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Death Eulogy Quotes By Neil Gaiman

But we do not need to recount every sermon and eulogy. After all, you were there. — Neil Gaiman

Death Eulogy Quotes By Jalina Mhyana

I can't pray or weigh my words right; doomsday
is here my friend, but you're immune. We suffer
for you. I'm weaving crowns of sonnets, dreads;
a souvenir so you'll never forget your friends. — Jalina Mhyana

Death Eulogy Quotes By Jerry Seinfeld

A recent survey stated that the average person's greatest fear is having to give a speech in public. Somehow this ranked even higher than death which was third on the list. So, you're telling me that at a funeral, most people would rather be the guy in the coffin than have to stand up and give a eulogy. — Jerry Seinfeld

Death Eulogy Quotes By Regina Brett

Some people hate funerals. I find them comforting. They hit the pause button on life and remind us that it has an end. Every eulogy reminds me to deepen my dash, that place on the tombstone between our birth and our death. — Regina Brett

Death Eulogy Quotes By Philip Schaff

Henceforth we find woman no longer a slave of man and tool of lust, but the pride and joy of her husband, the fond mother training her children to virtue and godliness, the ornament and treasure of the family, the faithful sister, the zealous servant of the congregation in every work of Christian charity, the sister of mercy, the martyr with superhuman courage, the guardian angel of peace, the example of purity, humility, gentleness, patience, love, and fidelity unto death. Such women were unknown before. The heathen Libanius, the enthusiastic eulogist of old Grecian culture, pronounced an involuntary eulogy on Christianity when he exclaimed, as he looked at the mother of Chrysostom: "What women the Christians have! — Philip Schaff

Death Eulogy Quotes By Jerry Seinfeld

According to most studies, people's number one fear is public speaking. Number two is death. Death is number two. Does that sound right? This means to the average person, if you go to a funeral, you're better off in the casket than doing the eulogy. — Jerry Seinfeld

Death Eulogy Quotes By Henry Van Dyke

Some people are so afraid do die that they never begin to live. — Henry Van Dyke

Death Eulogy Quotes By Charles H. Bennett

I am so sorry to hear of Asher's passing. I will miss his scientific insight and advice, but even more his humor and stubborn integrity. I remember when one of his colleagues complained about Asher's always rejecting his manuscript when they were sent to him to referee. Asher said in effect, 'You should thank me. I am only trying to protect your reputation.' He often pretended to consult me, a fellow atheist, on matters of religious protocol.

{Charles H. Bennett's letter written to the family of Israeli physicist, Asher Peres} — Charles H. Bennett

Death Eulogy Quotes By Geoffrey Rush

More people have a fear of speaking than a fear of death. So at a funeral, most people would want to be the person in the coffin rather than the person delivering the eulogy! — Geoffrey Rush

Death Eulogy Quotes By Homer

Life and death are balanced on the edge of a razor. — Homer

Death Eulogy Quotes By Brandon Mull

She pictured herself running from a hoard of ravenous zombies on a hot day eventually collapsing from heatstroke and getting devoured. Then she imagined Hal giving a rousing eulogy at her funeral explaining how Kendra's death was a beautiful sacrifice allowing the noble zombies to live on delighting future generations by mindlessly trying to eat them. With her luck it could totally happen. — Brandon Mull

Death Eulogy Quotes By Darnell Lamont Walker

I need my eulogy to look better than my resume. I'm living for that. — Darnell Lamont Walker

Death Eulogy Quotes By Shannon L. Alder

All death reminds us that nothing is promised, only that life was worth it. — Shannon L. Alder

Death Eulogy Quotes By Mokokoma Mokhonoana

To hear how much of a great human being you were - even if you really weren't - open your ears at your funeral. — Mokokoma Mokhonoana

Death Eulogy Quotes By Homer

And they die an equal death - the idler and the man of mighty deeds. — Homer

Death Eulogy Quotes By Chila Woychik

The setting sun threatened to consume me - it could have, you know. It would have been a beautiful death with an honorable eulogy: slain by a magnificent slice of piercing orange energy. I simply turned and walked away; I would live another day. — Chila Woychik

Death Eulogy Quotes By William Shakespeare

Done to death by slanderous tongue — William Shakespeare

Death Eulogy Quotes By David Levithan

From behind the wheel, I learn the difference between a eulogy and an elegy, and discover which is more vital, in life and in death. — David Levithan

Death Eulogy Quotes By Amelia Mysko

Scarring smiles, hidden tears,
You stand, heads bowed and revere
The soul before us, burnt and torn
Her faded essence, we sadly mourn
And though she walked a path of lies
Her spirit surely still shall rise
And among her own, she can be at peace
An eternal angel, she's been released. — Amelia Mysko

Death Eulogy Quotes By Mark Twain

Warm summer sun,
shine brightly here,
Warm Southern wind,
blow softly here,
Green sod above,
lie light, lie light,
Good night, dear heart;
good night, good night. — Mark Twain