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Top Death And The Compass Quotes

Death And The Compass Quotes By Robert Fisk

When you have a crime against humanity that is so awesome in scale and death, it is more than permissible to look around and say, who recently has been declaring war on the United States? Of course, the compass points straight to bin Laden. — Robert Fisk

Death And The Compass Quotes By Devon Monk

If this was what Mikhail called opening the gate close to Zayvion's body, I was going to kill a compass and a slide rule and send them through the gates of death to him. — Devon Monk

Death And The Compass Quotes By Robert Lowell

Two months after marching through Boston,
half the regiment was dead;
at the dedication,
William James could almost hear the bronze Negroes breathe.
Their monument sticks like a fishbone
in the city's throat.
Its Colonel is as lean
as a compass-needle.
He has an angry wrenlike vigilance,
a greyhound's gently tautness;
he seems to wince at pleasure,
and suffocate for privacy.
He is out of bounds now. He rejoices in man's lovely,
peculiar power to choose life and die
when he leads his black soldiers to death,
he cannot bend his back. — Robert Lowell

Death And The Compass Quotes By Viet Thanh Nguyen

What do those who struggle against power do when they seize power? What does the revolutionary do when the revolution triumphs? Why do those who call for independence and freedom take away the independence and freedom of others? And is it sane or insane to believe, as so many around us apparently do, in nothing? We can only answer these questions for ourselves. Our life and our death have taught us always to sympathize with the undesirables among the undesirables. Thus magnetized by experience, our compass continually points toward those who suffer. — Viet Thanh Nguyen

Death And The Compass Quotes By Alex Cox

No, I did a film called 'Death and the Compass' as well. — Alex Cox

Death And The Compass Quotes By Sabrina Jeffries

Her eyes began to shimmer with tears. "You ... you love me?"
His heart seemed permanently lodged in his throat. "More than life. God only knows why you love me, because I sure as hell don't, but I know why I love you. You're my beacon in the darkness, and my compass on a night sea. When I'm with you, I don't want to dance with Death. I want to dance with Life. I want to dance with you. And whatever it takes, I mean to spend the rest of my life trying to deserve you. — Sabrina Jeffries

Death And The Compass Quotes By Joel N. Ross

...Loretta threatened to beat him to death with a wooden spoon... — Joel N. Ross