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Top Daisy Miller Quotes

Daisy Miller Quotes By Antonia Fraser

I am re-reading Henry James as a change from history. I began with Daisy Miller, and I've just finished Washington Square. What a brilliant, painful book. — Antonia Fraser

Daisy Miller Quotes By Linda Lael Miller

Daisy was still lingering in the kitchen when they arrived, and when she saw Steven she shook a wooden spoon at him. "I raised this chile to be a good girl," she warned. "Don't you go messin' with her, hear?" The beginnings of a grin quirked Steven's lips, but he didn't quite give in to it. "Yes, ma'am," he said. Emma — Linda Lael Miller

Daisy Miller Quotes By Henry James

The news that Daisy Miller was surrounded by half a dozen wonderful mustaches checked Winterbourne's impulse to go straightway to see her. — Henry James

Daisy Miller Quotes By Linda Lael Miller

What you gonna do when Mr. Fulton Whitney hears about this debilment?" "It isn't devilment," Emma protested, bending close to the little mirror beside the door and pinching her cheeks to make them pink. "It's a picnic and nothing more - the whole thing is perfectly innocent." Daisy chortled, her great bulk quivering with amusement. "I declare that's what Eve said to Adam. 'The whole thing is perfectly innocent.'" Before — Linda Lael Miller

Daisy Miller Quotes By Angela Carter

It was a real treat when he'd read me Daisy Miller out loud. But we'd reached the point in our relationship when, in a straight choice between him and Henry James, I'd have taken Henry James any day even if Henry James were dead and not much of a one for the girls when living, either. — Angela Carter

Daisy Miller Quotes By Henry James

She was a coquette; he was sure she had a spirit of her own; but in her bright, sweet, superficial little visage there was no mockery, no irony. Before long it became obvious that she was much disposed towards conversation. — Henry James

Daisy Miller Quotes By Henry James

Whether or no being hopelessly vulgar is being 'bad' is a question for the metaphysicians. — Henry James