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Top Daily Meditations Quotes

Daily Meditations Quotes By Jay Parini

I have a mystical bent, and I pursue daily meditations that follow the liturgical calendar - what are called the 'daily offices' of the church. — Jay Parini

Daily Meditations Quotes By Frederick Lenz

As you do your daily meditations, your life will change. Most people change between the ages of zero to four. The older we get the less we change. When we meditate we become perpetually young. — Frederick Lenz

Daily Meditations Quotes By D.T. Suzuki

If there is anything Zen strongly emphasizes it is the attainment of freedom; that is, freedom from all unnatural encumbrances. Meditation is something artificially put on; it does not belong to the native activity of the mind. Upon what do the fowls of the air meditate? Upon what do the fish in the water meditate? They fly; they swim. Is not that enough? Who wants to fix his mind on the unity of God and man, or on the nothingness of life? Who wants to be arrested in the daily manifestations of his life-activity by such meditations as the goodness of a divine being or the everlasting fire of hell? — D.T. Suzuki

Daily Meditations Quotes By Stephen Levine

Practice daily forgiveness and gratitude meditations in relationship to both pleasant and unpleasant memories. Listen to your life song among the insights that hum through the mind. — Stephen Levine

Daily Meditations Quotes By Marc Ian Barasch

I used to think that people who regarded everyone benignly were a mite simple or oblivious or just plain lax-until I tried it myself. Then I realized that they made it only look easy. Even the Berditchever Rebbe, revered as a man who could strike a rock and bring forth a stream, was continually honing his intentions. "Until I remove the thread of hatred from my heart," he said of his daily meditations, "I am, in my own eyes, as if I did not exist." — Marc Ian Barasch