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Top Darrell Holloway Quotes

Darrell Holloway Quotes By Sarah Polley

I do tend to take time off. A year and a half ago I went to film school, and before that I had taken years off at a time to be involved politically or this or that. — Sarah Polley

Darrell Holloway Quotes By Martin Buber

From my youth onwards I have found in Jesus my great brother. That Christianity has regarded and does regard him as God and Savior has always appeared to me a fact of the highest importance which, for his sake and my own, I must endeavor to understand ... I am more than ever certain that a great place belongs to him in Israel's history of faith and that this place cannot be described by any of the usual categories. — Martin Buber

Darrell Holloway Quotes By Isaac Asimov

Ben Estes knew he was going to die and it didn't make him feel any better to know that that was the chance he had lived with all these years. — Isaac Asimov

Darrell Holloway Quotes By James Frey

When I was a screenwriter, I was doing it for mercenary reasons. — James Frey

Darrell Holloway Quotes By Gwenn Wright

I can also speak to small woodland creatures, he grins at me. — Gwenn Wright

Darrell Holloway Quotes By Ava Dellaira

Her bedroom walls are covered with magazine pictures, so that the walls don't end at the walls. They go outward, to a dream of somewhere else. — Ava Dellaira

Darrell Holloway Quotes By Colin S. Gray

It was no picnic despite what anyone might say later ... Most of us were pretty scared all the bloody time; you only felt happy when the battle was over and you were on your way home, then you were safe for a bit, anyway. — Colin S. Gray

Darrell Holloway Quotes By Wyndham Lewis

The ideas of a time are like the clothes of a season: they are as arbitrary, as much imposed by some superior will which is seldom explicit. — Wyndham Lewis

Darrell Holloway Quotes By F. E. Smith, 1st Earl Of Birkenhead

We have the highest authority for believing that the meek shall inherit the earth; though I have never found any particular corroboration of this aphorism in the records of Somerset House. — F. E. Smith, 1st Earl Of Birkenhead

Darrell Holloway Quotes By Charles W. Johnson

Before the mid-20th century, when American libertarians entangled themselves in conservative coalitions against the New Deal and Soviet Communism, "free market" thinkers largely saw themselves as liberals or radicals, not as conservatives. Libertarian writers, from Smith to Bastiat to Spencer, had little interest in tailoring their politics to conservative or "pro-business" measurements. They frequently identified capitalists, and their protectionist policies, as among the most dangerous enemies of free exchange and property rights. — Charles W. Johnson

Darrell Holloway Quotes By Diana Rowland

It reminds me of an old joke: What did the Zombie say to the whore?"
I looked at him blankly. "Um ... what?"
He winked. "Keep the tip. — Diana Rowland

Darrell Holloway Quotes By Naomi Wood

No imagination and no champagne. I'd rather not bother without those two. — Naomi Wood

Darrell Holloway Quotes By Jim Gaffigan

I wouldn't say that comedy brought me away from it.I think that my idea of faith was another obligation in my life. — Jim Gaffigan

Darrell Holloway Quotes By Cormac McCarthy

I will do what I promised." He whispered. "No matter what. I will not send you into the darkness alone. — Cormac McCarthy

Darrell Holloway Quotes By Nathaniel Branden

A depression is a large-scale decline in production and trade ... there is nothing in the nature of a free-market economy to cause such an event. — Nathaniel Branden