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Cuts And Scars Quotes By Tom Verlaine

Well, I worked in a sheet metal factory once and scarred my wrist from the cuts. I found a sympathetic psychiatrist who told the draft board I was insane. We used the scars as proof of a suicide attempt. — Tom Verlaine

Cuts And Scars Quotes By Jeaniene Frost

Love cuts deeper than the sharpest blade, cripples more than shattered bones, and leaves scars that can never fade. — Jeaniene Frost

Cuts And Scars Quotes By Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Many displayed in their nudity traces of their past: scars of knife thrusts in the belly, starbursts of guns hot wounds, ridges of the razor cuts of love, Caesarean sections sewn up by butchers. Some of them had their young children with them during the day, those unfortunate fruits of youthful defiance or carelessness, and they took off their children's clothes as soon as they were brought in so they would not feel different in that paradise of nudity. — Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Cuts And Scars Quotes By Pink

I'd rather bleed with cuts of love than live without any scars. — Pink

Cuts And Scars Quotes By Jasinda Wilder

The door slams in response, and I laugh. I'm glad she can laugh. It means she really is coping. I know she's internalizing a lot, though. Putting on a show for me. She'll have new scars on her wrists soon. — Jasinda Wilder

Cuts And Scars Quotes By Jessica Sorensen

People say that time heals all wounds, and maybe they're right. But what if the wounds don't heal correctly, like when cuts leave behind nasty scars, or when broken bones mend together, but aren't as smooth anymore? Does it mean they're really healed? Or is it that the body did what it could to fix what broke ... — Jessica Sorensen

Cuts And Scars Quotes By Thomas S. Monson

The teacher not only shapes the expectations and ambitions of her pupils, but she also influences their attitudes toward their future and themselves. If she is unskilled, she leaves scars on the lives of youth, cuts deeply into their self-esteem, and distorts their image of themselves as human beings. But if she loves her students and has high expectations of them, their self-confidence will grow, their capabilities will develop, and their future will be assured. — Thomas S. Monson

Cuts And Scars Quotes By Paul Mason

Loss of self-esteem Beverly Engel, in The Emotionally Abused Woman (1990), describes the effect of emotional abuse on self-esteem: Emotional abuse cuts to the very core of a person, creating scars that may be longer-lasting than physical ones. With emotional abuse, the insults, insinuations, criticism, and accusations slowly eat away at the victim's self-esteem until she is incapable of judging the situation realistically. She has become so beaten down emotionally that she blames herself for the abuse. Emotional abuse victims can become so convinced that they are worthless that they believe that no one else could want them. They stay in abusive situations because they believe they have nowhere else to go. Their ultimate fear is being all alone. — Paul Mason

Cuts And Scars Quotes By Joanne Harris

I envy the table its scars, the scorch marks caused by the hot bread tins. I envy its calm sense of time, and I wish I could say: I did this five years ago. I made this mark, this ring caused by a wet coffee cup, this cigarette burn, this ladder of cuts against the wood's coarse grain. This is where Anouk carved her initials, the year she was six years old, this secret place behind the table leg. I did this on a warm day seven summers ago with the carving knife. Do you remember? Do you remember the summer the river ran dry? Do you remember? I envy the table's calm sense of place. It has been here a long time. It belongs. — Joanne Harris

Cuts And Scars Quotes By Kami Garcia

Cuts that run deep leave scars, no matter what you try to do to heal them. — Kami Garcia

Cuts And Scars Quotes By Bryan Stevenson

These aren't my scars, cuts, and bruises. These are my medals of honor. — Bryan Stevenson

Cuts And Scars Quotes By Kody Keplinger

Paper cuts are like battle scars for the academic ... I, on the other hand, am best friends with Wikipedia. — Kody Keplinger

Cuts And Scars Quotes By Bear Grylls

People ask me, "How do I succeed?" Whatever it is they do, I say, "Go and find 20 ways of messing it up. By 21, you'll be getting there." Life is an adventure, go back with cuts, scars and bruises. — Bear Grylls

Cuts And Scars Quotes By Fred Venturini

To age is to embrace a slow hurt inside and out, to collect scars like rings on a tree, dark and withered and sometimes only visible if someone cuts deep enough. Scars keep the past close enough to touch, but healing is forgetting. Healing invites another cut. Healing is the tide that smoothes away our line in the sand. For life to begin, the damage must be permanent. — Fred Venturini

Cuts And Scars Quotes By Julia Hoban

She starts to roll down her sleeve, but Guy stops her. He holds her arm, looks at her cuts, traces the pattern of her razor marks with his hand.
"Don't, it's ... "
Willow stops speaking as he bends his head and kisses her scars.
She knows she should tell him to stop, but she can't because she wants him to go on forever. She knows too that she will probably pay for this feeling with other less pleasurable ones, but still she can't bring herself to pull her arm away. — Julia Hoban

Cuts And Scars Quotes By Tara Sue Me

When you love someone, you have the ability not only to harm their body, but to cut their soul to pieces. And though those cuts may heal, they leave scars behind. With enough scars, you stop feeling anything at all. The skin's too thick. — Tara Sue Me

Cuts And Scars Quotes By Jessica Sorensen

You really need stitches," she tells me."Or you're going to have a scar." I try not to laugh. Stitches aren't going to help. They fix skin, cuts, wounds, heal stuff on the outside. Everything broken with me is on the inside. "I can handle scars, especially one's on the outside. — Jessica Sorensen

Cuts And Scars Quotes By Rachel Van Dyken

Sometimes, Chase ... it's the emotional wounds that hurt the most." I pushed back the anger and sighed. "I'd rather he beat me. Cuts heal, bruises fade - but broken hearts? They carry scars for a lifetime. — Rachel Van Dyken