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Top Critically Acclaimed Quotes

Critically Acclaimed Quotes By Martin Filler

The danger for any artist whose work is both recognizable and critically acclaimed is complacent repetition - the temptation to churn out easily identifiable, eagerly welcomed, and readily salable designs. — Martin Filler

Critically Acclaimed Quotes By Charisma Carpenter

I've had the joy of working on critically acclaimed shows, but unfortunately, those shows aren't always in the Golden Globe or Emmy categories, which bums me out because they are really good, quality shows. — Charisma Carpenter

Critically Acclaimed Quotes By Kate Walsh

I feel so lucky that I've been on shows that have been by and large critically acclaimed and that audiences like it. — Kate Walsh

Critically Acclaimed Quotes By Kurt Vonnegut

Vonnegut along with critically acclaimed novelists like Lawrence Durrell and Iris Murdoch, Scholes explained that Vonnegut uses the rhetorical potential of the short sentence and short paragraph better than anyone now writing, often getting a rich comic or dramatic effect by isolating a single sentence in a separate paragraph or excerpting a phrase from context for a bizarre chapter-heading. The apparent simplicity and ordinariness of his writing mask its efficient power ... — Kurt Vonnegut

Critically Acclaimed Quotes By Rohit Shetty

'Singham' was one-and-a-half stars all over, and it was one of the biggest hits of my career. It gave me so much respect. People think if it's not critically acclaimed, you won't get respect. But that's not true. Even if you get one star, your film will do well if the audience wants to see it. — Rohit Shetty

Critically Acclaimed Quotes By Rachel Sklar

Stuart Blumberg is suddenly an authority on the modern - or, dare we say, post-modern - family, thanks to the critically-acclaimed debut of his new film, 'The Kids Are All Right.' — Rachel Sklar

Critically Acclaimed Quotes By Adam Green

Hollywood is a roulette wheel. Each project dictates what's going to happen for you next, and it doesn't really matter that your project is critically acclaimed or won awards or has fans worldwide. It's a matter of how many movie tickets and DVDs and on-demand movies that you sell. — Adam Green

Critically Acclaimed Quotes By Zach Braff

I could see why someone would want to make a website about me, and my quotes. They are all gold. How many people have written, directed AND starred in their own movies. I just don't know why they would want to put words into my mouth, I mean I did write, direct AND star in a critically acclaimed movie. — Zach Braff

Critically Acclaimed Quotes By Meg Cabot

And I'm going to tell the truth: I didn't like that Sean Penn movie Into the Wild so much.
Yes! I know it was critically acclaimed. I know it won all these awards! It's very sad that a boy is dead and all. But I thought the movie Enchanted, with the singing princess and the chipmunk and the people dancing in Central Park, was cuter.
So there! — Meg Cabot

Critically Acclaimed Quotes By Rachel Ward

I've been as critically rubbished as acclaimed and the worst thing about that is that it usually plays into your own self-criticism. — Rachel Ward

Critically Acclaimed Quotes By Chris Matakas

No matter how great an achievement you had a year ago, no matter how momentous and critically acclaimed it was, it is still in the past and has no real bearing on the present moment. — Chris Matakas

Critically Acclaimed Quotes By Hugo Weaving

When you're battling against the minds of the studios and the money that can go into promoting larger budget films, it's very hard for a very small-budget Australian film to get a look in. You can get critically acclaimed and go to various film festivals around the world, but that doesn't necessarily mean the majority of people are going to hear about it. — Hugo Weaving

Critically Acclaimed Quotes By Michael Buble

You want to be commercially successful and critically acclaimed. But the truth is, there's only a few Bruce Springsteens and Paul McCartneys out there. — Michael Buble

Critically Acclaimed Quotes By Rena Sofer

I've been very lucky as an actor. I have worked all the time. Some shows I do, they get cancelled. Some, they're critically acclaimed, and then they get cancelled. And some, I'm in the last season of this or that. But I can't complain about my career. — Rena Sofer

Critically Acclaimed Quotes By Deborah Smith

Hwang Jung-eun is one of the brightest stars of the new South Korean generation - she's Han Kang's favourite, and the novel we're publishing scooped the prestigious Bookseller's Award, for critically-acclaimed fiction that also has a wide popular appeal. She stands out for her focus on social minorities - her protagonists are slum inhabitants, trans women, orphans - and for the way she melds this hard-edged social critique with obliquely fantastical elements and offbeat dialogue. — Deborah Smith

Critically Acclaimed Quotes By A.R. Rahman

I've never watched Trainspotting. I just know it's a very critically acclaimed film. In fact, I've never watched any of Danny's movies [means before he met him]. I just worked with him and felt the energy of what he is about initially before I do something. In a way, I think that's why we have discovered each other rather than replicate something else. — A.R. Rahman