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Top Delicatessen Quotes

Delicatessen Quotes By Casey Stengel

If you ran a delicatessen store, you would want to be the best delicatessen store, wouldn't you? Well, that's how I feel about the Yankees. — Casey Stengel

Delicatessen Quotes By Patricia Highsmith

He remembered that right after that, he had stolen a loaf of bread from a delicatessen counter and had taken it home and devoured it, feeling that the world owed a loaf of bread to him, and more. — Patricia Highsmith

Delicatessen Quotes By Judy Blume

No place has delicatessen like New York. — Judy Blume

Delicatessen Quotes By Philip Zimbardo

Coming from New York, I know that if you go by a delicatessen, and you put a sweet cucumber in the vinegar barrel, the cucumber might say, "No, I want to retain my sweetness." But it's hopeless. The barrel will turn the sweet cucumber into a pickle. You can't be a sweet cucumber in a vinegar barrel. — Philip Zimbardo

Delicatessen Quotes By Anita Loos

You can say what you want about the Germans being full of "kunst", but what they are really full of is delicatessen. — Anita Loos

Delicatessen Quotes By Maya Angelou

Early mornings were given over to Bartok and Schoenberg. Midmorning I treated myself to the vocals of Billy Eckstine, Billie Holiday, Nat Cole, Louis Jordan and Bull Moose Jackson. A piroshki from the Russian delicatessen next door was lunch and then the giants of bebop flipped through the air. Charlie Parker and Max Roach, Dizzy Gillespie, Sarah Vaughan and Al Haig and Howard McGhee. Blues belonged to late afternoons and the singers' lyrics of lost love spoke to my solitude. — Maya Angelou

Delicatessen Quotes By Sandi Toksvig

I always wanted to open a delicatessen in Jerusalem and call it 'Cheeses of Nazareth'. — Sandi Toksvig

Delicatessen Quotes By Donald O'Donovan

The neon dust falls slowly, filtering through the stone canyons, settling on hats and fire hydrants, collecting on delicatessen awnings, filling the shopping carts and rickety baby carriages of the rag pickers with soft powdery snow. — Donald O'Donovan

Delicatessen Quotes By David Sax

A Jewish deli should specialize in, first and foremost, Yiddish foods, the foods of the Eastern European Ashkenazi Jews. So, if it's a place that specializes in pizza or chicken wings or diner food and then does a corned beef sandwich on the side, it's not a Jewish delicatessen. — David Sax

Delicatessen Quotes By Will Cuppy

Most people, it seems, think that Robinson Crusoe when he landed on his Island had nothing to keep him from starvation or anything else. As a matter of fact he had twelve raft loads of supplies that he took off the wrecked ship. He had as much food and furniture as if he had had a delicatessen store and Fifth Avenue outside his hut. — Will Cuppy

Delicatessen Quotes By James Ellroy

Sometimes I'll leave the house and go to a delicatessen down the street from me - it's been there a million years - just because I can look at people. — James Ellroy

Delicatessen Quotes By Peter S. Beagle

The baloney weighed the raven down, and the shopkeeper almost caught him as he whisked out the delicatessen door. — Peter S. Beagle

Delicatessen Quotes By Milton Berle

Anytime a person goes into a delicatessen and orders a pastrami on white bread, somewhere a Jew dies. — Milton Berle

Delicatessen Quotes By Kinky Friedman

Most people, of course, spend their lives caring about the wrong things. The worry about South Africa or Nicaragua. They spend so much time finding themselves that they lose their taxicabs. They don't see that what kind of napkin you get at a delicatessen is a matter of much significance in the world today.
That's why they don't get linen — Kinky Friedman

Delicatessen Quotes By Sean Hughes

Be careful with drinking this Christmas. I got so drunk last night I found myself dancing in a cheesy bar ... Or, as you like to call it, delicatessen. — Sean Hughes

Delicatessen Quotes By Sherry Thomas

He gazed at her until he could no longer stand the asphyxiation in his chest. He didn't know what he'd been thinking. Somehow he had thought - had hoped, in the baser chambers of his heart - that she might appear wan and wretched beneath an impassive facade. That she yet pined for him. That she was still in love with him, despite all evidence to the contrary. This woman did not need him.
... He tried to forget that he'd gawked at her like a hungry mutt with its front paws upon the windowsill of a delicatessen. — Sherry Thomas

Delicatessen Quotes By Phyllis McGinley

Men can't be trusted with pruning shears any more than they can be trusted with the grocery money in a delicatessen ... They are like boys with new pocket knives who will not stop whittling. — Phyllis McGinley

Delicatessen Quotes By Ronald Kessler

In a series of articles beginning on Oct. 2, 1966, I wrote about the long-forgotten history of the Liberty Tree. To call attention to how obscure the site had become, I interviewed waitresses at the Essex Delicatessen below the plaque on Washington Street. None knew what the Liberty Tree was. — Ronald Kessler

Delicatessen Quotes By Laura Lippman

Tess's Uncle Donald winced when he entered the Kibbitz Room at Attman's Delicatessen. The pained expression — Laura Lippman

Delicatessen Quotes By Marion Roach

This is because I define myself in part by my color. And I know it is the proverbial slippery slope: That there are associations with red hair that I utterly reject and others I wear proudly means nothing to anyone else, since I don't get to choose how the observer sorts those same traits. Grazing through the stereotypes, I am on the delicatessen plan, winding a way over the menu offerings, picking, choosing and rejecting; adhering to some, dismissing others. Having adopted a method of personal vigilance that allows me to be on the lookout for associations that suffuse my color with preferred associations and to reject those I choose not to adopt, I enhance my self-image. But to other people my red hair is more a take-it-or-leave-it experience: Red-haired, to them, I may also be a certain type of person, complete with temperament. — Marion Roach

Delicatessen Quotes By Willa Cather

We are all alike; we have no ties, we know nobody, we own nothing. When one of us dies, they scarcely know where to bury him. Our landlady and the delicatessen man are our mourners, and we leave nothing behind us but a frock-coat and a fiddle, or an easel, or a typewriter, or whatever took we got our living by. All we have ever managed to do is to pay our rent, that exorbitant rent that one has to pay for a few square feet of space near the heart of things. We have no house, no place, no people of our own. We live in the streets, in the parks, in the theaters. We sit in restaurants and concert halls and look about at the hundreds of our own kind and shudder. — Willa Cather

Delicatessen Quotes By E.R. Braithwaite

The smells arose from everything, everywhere, flowing together and remaining as a sickening, tantalizing discomfort. They flowed from the delicatessen shop with its uncovered trays of pickled herrings, and the small open casks of pickled gherkins and onions, dried fish and salted meat, and sweaty damp walls and floor; from the fish shop which casually defied every law of health; from the kosher butcher, and the poulterer next door, where a fine confetti of new-plucked feathers hung nearly motionless in the fetid air; and from sidewalk gutters where multitudes of flies buzzed and feasted on the heaped-up residue of fruit and vegetable barrows. — E.R. Braithwaite

Delicatessen Quotes By Robin Williams

I can be trained, I can actually show you how intelligent I am, I can use a word like delicatessen and know what it means. — Robin Williams

Delicatessen Quotes By Catherynne M Valente

Strictly speaking,' said the King of Fairies between mouthfuls, 'I'm leasing you this food on a limited, bite-by-bite basis and a generous payment-deferral plan. I'd have thought someone would have told you about Fairy food. You always pay, lad. I'm not running a charity delicatessen. — Catherynne M Valente