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Quotes & Sayings About Cotton Candy Clouds

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Top Cotton Candy Clouds Quotes

Cotton Candy Clouds Quotes By Cassandra Clare

As the sun dipped beneath the horizon, the clouds overhead blushed cotton-candy pink. Their reflections gleamed on the crystalline waters of Lake Lyn. The horses whinnied, the birds chirped, and Simon and Isabelle crunched their peanut brittle and popcorn. This, Simon thought, was the sound of happiness. — Cassandra Clare

Cotton Candy Clouds Quotes By Dana Gould

Cotton candy. Like eating a cloud of diabetes. — Dana Gould

Cotton Candy Clouds Quotes By Christopher Moore

Tuck watched the sun bubble into the ocean. Columns of vertical cumulus clouds turned to cones of pink cotton candy, then as the sun became a red wafer on the horizon, they turned candy-apple red, with purple rays reaching out of them like searchlights. The water was neon over wet asphalt, blood-spattered gunmetal - colors from the cover of a detective novel where heroes drink hard and beauty is always treacherous. — Christopher Moore

Cotton Candy Clouds Quotes By Chris LeDoux

But if they ever saw a sunrise on a mountain morning/Watched those cotton candy clouds roll by/They'd know why I live beneath these Western Skies. — Chris LeDoux

Cotton Candy Clouds Quotes By Larissa Qat

What is the price of freedom! I'm not talking about the physical restraining kind, but the spiritual, mental, emotional kind! If we glance at a tiny bird, it represents the ultimate freedom, the ability to fly, to rise above all, to look down on earth while getting tickled by clouds of cotton candy. But the price of this bird's freedom is living off scrapes of food & sippes of water!
I guess the price of freedom is all about living in content. If u need to spread ur wings wide and fly off into the horizon, you need to learn that what you already have can certainly set you FREE! — Larissa Qat