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Top Costume Change Quotes

Costume Change Quotes By Tim Gunn

I love the word 'fashion.' That's why I'm using it in the title of this book. Fashion is about change and about creating clothes within a historical context. To me, dismissing fashion as silly or unimportant seems like a denial of history and frequently a show of sexism
as if something that's traditionally a concern of women isn't valid as a field of academic inquiry. When the Parsons fashion department was founded in 1906, it was called 'costume design,' because fashion was then a verb: to fashion. But the word 'fashion' has evolved to mean something much more profound, and those who resist it seem to me to be on the wrong side of history. — Tim Gunn

Costume Change Quotes By Fiona Apple

I think I'm better at live shows than I used to be because I'm way more comfortable with the uncomfortable pauses between songs. Now, rather than trying to talk or do a costume change, I'll use those moments for myself. I listen to what other people are playing, or just rest, or dance, even though I don't know how to. — Fiona Apple

Costume Change Quotes By Chuck Palahniuk

If death meant just leaving the stage long enough to change costume and come back as a new character ... Would you slow down? Or speed up? — Chuck Palahniuk

Costume Change Quotes By Umberto Bartolomeo

...some people here seem to have stepped through a time-warp -- old Romans being recycled with a mere change of costume. — Umberto Bartolomeo

Costume Change Quotes By Alexandre Desplat

There are so many parts of music that it's actually a pleasure for me to work with an orchestra, or a jazz band, or a choir, and use every element that the musical tool box can offer. The world of music I love so much, and I can change the costume depending on the part, and I'm actually in the film. — Alexandre Desplat

Costume Change Quotes By Stephen King

it would go and hung in front of three fans, drying the sweat-soaked interior. At least I could remove the fur by myself; by then I'd discovered the secret. Howie's right paw was actually a glove, and when you knew the trick, pulling down the zipper to the neck of the costume was a cinch. Once you had the head off, the rest was cake. This was good, because I could change by myself behind a pull-curtain. No more displaying my sweaty, semi-transparent undershorts to the costume ladies. — Stephen King

Costume Change Quotes By Colleen Atwood

I think that sometimes people don't understand that a costume that has to be worn every day and doesn't change the whole movie becomes iconic. It's very important because it requires a different design process, since you have to make something that people aren't going to get tired of looking at. — Colleen Atwood

Costume Change Quotes By Marcel Proust

What I fault newspapers for is that day after day they draw our attention to insignificant things whereas only three or four times in our lives do we read a book in which there is something really essential. Since we tear the band off the newspaper so feverishly every morning, they ought to change things and put into the paper, oh, I don't know, perhaps ... Pascal's Pensees! ... and then, in a gilt-edged volume that we open only once in ten years ... we would read that the Queen if Greece has gone to Cannes or that the Princesses de Leon has given a costume ball. This way the proper proportions would be established. — Marcel Proust

Costume Change Quotes By Mike Mignola

What keeps this industry alive is creators doing their own work. Once you change a costume or origin enough times, it's a dead body - you're just electrocuting it and keeping it sort of shambling on. There is a lot more creator-owned stuff now, and some of it I look at and go, 'Oh, that's his pitch for a TV show. That's his pitch for a movie. That's him saying oh, this kind of thing sells.' I didn't do that. — Mike Mignola

Costume Change Quotes By Stephen Daldry

I am, in fact, Superman. Every morning I wake up and go into a telephone booth and change my costume, and then go to work. — Stephen Daldry

Costume Change Quotes By Lauren Kate

Daniel and Roland shared a glance. "We took
care of it," Roland said, handing Daniel a set
of car keys.
"You took care of it how?" Luce asked. "My
dad once called the police when I was a half
an hour late
from school - "
"Don't worry, kid," Roland said. "We've got
you covered. You just need to make a quick
change. — Lauren Kate

Costume Change Quotes By Helena Bonham Carter

No matter how many modern parts I do, people still refer to me as Mrs. Costume Drama. Fight Club is a studio pic, and I've done very few of those. I've got a feeling it's going to change things for me. — Helena Bonham Carter

Costume Change Quotes By Glen Weldon

The world has accepted hard-core fans' argument. Batman, this children's character who dresses up in a costume to effect the change he wishes to see in the world via face punching, is serious.
And awesome.
And definitely not gay.
And, most importantly, now and forever, badass.
This is the Batman narrative that now permeates the culture - the narrative that doesn't like nobody touching its stuff and doesn't want any of you homos touching it, neither. — Glen Weldon

Costume Change Quotes By David Selby

We would change out of costume, then we would read the next days script. — David Selby

Costume Change Quotes By Katey Sagal

I do tend to play characters that have a lot of costume and hair change. I sort of like the change of physicality thing. — Katey Sagal

Costume Change Quotes By Demetri Martin

When you're wearing an animal costume and something bad happens, your facial expression doesn't change. The animal is deadpan the whole time. If you're skiing in a gorilla suit and you fall, you just see a gorilla who has no emotion. It's just a stoic gorilla, wildly falling down a hill, out of control. — Demetri Martin

Costume Change Quotes By Larry Niven

For each human being there is an optimum ratio between change and stasis. Too little change, he grows bored. Too little stability, he panics and loses his ability to adapt. One who marries six times in ten years won't change jobs. One who moves often to serve his company will maintain a stable marriage. A woman chained to one home and family may redecorate frantically or take a lover or go to many costume parties. — Larry Niven

Costume Change Quotes By Harold Rosenberg

Politics in the United States consists of the struggle between those whose change has been arrested by success or failure, on one side, and those who are still engaged in changing themselves, on the other. Agitators of arrested metamorphosis versus agitators of continued metamorphosis. The former have the advantage of numbers (since most people accept themselves as successes or failures quite early), the latter of vitality and visibility (since self-transformation, though it begins from within, with ideology, religion, drugs, tends to express itself publicly through costume and jargon). — Harold Rosenberg

Costume Change Quotes By Fred Rogers

I can put on a hat, or put on a coat,
Or wear a pair of glasses or sail a boat. I can change all my names and find a place to hide. I can do most anything, but I'm still myself inside. I can go far away, or dream of anything, Or wear a scary costume or act like a king. I can change all my names and find a place to hide. I can do almost anything, but I'm still myself. I'm still myself. I'm still myself inside. — Fred Rogers