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Contagious Happiness Quotes By Amaka Imani Nkosazana

Never underestimate the power of kindness. It is very contagious. A person whose heart is saddened by the troubles of this world, the loss of a friend or family member, a hard days work, or the struggle of provision can experience joy through a simple act of kindness. Romans 12: 10-12, Be kindly affectionate to one another with brotherly love, in honor giving preference to one another, not lagging in diligence, fervent in spirit, serving the Lord, rejoicing in hope, patient in tribulation, continually steadfastly in prayer. — Amaka Imani Nkosazana

Contagious Happiness Quotes By Debasish Mridha

Smiles are very contagious so infect everyone with your smiles. — Debasish Mridha

Contagious Happiness Quotes By Wendy Owens

Gabe realized he was standing there alone, with a goofy smile on his face. Limping inside, he closed the door behind him, her words still lingering in his mind. Gabe wanted more than anything to be able to choose happiness. He wanted a rain storm to make him smile. He desired that the simple task of cooking would make him dance. To Gabe, however, it didn't seem as simple as just making a choice. He hoped her joy was contagious, because he was in uncharted territories. — Wendy Owens

Contagious Happiness Quotes By Kevin Laymon

Success is contagious when you surround yourself with people who refuse to let you down. — Kevin Laymon

Contagious Happiness Quotes By Swami Satchidananda

We are not going to change the whole world, but we can change ourselves and feel free as birds. We can be serene even in the midst of calamities and, by our serenity, make others more tranquil. Serenity is contagious. If we smile at someone, he or she will smile back. And a smile costs nothing. We should plague everyone with joy. If we are to die in a minute, why not die happily, laughing? (136-137) — Swami Satchidananda

Contagious Happiness Quotes By Teresa Collins

Happiness is contagious. — Teresa Collins

Contagious Happiness Quotes By Brittany Murphy

I think the key to happiness is allowing ourselves to not feel bad or guilty for feeling it, and letting it be contagious. And to not be dependent on other people to create your own happiness. — Brittany Murphy

Contagious Happiness Quotes By Debasish Mridha

Smile because it's infectious.
Love because it's contagious. — Debasish Mridha

Contagious Happiness Quotes By Irene Nemirovsky

Because all happiness is contagious, and disarms the spirit of hatred. — Irene Nemirovsky

Contagious Happiness Quotes By Dan Millman

Happy people create happiness; it's the most contagious energy on Earth. Fearful, sad, angry, or miserable people only tend to spread these same qualities, even if working in the name of social conscience. — Dan Millman

Contagious Happiness Quotes By Jennifer O'Neill

Happiness can be just as contagious as misery ... — Jennifer O'Neill

Contagious Happiness Quotes By Paulo Coelho

Join with those who sing songs, tell stories, enjoy life ... because happiness is contagious. Join those who walk with their heads high even when they have tears in their eyes. Avoid those who ... have never shed a tear — Paulo Coelho

Contagious Happiness Quotes By Tahereh Mafi

Alice jumped from flagstone to flagstone, her face caught in the rainlight glow, her hand grasping for a touch of gold. The towns excitement was contagious, and the air was so thick with promise Alice could almost bite into it. — Tahereh Mafi

Contagious Happiness Quotes By Alexander Kjerulf

Remember: Research shows that emotions are contagious. How will you infect others at work today? — Alexander Kjerulf

Contagious Happiness Quotes By Miguel Angel Ruiz

Just by being happier, everyone benefits because your happiness is contagious. — Miguel Angel Ruiz

Contagious Happiness Quotes By Arundhati Roy

Nietzsche believed that if Pity were to become the core of ethics, misery would become contagious and happiness an object of suspicion — Arundhati Roy

Contagious Happiness Quotes By Paulo Coelho

Stay close to those who sing, tell stories, and enjoy life, and whose eyes sparkle with happiness. Because happiness is contagious and will always manage to find a solution, whereas logic can find only an explanation for the mistake made. — Paulo Coelho

Contagious Happiness Quotes By Paulo Coelho

Happiness is contagious and will always manage to find a solution. — Paulo Coelho

Contagious Happiness Quotes By Richelle E. Goodrich

Beware of giggle grins; they are highly contagious. — Richelle E. Goodrich

Contagious Happiness Quotes By Paulo Coelho

Stay close 2 those who sing, tell stories, and enjoy life, and those eyes sparkle wiz happiness is contagious and will always manage 2 find a solution, whereas logic can find only an explanation 4 the mistake made. me!! ;) — Paulo Coelho

Contagious Happiness Quotes By Emmy Swain

Emmy has embarked on her journey to enrich the world with smiles. They are free, healthy, and often, very contagious. — Emmy Swain

Contagious Happiness Quotes By Robert Orben

Happiness is contagious. Be a carrier!! — Robert Orben

Contagious Happiness Quotes By Anais Nin

Tranquillity is contagious, peace is contagious. One only thinks of the contagiousness of illness, but there is the contagion of serenity and joy. — Anais Nin

Contagious Happiness Quotes By Marty Rubin

Happiness is contagious. The more I think about it the happier I am. — Marty Rubin

Contagious Happiness Quotes By Nicholas A. Christakis

Everyday interactions we have with other people are definitely contagious, in terms of happiness. — Nicholas A. Christakis

Contagious Happiness Quotes By Rob Martin

Our state of mind, our state of being, and our outlook on life is contagious. — Rob Martin

Contagious Happiness Quotes By Richard Rohr

The mystery of presence is that encounter wherein the self-disclosure of one evokes a deeper life in the other. There is nothing you need to "think" or understand to be present; it is all about giving and receiving right now, and it is not done in the mind. It is actually a transference and sharing of Being, and will be experienced as grace, gratuity and inner-groundedness. Thus there is always a great leap of inner authenticity that is associated with true mutual presence, because in being received graciously, we are able to receive ourselves at an ever-deeper level yet recognize that we are both part of something Greater itself. It gives one great happiness and deep joy. We really are socially contagious human beings, but we settle for "human doings." It is at the being level that life is most vitally transferred. — Richard Rohr

Contagious Happiness Quotes By Maurice Maeterlinck

Remember that happiness is as contagious as gloom. It should be the first duty of those who are happy to let others know of their gladness. — Maurice Maeterlinck

Contagious Happiness Quotes By Caprice Crane

Love is pretty much a decision anyway. Just like happiness. You can decide to either love someone or not, be happy or not. The rest is just commitment to the idea. — Caprice Crane

Contagious Happiness Quotes By William De Witt Hyde

Epicurus is right, that happiness is up at auction all the time, and sold in lots to suit the purchaser whenever he bids high enough. And the price is not exorbitant: prudence to plan for the simple pleasures that can be had for the asking; resolution to cut off the pleasures that come too high; determination to amputate our reflections the instant they develop morbid symptoms, and to take an anti-toxine against fret and worry, the moment we feel the approach of their contagious atmosphere; concentration, to live in a self-chosen present from which profitless regret and unprofitable anxieties, projected from the past or borrowed from the future, are absolutely banished. — William De Witt Hyde