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Top Culturele Vacatures Quotes

Culturele Vacatures Quotes By Rahsaan Roland Kirk

I wish we could just stay on the bandstand, it's so peaceful up here. — Rahsaan Roland Kirk

Culturele Vacatures Quotes By Noam Chomsky

We're like a shattered peasant society. I mean, the last study I saw of it was done in around 1980, and the United States was at the level of Bangladesh, it was very close to Iran.33 Eighty percent of Americans literally believe in religious miracles. Half the population thinks the world was created a couple thousand years ago and that fossils were put here to mislead people or something - half the population. You just don't find things like that in other industrial societies.34 Well, — Noam Chomsky

Culturele Vacatures Quotes By Jacob Wren

But no, I'm sorry. I can't end there. I haven't yet said everything I want to say. A little girl is at school, out in the playground with her friends, and she sees a flower and says to her friends, just thinking out loud, wondering gently to herself: Do you think flowers have feelings? And for the rest of the day her friends tease her relentlessly, with every new opportunity that arises. Do flowers have feelings, that's so stupid. Right, flowers have feelings. All day and for the rest of the week: stupid flowers have stupid feelings and that little girl feels she is never going to say anything like that ever again. She has already learned that when you open your heart or express genuine, innocent curiosity or wonder about the world, your friends will pounce on the opportunity and use it to hurt you as viciously as possible and there is nothing anyone can do to protect her. It's simple stories like that that really break my heart. — Jacob Wren

Culturele Vacatures Quotes By Elizabeth I

They best pass over the world who trip over it quickly; for it is but a bog. If we stop, we sink. — Elizabeth I

Culturele Vacatures Quotes By E. Stanley Jones

While love takes on itself impossible tasks, yet it finds that love lightens all loads. It is the same burden that wings are to a bird, that sails are to a ship. Nothing is hard if done for love's sweet sake. The yoke of love is easy; the yoke of duty is hard. There is all the difference in the world between being drawn by love and being driven by duty. The task may be the same, but love makes everything light, and duty makes everything drudgery. — E. Stanley Jones