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Top Corruption And Black Money Quotes

Corruption And Black Money Quotes By Edward L. Bernays

It is obvious that politics would gain much in prestige if the money-raising campaign were conducted candidly and publicly, like the campaigns for the war funds. Charity drives might be made excellent models for political funds drives. The elimination of the little black bag element in politics would raise the entire prestige of politics in America, and the public interest would be infinitely greater if the actual participation occurred earlier and more constructively in the campaign. — Edward L. Bernays

Corruption And Black Money Quotes By Vikrmn

Either cry for exchanging new currency notes for couple of days or crib for corruption for ages and generations with old one. Choice is yours. — Vikrmn

Corruption And Black Money Quotes By Richard Flanagan

Through the 1990s, the fracturing of Tasmanian Aboriginal politics was given impetus by the ongoing corruption of a number of black organisations started under federal government programmes, with large amounts of public money being lost. — Richard Flanagan

Corruption And Black Money Quotes By Jim McCarthy

Sneaky and underhanded, the Federal Reserve has been sucking the life blood out of the United States since 1913. Like a black widow spider, it weaves a web of corruption and deceit. Unknown to its prey, the FED's bite is poisonous, deep, long-lasting and brings financial upheaval and misery to Americans. — Jim McCarthy

Corruption And Black Money Quotes By Max Brooks

Jesus, you'd think the Black Death was sweeping the globe every three months or so ... ebola, SARS, avian flu. You know how many people made money on those scares? Shit, I made my first million on useless antiradiation pills during dirty bomb scares. — Max Brooks