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Top Cute Window Quotes

Cute Window Quotes By Melina Marchetta

He's Post-it-noted the window," Tom says, peering to see what it reads. "It says 'Call me' and his mobile number. I might just do that," he muses. "He's kind of cute. — Melina Marchetta

Cute Window Quotes By Violet Cross

Don't be cute." Luke murmured, amusement lacing his tone. He moved forward, leaning against the slice of wall at the other end of the floor to ceiling window.
"I promise you, I wouldn't even know where to start. — Violet Cross

Cute Window Quotes By Chanda Hahn

Oh, aren't you the cutest? Yes, you are! You're the sweetest thing since cotton candy, Nan was saying. The pups yipped and crawled over each other in an attempt to lick the glass window where her hand rested. Before long, a cute red-haired employee named Greg, spotted Nan's interest and offered to bring the puppies to the viewing pen. — Chanda Hahn

Cute Window Quotes By Joseph Fink

The antiques in the window were especially cute, wrestling with each other and playfully snapping at each other's tails. — Joseph Fink

Cute Window Quotes By Harvey Milk

I like to sit in the window and watch the cute boys walk by. — Harvey Milk

Cute Window Quotes By Changdictator

Where are we - " Kyungsoo yelps as Jongin practically throws him over the window pane of a filthy-rich looking convertible, a treacherous little thing parked up against the curb, all black exteriors and plush white interiors, not even bothering to open the door, "going?"
"To see fireflies," Jongin says muffling coughs in his sleeves, and it's only when Kyungsoo buckles up and looks over does he realize that the boy is grinning from ear to ear, "Real ones. — Changdictator

Cute Window Quotes By C.L.Stone

Will you stop being cute? Your nose is smudging the window. My god, you're worse than a puppy, — C.L.Stone

Cute Window Quotes By K.F. Breene

Sasha? What is it?" My face slipped off my palm and jerked my shoulders toward the table. Blinking away the daydream, I tore my eyes away from the balmy day peeking out of the window. My boyfriend, Jared, stared at me out of a cute, boyish face, his eyebrows quirked quizzically. — K.F. Breene

Cute Window Quotes By Aleksandar Hemon

And the world around me was nothing if not an infinity of distractions: cute girls, novels and comic books, my budding record collection, neighborhood boys whistling from the playground under my window, beckoning me to a soccer game. — Aleksandar Hemon

Cute Window Quotes By Becky Freeman

Have you ever noticed how a man orders food at a fast-food drive-through window? ... men have an innate desire to be cute while placing their order through the drive-through microphone. It's as if they believe the invisible mike on the plastic menu screen is actually connected to a standup comedy stage somewhere in the recesses of the restaurant. — Becky Freeman

Cute Window Quotes By Becca Fitzpatrick

And here I thought they were called Peeping Toms." I didn't need to see him to know he wore a smile.
"Stop laughing," I said, my cheeks hot with humiliation. "Get me down."
"I'll catch you."
"Are you crazy? Go inside and open the window. Or get a ladder."
"I don't need a ladder. Jump. I'm not going to drop you. — Becca Fitzpatrick

Cute Window Quotes By Kenya Wright

You're not going to start screaming sonnets outside my bedroom window, are you?"
He winked. "I just might. — Kenya Wright