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Creating Opportunity Quotes By Margaret Thatcher

I am much nearer to creating one nation than Labour will ever be. Socialism is two nations. The privileged rulers, and everyone else. And it always gets to that. What I am desperately trying to do is create one nation with everyone being a man of property, or having the opportunity to be a man of property. — Margaret Thatcher

Creating Opportunity Quotes By Kare Anderson

Speak sooner to sweet spot of shared interest to cultivate a meaningful connection, first step to creating something greater together.
Share the story in which others see a role they want to play so they'll re- share it to make it "our" story
Whoever most vividly characterizes a situation usually determines how others see it, talk about it, and make decisions about it — Kare Anderson

Creating Opportunity Quotes By Stephen Colbert

Senator Kerry does not support our troops. If he had won the election, there wouldn't be any troops left in Iraq. President Bush, on the other hand, has given our troops an opportunity to fight without end. That's creating jobs. In fact, the president's policies helped create 104 more job openings last month. Now who's stupid, Senator? — Stephen Colbert

Creating Opportunity Quotes By Miguel Reynolds Brandao

So imagine that fans of our products or services no longer simply consume and use them. Now we are creating a new opportunity for them to both participate directly in the development of the products but also benefit from a share of the profits too. — Miguel Reynolds Brandao

Creating Opportunity Quotes By Gabe Newell

People who are constantly looking for the opportunity to do something new are also people who are not going to be helped by having job titles - job titles create expectations of specialization and focus which don't map really well to creating the best possible experience for your customers. — Gabe Newell

Creating Opportunity Quotes By Sarah Carter

Smart recessionary marketing means not waiting for business to return to normal. Instead, you should cash in on this invaluable opportunity your more cautious competitors may be creating for you. If they pull back, your media investment works much harder. — Sarah Carter

Creating Opportunity Quotes By Warren Farrell

Women's greater social desirability and beauty power afford opportunities for creating both measurable and invisible income. While the opportunities are available to almost all women and some men, they are available in abundance to the genetic celebrity ... a woman so beautiful that men do more than look and talk
they follow her. — Warren Farrell

Creating Opportunity Quotes By Anousheh Ansari

Being an entrepreneur I love to help people, and I think through the products that we develop in my company, we will be able to help a lot of people. Whether it's help them to get over the difficulties of a technology and use it. Or helping employees, creating new jobs, new opportunities for people that work in my company. — Anousheh Ansari

Creating Opportunity Quotes By Van Jones

That's one component: rather than creating job-training pipelines that put these kids at the back of the line for the last century's pollution-based jobs, we need to be creating opportunities for them to be at the front of the line for the new clean and green jobs. — Van Jones

Creating Opportunity Quotes By V. Raymond Edman

The meek are positive and often colorful characters. They are not self-assertive nor self-seeking, to be sure, but rather they are unselfish and uncomplaining, genuinely interested in the welfare of others, creating opportunities to be of service to them, submissive in the face of injuries and insults, silent in the accidents and adversities of life, and bearing with equanimity the infamies and injustices heaped upon them. — V. Raymond Edman

Creating Opportunity Quotes By Randy Gage

To manifest prosperity, you have to redefine yourself from a recipient to a co-creator. You have to stop looking for opportunities to present themselves and start creating them. — Randy Gage

Creating Opportunity Quotes By Kanye West

Thirty-three-years-old, still creating art. It's rage, it's creativity, it's pain, it's hurt, but it's the opportunity to still have my voice get out there through music. — Kanye West

Creating Opportunity Quotes By Juelz Santana

I respect everything H3 has already accomplished and respect everything he's trying to get done. We're building a real HOME for the Hip Hop generation complete with all the things we love to do. But it's really about creating educational opportunity and good jobs and that's where Team H3 will prove to be unbeatable. — Juelz Santana

Creating Opportunity Quotes By Salma Hayek

Life is about creating new opportunities, not waiting for them to come to you. — Salma Hayek

Creating Opportunity Quotes By David Kirschner

Define the space horizontally rather than vertically in movie widescreen, 2.35:1 just having that rectangular shape and when you think of great horror movies like Halloween and Jaws that just really exploit the space so well and I just think we would have so many more opportunities in creating suspense and shocks. — David Kirschner

Creating Opportunity Quotes By Peter Blair Henry

Business is one of the most powerful institutions on Earth for creating wealth and opportunity and helping to lift people out of poverty. When you think about it that way, then business is not separate from development policy. — Peter Blair Henry

Creating Opportunity Quotes By Arthur C. Clarke

I have great faith in optimism as a guiding principle, if only because it offers us the opportunity of creating a self-fulfilling prophecy. — Arthur C. Clarke

Creating Opportunity Quotes By Ian Somerhalder

Through the art of personal development, we see an opportunity for these animals to inspire compassion, essentially creating a path to deep personal growth. This program [Animal sanctuary] will deploy ISF's youth development program, U Factor. The program helps youth identify their passion, cultivate their talent, amplify their purpose, and connect the younger generation to diminishing species and biodiversity. — Ian Somerhalder

Creating Opportunity Quotes By Matshona Dhliwayo

Waiting for opportunities is patience;
creating opportunities is intelligence.
Reaping from opportunities is competence;
multiplying opportunities is brilliance. — Matshona Dhliwayo

Creating Opportunity Quotes By Howard Schultz

Europe has always represented a major strategic opportunity to achieve our goal of creating and building an enduring global brand. — Howard Schultz

Creating Opportunity Quotes By Ziad K. Abdelnour

One of the advantages of living in a constitutional federal republic
is that we have the ability, if not the duty, as citizens to repair or
replace those acts of legislation under which we have agreed to live.
We must act when it has become evident that said legislation
no longer serves us as a people or advances the principles upon
which this nation was founded, one of these being "the pursuit of
happiness," which may only be secured through wealth creation.
If it burdens the debt obligation of the government, it cannot
be creating wealth. If it does not advance the cause of regaining
American competitive dominance in the global marketplace, it is not
creating wealth. If legislation and regulation were proposed that
taught people how to fish instead of providing fish, then the unemployed
would find a way to create jobs for each other. Wealth
creation is mankind's natural objective when given the opportunity
and the tools. — Ziad K. Abdelnour

Creating Opportunity Quotes By John W. Thompson

Over the near term there is clearly the opportunity to work with Microsoft to do to a better job of creating a more secure Windows experience for users around the world. — John W. Thompson

Creating Opportunity Quotes By Nydia Velazquez

Of course, preserving the American dream has always meant creating opportunity for the most recently arrived Americans - those who have come here from other parts of the globe to work hard and build a new, better life. — Nydia Velazquez

Creating Opportunity Quotes By McKinsey Chief Marketing & Sales Officer Forum

Once management is on board, the sales team needs to understand the rationale behind the micromarket strategy and have simple tools that make it easy to implement. That means aligning sales coverage with opportunity and creating straightforward sales "plays" for each type of opportunity. — McKinsey Chief Marketing & Sales Officer Forum

Creating Opportunity Quotes By Rhett McLaughlin

I think that we're gonna start seeing more and more people who started as a YouTube personality and now have their own studio, and they're gonna start creating things: story-driven stuff, longer-form stuff that people have an opportunity to enjoy. — Rhett McLaughlin

Creating Opportunity Quotes By Charles Ferguson

But that's not how most of the people mentioned in this book became wealthy. Most of them became wealthy by being well connected and crooked. And they are creating a society in which they can commit hugely damaging economic crimes with impunity, and in which only children of the wealthy have the opportunity to become successful. — Charles Ferguson

Creating Opportunity Quotes By Natasha Josefowitz

What is luck? It is not only chance, it is also creating the opportunity, recognizing it when it is there, and taking it when it comes. — Natasha Josefowitz

Creating Opportunity Quotes By Mark Webber

As a director and filmmaker, I love creating my own opportunity, and getting to share the love, in that way, by creating other opportunities for people that I admire, so that they can do something in a way they haven't done it before. — Mark Webber

Creating Opportunity Quotes By Clayton Christensen

The transformation at the corporate level was achieved by selling off business units in old markets and by creating new business units to pursue the new opportunities. But the individual business units themselves within those transformed corporations were almost inert to change. — Clayton Christensen

Creating Opportunity Quotes By John Pyper-Ferguson

The liberal entertainment industry is a fickle world. So it's about living in the moment, and it's about being clear with it and understanding that this is another opportunity to step up the staircase a little bit and create some newer opportunities and get involved in some other projects, as well as possibly creating your own. — John Pyper-Ferguson

Creating Opportunity Quotes By Ronald Reagan

Where others fear trade and economic growth, we see opportunities for creating new wealth and undreamed-of opportunities for millions in our own land and beyond. Where others seek to throw up barriers, we seek to bring them down; where others take counsel of their fears, we follow our hopes. — Ronald Reagan

Creating Opportunity Quotes By Bill Gates

I don't believe in creating dynastic wealth.
I don't really believe that in a society that aspires to be meritocratic and that believes in equality of opportunity - my kids have had advantage over 99 percent of the kids in the country ... — Bill Gates

Creating Opportunity Quotes By Barack Obama

Peace is not just the absence of war. True peace depends upon creating the opportunity that makes life worth living. And to do that, we must confront the common enemies of human beings: nuclear weapons and poverty; ignorance and disease. — Barack Obama

Creating Opportunity Quotes By Patricia Leavy

I was invited. Oxford University Press is simply as prestigious a press as there is so when they come to your door and invite you to be a part of something like this, you say yes. It truly is an honor to work with them, particularly on a project as large as this one. The story of how they came to me is a good lesson though about the unexpected and creating new opportunities. — Patricia Leavy

Creating Opportunity Quotes By Michelle Bachelet

Chile needs to unite behind the goals of reducing poverty and creating more equal opportunities so that everyone can benefit from what the country has to offer, — Michelle Bachelet

Creating Opportunity Quotes By Werner Erhard

What we are engaged in creating is the opportunity for people to participate in the transformation of peoples' lives and of life itself. This context of transformation is a context of freedom and opportunity, of empowerment and human joy, of contribution and of participation. Participation in this transformation is, for me, the fullest expression of being. — Werner Erhard

Creating Opportunity Quotes By Shoshana Zuboff

In diminishing the role of the worker's body in the labor process, industrial technology has also tended to diminish the importance of the worker. In creating jobs that require less human effort, industrial technology has also been used to create jobs that require less human talent. In creating jobs that demand less of the body, industrial production has also tended to create jobs that give less to the body, in terms of opportunities to accrue knowledge on the production process. — Shoshana Zuboff

Creating Opportunity Quotes By Laura Abbot

What I love most about being a writer is the opportunity to "play Goddess" by creating happy endings for people I care about (my characters) and being able to work in my robe! — Laura Abbot

Creating Opportunity Quotes By Tony Buzan

If you are not actively seeking and creating opportunities, which always contain an element of risk, you are actually exposing yourself to more serious risks in the long term. — Tony Buzan

Creating Opportunity Quotes By Andrea Jung

The company was actually founded on creating earnings opportunities for women, even before it went into skincare, lipstick, and fragrance. The founding Avon principle, before women could vote and when basically only men were working, was to allow women to get out of their homes and to create an entrepreneurship opportunity for them. — Andrea Jung

Creating Opportunity Quotes By Steven Spielberg

The delicate balance of mentoring someone is not creating them in your own image, but giving them the opportunity to create themselves. — Steven Spielberg

Creating Opportunity Quotes By Brendon Burchard

We have patiently suffered long enough, hoping that someone or some kind of luck would one day grant us more opportunity and happiness. But nothing external can save us, and the fateful hour is at hand when we either become trapped at this level of life or we choose to ascend to a higher plane of consciousness and joy. In this ailing and turbulent world, we must find peace within and become more self-reliant in creating the life we deserve. — Brendon Burchard

Creating Opportunity Quotes By Anousheh Ansari

Being an entrepreneur is really exciting for me. Whether it's creating something or just building a company and giving others the opportunity to build a career, I think it's exciting to be at the helm of these types of activities. — Anousheh Ansari

Creating Opportunity Quotes By Bethany Mota

I decided to launch a fragrance because Aeropostale approached me about creating one, and it's something that I kind of always wanted to do but didn't think it would actually happen. So when I heard I had the opportunity to create my own perfume, I got super excited. — Bethany Mota

Creating Opportunity Quotes By Jill Konrath

Sellers who've embraced social media are creating new opportunities that totally bypass traditional sales channels ... It's about good selling - using all the tools that are available to you today. — Jill Konrath

Creating Opportunity Quotes By James C. Dobson

Harshness, gruffness, and sternness are not effective in shaping a child's will. Likewise, constant whacking and threatening and criticizing are destructive and counterproductive. A parent who is mean and angry most of the time is creating resentment that will be stored and come roaring into the relationship during adolescence or beyond. Therefore, every opportunity should be taken to keep the tenor of the home pleasant, fun, and accepting. At the same time, however, parents should display confident firmness in their demeanor. You, Mom and Dad, are the boss. You are in charge. If you believe it, the tougher child will accept it also. — James C. Dobson

Creating Opportunity Quotes By Grace Lee Boggs

Every crisis, actual or impending, needs to be viewed as an opportunity to bring about profound changes in our society. Going beyond protest organizing, visionary organizing begins by creating images and stories of the future that help us imagine and create alternatives to the existing system. — Grace Lee Boggs

Creating Opportunity Quotes By Craig Kielburger

Peace is a culture that we create by putting it in the curriculum for young people, through creating this next generation where young people get a chance to go across borders, across cultures, to learn more about each other's life, to create a global community, learn about opportunities for helping others. It's investing in peace and tolerance training, ending the gap between rich and poor. — Craig Kielburger

Creating Opportunity Quotes By John Dykstra

With the advent of digital imaging I made the transition from trying to figure out how to do things to creating objects, characters and the whole cloth. It kind of freed up the analytical part of my brain and I had the opportunity to use more of the creative side of my brain for how things interact with light and integrate into stories. — John Dykstra

Creating Opportunity Quotes By Carol Gilligan

... I draw on the work of Piaget (1968) in identifying conflict as the harbinger of growth and also on the work of Erikson (1964) who, in charting development through crisis, demonstrates how a heightened vulnerability signals the emergence of a potential strength, creating a dangerous opportunity for growth, "a turning point for better or worse" (p. 139). — Carol Gilligan

Creating Opportunity Quotes By Ed Rendell

I'm interested in giving business an opportunity by improving the tax environment to invest and grow with Pennsylvania, to expand and put more money in capital investment and creating jobs. — Ed Rendell

Creating Opportunity Quotes By Pete Townshend

For the first time, a whole generation had the economic & educational opportunity to turn their backs on the dead end factory jobs of their parents, who, traumatized by two world wars, had responded by creating a safety blanket of conformity. — Pete Townshend

Creating Opportunity Quotes By Paul Prudhomme

I wait for the next opportunity to have something to do with food. If I get rested, my mind just starts creating new dishes - click, click, click. — Paul Prudhomme

Creating Opportunity Quotes By Aaron Levie

I believe there's plenty of market for each; we're talking about an ecosystem that is going to support billions of devices, so a competitive landscape is good for consumers, developers, and the platforms alike. Apple brings a smooth elegance to its devices and platform, with the best marketplace experience to boot. Google brings a higher volume of devices as well as a more diverse ecosystem to interact with. The real story here is that Microsoft is nowhere to be seen, ending a two-decade monopoly and creating biggest opportunity for software startups probably ever. — Aaron Levie

Creating Opportunity Quotes By Matshona Dhliwayo

Reduce your dependence on 'luck' by creating opportunities. — Matshona Dhliwayo

Creating Opportunity Quotes By Elizabeth Debold

The next generation of women will enter a world in which they are perceived to have more opportunities for creating fulfilling lives than women have ever had before. — Elizabeth Debold

Creating Opportunity Quotes By Abraham Lincoln

The privilege of creating and issuing money is not only the supreme prerogative of Government, but it is the Government's greatest creative opportunity. By the adoption of these principles, the long-felt want for a uniform medium will be satisfied. The taxpayers will be saved immense sums of interest, discounts and exchanges. The financing of all public enterprises, the maintenance of stable government and ordered progress, and the conduct of the Treasury will become matters of practical administration. The people can and will be furnished with a currency as safe as their own government. Money will cease to be the master and become the servant of humanity. Democracy will rise superior to the money power. — Abraham Lincoln

Creating Opportunity Quotes By Amanda Marshall

If you're a gardener, or creating a garden you're clearly looking to the future. You have a sense of your own future and a sense of yourself in that space. People coming here feel that hope, that renewal, and that sense of regeneration. They get their hands dirty and connect back to the ground, which is what we feel strongly about - giving everybody the opportunity to get connected to the earth. — Amanda Marshall

Creating Opportunity Quotes By John Geiger

Life is filled with either problems or possibilities. When you look at a problem, but see opportunity instead, you become a powerful source that transforms grief into greatness. Don't be someone who goes through greater lengths to avoid change than you do to obtain what you desire. You must define and embrace the necessary changes that move you forward. Go beyond your discontent for what is, and instead focus on imagining and creating the best of what's possible. — John Geiger

Creating Opportunity Quotes By Don DeLillo

It is the form that allows a writer the greatest opportunity to explore human experience ... For that reason, reading a novel is potentially a significant act. Because there are so many varieties of human experience, so many kinds of interaction between humans, and so many ways of creating patterns in the novel that can't be created in a short story, a play, a poem or a movie. The novel, simply, offers more opportunities for a reader to understand the world better, including the world of artistic creation. That sounds pretty grand, but I think it's true. — Don DeLillo

Creating Opportunity Quotes By William J. Clinton

It turns out that advancing equal opportunity and economic empowerment is both morally right and good economics, because discrimination, poverty and ignorance restrict growth, while investments in education, infrastructure and scientific and technological research increase it, creating more good jobs and new wealth for all of us. — William J. Clinton

Creating Opportunity Quotes By Marianne Williamson

Putting love first means knowing that the universe supports you in creating the good, the holy, and the beautiful. It means knowing that you're on the earth for a purpose, and that the purpose itself will create opportunities for its accomplishment. — Marianne Williamson

Creating Opportunity Quotes By Barack Obama

What we have done though is consistently looked for additional opportunities to get stuff done. Wherever we see a possibility of increasing wages, creating more jobs, making sure that more people are able to access opportunity, we're gonna seize it. — Barack Obama

Creating Opportunity Quotes By Peter Singer

To forestall misunderstandings: there is value in creating and enjoying art. To many people, drawing, painting, sculpting, singing, and playing a musical instrument are vital forms of self-expression, and their lives would be poorer without them. People produce art in all cultures and in all kinds of situations, even when they cannot satisfy their basic physical needs. Other people enjoy seeing art. In a world in which everyone had enough to eat, basic health care, adequate sanitation, and a place at school for each of their children, there would be no problem about donating to museums and other institutions that offer an opportunity to see original works of art to all who wish to see them, and (more important, in my view) the opportunity to create art to those who lack opportunities to express themselves in this way. Sadly, we don't live in that world, at least not yet. — Peter Singer

Creating Opportunity Quotes By Maria Shriver

Creating the Minerva Awards. I really have enjoyed that. I have to say that I moaned and groaned about this job but the way I have it now, I enjoy everything about it. I enjoy giving people service opportunities. — Maria Shriver

Creating Opportunity Quotes By Chip Kelly

Coaching is one thing and one thing only: It is creating an environment so the player has an opportunity to be successful That is your job as a coach. When you teach him to do that, get out of his way. — Chip Kelly

Creating Opportunity Quotes By Michael B. Jordan

Creating the opportunities for other people and solid projects, things that I like, for sure, definitely. Acting I'll do forever, but I want to produce as well. — Michael B. Jordan

Creating Opportunity Quotes By Elizabeth Gilbert

With all respect to the Buddha and to the early Christian celibates, I sometimes wonder if all this teaching about nonattachment and the spiritual importance of monastic solitude might be denying us something quite vital. Maybe all that renunciation of intimacy denies us the opportunity to ever experience that very earthbound, domesticated, dirt-under-the-fingernails gift of the difficult, long-term, daily forgiveness {...} Maybe creating a big enough space within your consciousness to hold and accept someone's contradictions - someone's idiocies, even - is a kind of divine act. Perhaps transcendence can be found not only on solitary mountaintops or in monastic settings, but also at your own kitchen table, in the daily acceptance of your partner's most tiresome, irritating faults. — Elizabeth Gilbert

Creating Opportunity Quotes By Jay Samit

As every entrepreneur and investor sifts through year-end data to predict the next trend or opportunity for financial success, there is a much easier way to accurately predict the future: hang out with those who are creating it. — Jay Samit

Creating Opportunity Quotes By Daryn Kagan

Times might be tough, your head and thoughts might be spinning, but I find it's physically impossible to do that spiral thing when your mind is focused on giving and creating opportunity. — Daryn Kagan

Creating Opportunity Quotes By Francois De La Rochefoucauld

In great affairs we ought to apply ourselves less to creating chances than to profiting from those that offer. — Francois De La Rochefoucauld

Creating Opportunity Quotes By Robert D. Putnam

Schools themselves aren't creating the opportunity gap: the gap is already large by the time children enter kindergarten and does not grow as children progress through school. The gaps in cognitive achievement by level of maternal education that we observe at age 18-powerful predictors of who goes to college and who does not - are mostly present at age 6when children enter school. Schooling plays only a minor role in alleviating or creating test score gaps. — Robert D. Putnam

Creating Opportunity Quotes By Bill Clinton

The antigovernment paradigm blinds us to possibilities that lie outside its ideological litmus tests and prevents us from creating new networks of cooperation that can restore economic growth, bring economic opportunity to more people and places, and increase our ability to lead the world to a better future. — Bill Clinton

Creating Opportunity Quotes By John Willys

Certainly it is true that the constant striving for something better-the price of progress-adds to the total of human happiness. It stimulates industry by creating new wants. It multiplies opportunities for the employment of brain and brawn. And it bridges the gaps between peaks of prosperity and helps take up the slack during times of reaction. — John Willys

Creating Opportunity Quotes By Tim O'Reilly

There are a lot of lousy conferences that pander to sponsors. They end up creating an opportunity for boring speakers who are paid shills for their companies. We still get a few of those, but we really try to police it. Think about who the audience is and what works for them, and deliver high-quality content. — Tim O'Reilly

Creating Opportunity Quotes By Sean Connery

But as a Scot with a lifelong love of Scotland and the arts, I believe the opportunity of independence is too good to miss. Simply put there is no more creative an act than creating a new nation. — Sean Connery

Creating Opportunity Quotes By Richard Wiseman

Lucky people generate their own good fortune via four basic principles.
They are skilled at creating their own chance opportunities, make lucky decisions by listening to their intuition, create self-fulfilling prophesies via positive expectations, and adopt a resilient attitude that transforms bad luck into good. — Richard Wiseman

Creating Opportunity Quotes By Seymour Papert

Working with the computer gives rise to many opportunities to transcend asocial behavior, because it produces exciting and visually interesting things to share, whether it's by creating video games, computer art or sharing exciting Web sites. — Seymour Papert

Creating Opportunity Quotes By David Simon

Healing is the process of reestablishing the integration between body, mind, and spirit, creating opportunities for the return of the memory of wholeness. — David Simon

Creating Opportunity Quotes By Donald Evans

But, we have had the debate in our country now for a number of years as to whether or not free trade agreements are good for economic growth and economic opportunity in creating jobs and lifting people out of poverty. — Donald Evans

Creating Opportunity Quotes By Neale Donald Walsch

I tell you this: You always get what you create, and you are always creating. I do not make a judgment about the creations that you conjure, I simply empower you to conjure more-and more and more and more. If you don't like what you've just created, choose again. My job, as God, is to always give you that opportunity. — Neale Donald Walsch

Creating Opportunity Quotes By Gary Hamel

Competition for the future is competition to create and dominate emerging opportunities-to stake out new competitive space. Creating the future is more challenging than playing catch up, in that you have to create your own roadmap. — Gary Hamel

Creating Opportunity Quotes By Mandy Hale

But if you learn to really sit with that loneliness and embrace it as the gift that it is - an opportunity to get to know yourself, to learn how strong you really are, to depend on no one but yourself for your happiness - you will realize that a little loneliness goes a long way in creating a richer, deeper, more vibrant and colorful you. — Mandy Hale

Creating Opportunity Quotes By Michael Hudson

US opposition to Russia and China has entailed sanctions against Russia, and Russia in turn has made counter-sanctions against Europe. So Europe is essentially sacrificing its opportunities for trade and investment in order to remain part of NATO. It is also agreeing to bomb Syria and the Near East, creating a wave of refugees that it doesn't know what to do with. — Michael Hudson

Creating Opportunity Quotes By Debbi Fields

Small business in America is what fuels the American economy. We need more small business to assist us in creating a great nation and in creating more jobs. It's this frontier that is endless in terms of opportunity and potential. — Debbi Fields

Creating Opportunity Quotes By Chris Hill

It hurts, because we wanted a different outcome, but then we make it hurt even worse by creating a narrative around what happened.

So, instead of creating that debilitating narrative, I think we're better served realizing that now, we have an opportunity to pivot - to take our life in a different direction. — Chris Hill

Creating Opportunity Quotes By Barack Obama

The criminal-justice system is, obviously, the sole source of racial tension in this country [USA] or the key institution to resolving the opportunity gap. It is a part of the broader set of challenges that we face in creating a more perfect union. — Barack Obama

Creating Opportunity Quotes By Anonymous

Appointing a sitting federal appellate judge also gives a president a unique twofer opportunity, creating a lower-court vacancy that the president can fill with a second (presumably supportive) appointee. If a sitting federal appellate judge placed on the Supreme Court is in turn replaced by a sitting federal trial judge, a president can turn a single Supreme Court vacancy into three judicial appointments. — Anonymous

Creating Opportunity Quotes By Ted Cruz

Instead of being a Woodrow Wilson democracy promoterwe ought to hunt down our enemies and kill ISIS rather than creating opportunities for ISIS to take control of new countries. — Ted Cruz

Creating Opportunity Quotes By J. August Richards

I love creating characters that people may or may have not ever seen before. But I enjoy the opportunity to try to make something new, and that's when I really come alive as an actor, so I really enjoyed working on 'Arrow.' — J. August Richards

Creating Opportunity Quotes By Andy Andrews

Beginning today, I will create a new future by creating a new me. No longer will I dwell in a pit of despair, moaning over squandered time and lost opportunity. I can do nothing about the past. My future is immediate. I will grasp it in both hands and carry it with running feet. When I am faced with the choice of doing nothing or doing something, I will always choose to act! I seize this moment. I choose now. — Andy Andrews

Creating Opportunity Quotes By Melissa Everett

The built environment is shaped not only by private sector development pratices, but also by the honored and fascinating field of planning. Planners in towns, counties, regional and state government, consulting firms and in economic development agencies translate ideas about human settlements into concrete designs. They can be generalists or specialize in transportation, urban centers, rural land use, economic development and more. At its best, the planning profession aims to mediate tensions between people, social groups, and the natural environment by creating an orderly process for determining common values, shared priorities and elegant principles for transcending conflicts. Therefore planners may find themselves caught in some of the most challenging political crossfire to be found. But they also have the opportunity to educate many sectors and communities. — Melissa Everett

Creating Opportunity Quotes By Susan Faludi

The backlash against women's rights would be just one of several powerful forces creating a harsh and painful climate for women at work. Reagonomics, the recession, and the expansion of a minimum-wage service economy also helped, in no small measure, to slow and even undermine women's momentum in the job market. But the backlash did more than impede women's opportunities for employment, promotions, and better pay. Its spokesmen kept the news of many of these setbacks from women. Not only did the backlash do grievous damage to working women C it did on the sly. — Susan Faludi