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Top Condom Wrapper Quotes

Condom Wrapper Quotes By Penny Reid

Who thinks, I'm going to cheat on my girlfriend, but I've got too much of a social conscience to leave my condom wrapper on the floor - heaven forbid I litter. — Penny Reid

Condom Wrapper Quotes By Gemma Halliday

There are three things you never want to find in your boyfriend's locker: a sweaty jockstrap, a D minus on last week's history test, and an empty condom wrapper.
Lucky me, I'd hit the trifecta. — Gemma Halliday

Condom Wrapper Quotes By Penny Reid

After found condom wrapper was smacked to his forehead by my palm, — Penny Reid

Condom Wrapper Quotes By Penny Reid

Realization of his philandering arrived via an empty condom wrapper tucked in the back pocket of his jeans as I, the dutifully dumb girlfriend, decided to do him a favor by throwing some of his laundry in with mine. — Penny Reid

Condom Wrapper Quotes By Tara Sivec

Hear the crinkle of a condom wrapper being opened. Jesus, does he keep those things in his pajamas? Should I be offended that he assumed we'd fuck this morning and grabbed one for the road or just thankful that he's resourceful? — Tara Sivec

Condom Wrapper Quotes By Katie Reus

If you want to stop, tell me now," he said as he ripped open a condom wrapper.
"Stop and I kill you. — Katie Reus

Condom Wrapper Quotes By Tucker Max

SlingBlade: If you EVER speak ill of the McGriddle again I will personally force-feed you one while I fuck you in the butt using the wrapper as a condom and then donkey punch you when the infused syrup nuggets explode in your mouth. — Tucker Max