportation Quotes By Iain Pears

When all this is over, people will try to blame the Germans alone, and the Germans will try to blame the Nazis alone, and the Nazis will try to blame Hitler alone. They will make him bear the sins of the world. But it's not true. You suspected what was happening, and so did I. It was already too late over a year ago. I caused a reporter to lose his job because you told me to. He was deported. The day I did that I made my little contribution to civilization, the only one that matters. — Iain Pears

Deportation Quotes By Jeff Hawkins

'Dream Act' kids are like all other American kids, with the exception that they have to work harder to excel in school, they live in fear of deportation, and they worry about their future. — Jeff Hawkins

Deportation Quotes By Eric Bogosian

Legislation was passed that seemed to welcome any surviving Armenians back to their homes, and at least on paper, Christians and Jews were to be treated like any other citizens in Turkey. But this was a very cold and toxic embrace. The Turkish government was no longer engaged in an organized system of deportation, but with Kemal's endorsement, the ethnic cleansing of Anatolia would continue. — Eric Bogosian

Deportation Quotes By Tony Blair

Deportation is a decision taken by the home secretary under statute, The new grounds will include fostering hatred, advocating violence to further a person's beliefs, or justifying or validating such violence. — Tony Blair

Deportation Quotes By Irakli Okruashvili

I hope to be granted asylum. Deportation [ from Germany] that would be a death sentence for me. — Irakli Okruashvili

Deportation Quotes By Milan Kundera

All previous crimes of the Russian empire had been committed under the cover of a discreet shadow. The deportation of a million Lithuanians, the murder of hundreds of thousands of Poles, the liquidation of the Crimean Tatars remain in our memory, but no photographic documentation exists; sooner or later they will therefore be proclaimed as fabrications. — Milan Kundera

Deportation Quotes By Tom Tancredo

The word nobody wants to use, but you see if you are here illegally, that's the punishment, deportation. — Tom Tancredo

Deportation Quotes By Jonathan Shapiro

You can't undo a deportation. — Jonathan Shapiro

Deportation Quotes By Paolo Gentiloni

I'm not particularly optimistic, but I hope that the lack of alternatives will lead to it. I would like to remind you of the fact that before May 2015 there was no overall European agenda on immigration. Nothing, zero. It wasn't until after yet another tragedy in the Mediterranean that, in response to an Italian initiative, (Europe) began thinking about setting policies for the registration of refugees, their distribution or their deportation. — Paolo Gentiloni

Deportation Quotes By Otto Schily

Arresting and detaining these dangerous people can make sense, at least until a final decision is reached on their deportation. However, such detention must always be subject to time limits and court review. — Otto Schily