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Deciphering Quotes By Chris Karlsen

Deciphering the rabbit warren that made up the minds of most women was never his strong suit. All he could do was ask for clarification. "Allegra, are you flirting with me?"
Her thumb stopped its stroking. "Um, yes. Am I not doing it right? — Chris Karlsen

Deciphering Quotes By Italo Calvino

Meanwhile, in the satisfaction you receive from her way of reading you, from the textual quotations of your physical objectivity, you begin to harbor a doubt: that she is not reading you, single and whole as you are, but using you, using fragments of you detached from the context to construct for herself a ghostly partner, known to her alone, in the penumbra of her semiconsciousness, and what she is deciphering is this apocryphal visitor, not you. — Italo Calvino

Deciphering Quotes By William Ritter

The man had no portraits or photographs, but he had slowly surrounded himself with mementos of a fantastic past. Each little item, by the sheer nature of its being, told a story. Looking around was a little like being back on the dig, or like deciphering an ancient text, and I wondered what stories they would tell me if I only knew how to read them. — William Ritter

Deciphering Quotes By Subhajit Ganguly

Considering the fact that the Harappan script may have been proto-Brahmi, the underlying language to be expected should be Sanskrit, or proto-Sanskrit, or derivatives of Sanskrit. Many of the rules of evolution that apply to scripts are equivalently true for languages too. Like scripts, languages too render themselves to similar evolutionary inspections, as they too carry imprints of their journey down the ages. — Subhajit Ganguly

Deciphering Quotes By Arthur Schopenhauer

The whole of experience is like a cryptograph, and philosophy is like the deciphering of it. — Arthur Schopenhauer

Deciphering Quotes By Adam Haslett

What I want to say is that we still don't know each other, that we're still discovering each other, and of course because it's no longer the beginning it isn't always, or even mostly, a romantic proposition--the not knowing, the wanting to know--but there is the wanting. Certainly there are times when I think maybe it's one-sided, that he knows just about all of me that he cares to, and that I'm the one who's still deciphering, which can be its own source of resentment. — Adam Haslett

Deciphering Quotes By Eric Rickstad

As much as she was capable at deciphering the motives of others, she was dreadful at doing the same for herself. — Eric Rickstad

Deciphering Quotes By Steven D. Levitt

Incentives are the cornerstone of modern life. And understanding them - or, often, deciphering them - is the key to understanding a problem, and how it might be solved. — Steven D. Levitt

Deciphering Quotes By Rochelle B. Weinstein

It is never too late To overcome despair, To turn sorrow into resolve And pain into purpose. It is never too late to alter my world, Not by magical incantations Or manipulations of the cards Or deciphering the stars. But by opening myself To curative forces buried within, To hidden energies The powers in my interior self. In sickness and in dying, it is never too late Living, I teach, Dying, I teach, How I face pain and fear, Others observe me, children, adults, Students of life and death, Learn from my bearing, my posture, My philosophy. — Rochelle B. Weinstein

Deciphering Quotes By Megan Shepherd

The ways of men and women are such a puzzle. And I could barely decipher my own feelings, let along anyone else's. — Megan Shepherd

Deciphering Quotes By Hilary Mantel

He is tired out from the effort of deciphering the world. Tired from the effort of smiling at the foe. — Hilary Mantel

Deciphering Quotes By Glenn Greenwald

Certain documents, such as the FISA court order allowing collection of telephone records and Obama's presidential directive to prepare offensive cyber-operations, were among the US government's most closely held secrets. Deciphering the archive and the NSA's language — Glenn Greenwald

Deciphering Quotes By Vilem Flusser

He who writes must master the rules of grammar. He who shoots photographs needs only to follow the instructions as given by the camera ... This leads to the paradox that the more people shoot photographs, the less they are capable of deciphering them. — Vilem Flusser

Deciphering Quotes By Peggy Christian

Yes, but if you have difficulty deciphering my sesquipedalian language, then you must be even more intimidated by my magnitudious appearance. — Peggy Christian

Deciphering Quotes By Arpit Bakshi

The purpose and theme of the sacred chant was to bind consciousness across the universe in a single string. It extended
across universes known and unknown, and echoed in every heart throbbing. The people with intellect enough could grasp
to the message being relayed and others lead ephemeral lives without deciphering it. The echoes of chant were immortal and pervaded every knit of space and time, like binding force unseen, like a string holding every pearl in place. — Arpit Bakshi

Deciphering Quotes By Ralph Waldo Emerson

Let the bird sing without deciphering the song. — Ralph Waldo Emerson

Deciphering Quotes By Joseph Glenmullen

Psychotherapy consists of deciphering the code and bringing the flag, or symptoms, down in the process. By contrast, medications only suppress symptoms. They are like crutches or Band-Aids. By themselves, they are never a cure. As such, they should be used only as adjuncts to the real healing, aids used to buy time and protect the healing process. Since medications entail risks and dangers, they should be used only when truly necessary. The least invasive medication should always be chosen, and even then, medication should be used judiciously. — Joseph Glenmullen

Deciphering Quotes By Marcel Duchamp

The creative act is not performed by the artist alone; the spectator brings the work in contact with the external world by deciphering and interpreting its inner qualifications and thus adds his contribution to the creative act. — Marcel Duchamp

Deciphering Quotes By Aleatha Romig

Infiltrating the records of a state penitentiary as well as the state and federal court systems was much more fun than deciphering art. -Phil Roach — Aleatha Romig

Deciphering Quotes By David Carson

Invite the reader to participate by deciphering. Chaos can attract and engage. — David Carson

Deciphering Quotes By Quinn Loftis

Oh," Sally brightened proud of herself for deciphering his sign language, "you're telling me not to leave my room."
Costin nodded his big wolf head again. His eyes had begun glowing back in the party and even now they continued to emit an eerie shade of green.
Sally's inner Jen had been triggered as soon as she got the words out. So naturally she did what her inner Jen told her to. She stepped forward putting one toe outside her door. Costin growled, so she stepped back. Watching him coyly she put her other toe outside her door and he growled again. She was inwardly scolding herself for taunting him and allowing her inner Jen to control her actions, but she had discovered long ago that sometimes inner Jen is just more fun.
When Sally stuck her foot out for the third time, she giggled when Costin snapped at her. She could tell that he was playing by the way his tail wagged and his eyes lightened, but had not stopped glowing all together. — Quinn Loftis

Deciphering Quotes By Helen Wells

Far in the back of her mind she was thinking. But she could not dredge up these half-formed feelings, these obscure bits of ideas, into clear, definite thoughts ... Her mind ticked away, singing a song she could not decipher. — Helen Wells

Deciphering Quotes By Lilian Katz

Experts generally agree that taking all opportunities to read books and other material aloud to children is the best preparation for their learning to read. The pleasures of being read to are far more likely to strengthen a child's desire to learn to read than are repetitions of sounds, alphabet drills, and deciphering uninteresting words. — Lilian Katz

Deciphering Quotes By Max Black

Understanding a metaphor is like deciphering a code or unraveling a riddle. — Max Black

Deciphering Quotes By Arthur Conan Doyle

It was a wild, tempestuous night, towards the close of November. Holmes and I sat together in silence all the evening, he engaged with a powerful lens deciphering the remains of the original inscription upon a palimpsest, I deep in a recent treatise upon surgery. Outside the wind howled down Baker Street, while the rain beat fiercely against the windows. It was strange there, in the very depths of the town, with ten miles of man's handiwork on every side of us, to feel the iron grip of Nature, and to be conscious that to the huge elemental forces all London was no more than the molehills that dot the fields. I walked to the window, and looked out on the deserted street. The occasional lamps gleamed on the expanse of muddy road and shining pavement. A single cab was splashing its way from the Oxford Street end. — Arthur Conan Doyle

Deciphering Quotes By Alaska Angelini

Sometimes love and hate were so close in depth that deciphering what you were feeling was impossible. — Alaska Angelini

Deciphering Quotes By Ashton Kutcher

The power of a handwritten letter is greater than ever. It's personal and deliberate and means more than an e-mail or text ever will. It has a unique scent. It requires deciphering. But, most important, it's flawed. — Ashton Kutcher

Deciphering Quotes By Neil MacGregor

The deciphering of ancient scripts changed forever the way Europeans were able to imagine the story of humanity, destroying centuries of received authority about the past with repercussions as important for our understanding of time and history as the geological studies of the same period. — Neil MacGregor

Deciphering Quotes By Teresa DeCicco

The process of deciphering meaning from dreams and ultimately, discovering a life path, does not usually happen instantly. This process evolves over time as dream interpretation is practiced. — Teresa DeCicco

Deciphering Quotes By Daniel Tammet

When I was a child, my behavior was far from being what most people would label 'intelligent.' It was often limited, repetitive and anti-social. I could not do many of the things that most people take for granted, such as looking someone in the eye or deciphering a person's body language, and only acquired these skills with much effort over time. — Daniel Tammet

Deciphering Quotes By W.G. Sebald

In the house of shadows where the legend rises the deciphering begins — W.G. Sebald

Deciphering Quotes By Eric Hoffer

However much we talk of the inexorable laws governing the life of individuals and of societies, we remain at the bottom convinced that in human affairs everything in more or less fortuitous. We do not even believe in the inevitability of our own death. Hence the difficulty of deciphering the present, of detecting the seeds of things to come as they germinate before our eyes. We are not attuned to seeing the inevitable. — Eric Hoffer

Deciphering Quotes By Edward Kennedy

Earlier this week ... scientists announced the completion of a task that once seemed unimaginable; and that is, the deciphering of the entire DNA sequence of the human genetic code. This amazing accomplishment is likely to affect the 21st century as profoundly as the invention of the computer or the splitting of the atom affected the 20th century. I believe that the 21st century will be the century of life sciences, and nothing makes that point more clearly than this momentous discovery. It will revolutionize medicine as we know it today. — Edward Kennedy

Deciphering Quotes By Kate Williams

As historians, we spend days in archives, gazing at account books. We train would-be historians in the arts of deciphering letters and documents, early Latin, scribal handwriting, medieval French. — Kate Williams

Deciphering Quotes By Stanislas Dehaene

Introspection makes our conscious motives and strategies transparent to us, while we have no sure means of deciphering them in others. Yet we never genuinely know our true selves. We remain largely ignorant of the actual unconscious determinants of our behavior, and therefore we cannot accurately predict what our behavior will be in circumstances beyond the safety zone of our past experience. The Greek motto "Know thyself," when applied to the minute details of our behavior, remains an inaccessible ideal. Our "self" is just a database that gets filled in through our social experiences, in the same format with which we attempt to understand other minds, and therefore it is just as likely to include glaring gaps, misunderstandings, and delusions. — Stanislas Dehaene

Deciphering Quotes By Rolf Potts

The secret of adventure, then, is not to carefully seek it out but to travel in such a way that it finds you. To do this, you first need to overcome the protective habits of home and open yourself up to unpredictability. As you begin to practice this openness, you'll quickly discover adventure in the simple reality of a world that defies your expectations. More often than not, you'll discover that "adventure" is a decision after the fact - a way of deciphering an event or an experience that you can't quite explain. — Rolf Potts

Deciphering Quotes By Ben Jonson

One woman reads another's character Without the tedious trouble of decipheringBen Jonson

Deciphering Quotes By Peter Watts

I thought it would be cool to make one of the Gang a synesthete, reasoning that someone with cross-wired senses might have an advantage at deciphering the language of aliens with different sensory modalities; then, as I was putting Blindsight to bed, a paper appeared suggesting that synesthesias might be used to solve formal cognitive problems.129 This validates me, and I wish it happened more often.130 — Peter Watts

Deciphering Quotes By Tarun Shanker

No, the true face is wretchedly simple and empty. The absolute joy in life, in friendship, in love, is learning about a person, deciphering them, taking each and every mask off to find a new one, waiting to be explored and understood. — Tarun Shanker

Deciphering Quotes By Eva Ibbotson

As he clambered back and picked up the paddle, he was still muttering furiously in his own language and glaring at her. Without deciphering a single word, she knew he was scolding her for her carelessness, trying to explain that one had to be alert the whole time in the jungle.
"Idiota!" he said finally, and though Senhor and Senhora Olvidares in the phrase book had not used the word, Maia understood it well enough. — Eva Ibbotson

Deciphering Quotes By Agnes Repplier

[Mary Wortley Montagu] wrote more letters, with fewer punctuation marks, than any Englishwoman of her day; and her nephew, the fourth Baron Rokeby, nearly blinded himself in deciphering the two volumes of undated correspondence which were printed in 1810. Two more followed in 1813, after which the gallant Baron either died at his post or was smitten with despair; for sixty-eight cases of letters lay undisturbed ... 'Les morts n'écrivent point,' said Madame de Maintenon hopefully; but of what benefit is this inactivity, when we still continue to receive their letters? — Agnes Repplier

Deciphering Quotes By Chelsea Fine

I hear you're single now." Aaron gave a white-toothed smile and tossed his hair.
"Where did you hear that?" Scarlet cocked her head, hoping to find the leak.
He pulled his stool over and sat down. "A little bird told me."
Why did people use that saying? Little birds didn't talk. They chirped. And, unless Aaron spoke bird, he certainly wasn't deciphering any bird chirpings. — Chelsea Fine

Deciphering Quotes By Leah Hager Cohen

The truth beyond the fetish's glimmering mirage is the relationship of laborer to product; it is the social account of how that object came to be. In this view every commodity, beneath the mantle of its pricetag, is a hieroglyph ripe for deciphering, a riddle whose solution lies in the story of the worker who made it and the conditions under which it was made. — Leah Hager Cohen

Deciphering Quotes By Jordan Elizabeth Mierek

The school should teach a class on deciphering obscure images in bad photography. Amanda's photos could make up the textbooks. — Jordan Elizabeth Mierek

Deciphering Quotes By Umberto Eco

Whenever a poet or preacher, chief or wizard spouts gibberish, the human race spends centuries deciphering the message. — Umberto Eco

Deciphering Quotes By Yuval Noah Harari

As technology enables us to upgrade humans, overcome old age and find the key to happiness, won't people care less about fictional gods, nations and corporations, and focus instead on deciphering the physical and biological reality? It might seem so, but in fact things are far more complicated. Modern science certainly changed the rules of the game, yet it did not simply replace myths with facts. Myths continue to dominate humankind, and science only makes these myths stronger. Instead of destroying the intersubjective reality, science will enable it to control the objective and subjective realities more completely than ever before. Thanks to computers and bioengineering, the difference between fiction and reality will blur, as people reshape reality to match their pet fictions. — Yuval Noah Harari