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Compatible Love Quotes By Dr. Seuss

We are all a little weird and life's a little weird, and when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall in mutual weirdness and call it love. — Dr. Seuss

Compatible Love Quotes By Roger E. Olson

If God is love (1 John 4:7) but intended Christ's atoning death to be the propitiation for only certain people so only they have any chance of being saved, then 'love' has no intelligible meaning when referring to God. All Christians agree that God is love. But believers in limited atonement must interpret God's love as somehow compatible with God unconditionally selecting some people to eternal torment in hell when He could save them (because election to salvation and thus salvation itself is unconditional). — Roger E. Olson

Compatible Love Quotes By Deepak Chopra

The essence of God is consciousness. Consciousness can be used for either violence or peace; the choice is ours. When it is expanded, human consciousness chooses non-violence, since that is compatible with love. — Deepak Chopra

Compatible Love Quotes By Francisco J. Serrano

At the beginning of the relationship, we need to get to know the other person to insure 1) we are compatible and 2) to determine how to start the approach and begin talks that eventually lead to a relationship. Then, when we get to know the person, we can start sharing and offering what he or she needs or wants. How do people fall in love? With little details. And that same principle applies to make customers fall in love with our brand. — Francisco J. Serrano

Compatible Love Quotes By Robert Fulghum

We're all a little weird. And life is a little weird. And when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall into mutually satisfying weirdness - and call it love - true love. — Robert Fulghum

Compatible Love Quotes By Alex Bruce

It is about time that the religious and environmental faithful joined forces. No one wins when divisive politics pits the right to human life against the sanctity of biodiversity, or family values against ecosystem services. There are infinite compatible reasons to love, cherish and steward Earth. — Alex Bruce

Compatible Love Quotes By Debasish Mridha

Happiness is there when your dreams, hopes, and desires are compatible with your actions. — Debasish Mridha

Compatible Love Quotes By Debbie Macomber

Love means more to me than being sexually compatible. It means being an important part of your life as you'll be in mine. It means encouraging you to be everything you've ever wanted to be, sharing in your triumphs and comforting you in your failures. It means giving you the courage to try again. That's what love is all about. — Debbie Macomber

Compatible Love Quotes By Ken MacLeod

Falling in love indicated that your genes were complementary to those of the loved one. It told you nothing about when your personalities and sexualities were compatible. — Ken MacLeod

Compatible Love Quotes By Elisa Lorello

Singlehood is about finding and committing to the love of your life. I'm talking about the literal love of your life. Being in a place of self-sufficiency, strength, independence, comfort, confidence, and happiness is what matters. No relationship, no matter how seemingly perfect and compatible you are, can give you these things. You have to find them within. You have to bring them to your relationship. Because in the end, you don't have to be alone to be single. And being single doesn't mean that you are alone. — Elisa Lorello

Compatible Love Quotes By Simon Tam

Apathy is not compatible with love — Simon Tam

Compatible Love Quotes By Jennifer Love Hewitt

I have been heart broken. You can't breathe, your eyes are pouring a thousand tears a second and you can't foresee going on with love because you never want to feel this way again. But then you have to look in the mirror and say 'Shut up, eat some ice cream, be by yourself for a while and think about who you are and who you want to be - then, go out and find someone compatible.' A broken heart feels like the worst thing in the whole world, but it really helps you decide what you want and don't want. You learn a lot from a broken heart. — Jennifer Love Hewitt

Compatible Love Quotes By Pamala Oslie

Why does it seem to be more and more challenging to find a perfect mate or maintain a happy and compatible relationship? Was love always this difficult? Haven't we heard stories of people being truly fulfilled and happy in love? Is love a myth? There are more people on the planet than ever before, and traveling the world has never been easier. Not only that; now we can use technologies like the Internet to connect with others. So what is the problem? Why does it seem to be more complicated than ever to meet the right person and live happily ever after? — Pamala Oslie

Compatible Love Quotes By Alice Lowe

The first time you go on holiday is the test of a relationship, when you really find out if you're compatible or not. You find out what's annoying about that person, and whether or not you're willing to put up with that because you love them and you don't want to be alone. — Alice Lowe

Compatible Love Quotes By Thomas Reeves

Authentic Christianity and the world are by definition at odds. For most Americans, Christianity has been watered down and rendered innocuous, like so much fast food. It has become easy, upbeat, convenient, and compatible. It does not require self-sacrifice, discipline, humility, and otherworldly outlook, a zeal for souls, a fear as well as love of God. There is little guilt and no punishment, and the payoff in heaven is virtually certain. — Thomas Reeves

Compatible Love Quotes By Annabelle Gurwitch

When I was twelve, my sixth-grade English class went on a field trip to see Franco Zeffirelli's film adaptation of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. From that moment forward I dreamed that someday I'd meet my own Juliet. I'd marry her and I would love her with the same passion and intensity as Romeo. The fact
that their marriage lasted fewer than three days before they both were dead
didn't seem to affect my fantasy. Even if they had lived, I don't think their
relationship could have survived. Let's face it, being that emotionally aflame, sexually charged, and transcendentally eloquent every single second can really start to grate on a person's nerves. However, if I could find someone to love just a fraction of the way that Montague loved his Capulet, then marrying her would be worth it. — Annabelle Gurwitch

Compatible Love Quotes By Amy A. Bartol

Reason and love are hardly ever compatible. — Amy A. Bartol

Compatible Love Quotes By Julien Offray De La Mettrie

There is a special bond between twin soul mates - unconditional love, respect for each other, bringing out the best in each other, and highly compatible. — Julien Offray De La Mettrie

Compatible Love Quotes By Dr. Seuss

People are weird. When we find someone with weirdness that is compatible with ours, we team up and call it love. — Dr. Seuss

Compatible Love Quotes By Warren Farrell

In brief, our genetic heritage is at odds with our genetic future. For the first time in human history, the qualities it takes to survive as a species are compatible with the qualities it takes to love. — Warren Farrell

Compatible Love Quotes By Fulton J. Sheen

As life goes on, they become not two compatible beings who have learned to live together through self-suppression and patience, but one new and richer being, fused in the fires of God's love and tempered of the best of both. One by one, the veils of life's mysteries have been lifted. The flesh, they found, was too precocious to reveal its own mystery; then came the mystery of the other's inner life, disclosed in the raising of young minds and hearts in the ways of God; — Fulton J. Sheen

Compatible Love Quotes By Margaret Lazarus Dean

It continues to startle me, the range of political ideologies that are compatible with enthusiasm for spaceflight. Tax-and-spend liberals of the Great Society stripe, obviously - but also spending-slashing Tea Partiers, hippie peaceniks, fierce libertarians, military loyalists, and apathetics of every shade. So very many of us seem to feel that a love of human spaceflight is reconcilable with our beliefs, and we can all explain why. — Margaret Lazarus Dean

Compatible Love Quotes By Deepak Chopra

The reason that ego and love are not compatible comes down to this: you cannot take your ego into the unknown, where love wants to lead. If you follow love, your life will become uncertain, and the ego craves certainty. — Deepak Chopra

Compatible Love Quotes By Vironika Tugaleva

We all say we hate being misunderstood and how we desperately want to find people who understand us. But it is not lack of compatible people that keeps us lonely. There is no shortage of people on your journey. The real, secret obstacle that we have against finding authentic, genuine relationships with people is our subconscious fear of growth. If we stick around in the bin of broken toys playing the queen or the king, at least we get to feel some sense of accomplishment at being the most evolved person we know. To find our tribe means finding people we can learn from, people who are better at some things than we are, people who have something to teach. We say we want it, but how many of us fear being a beginner more than loneliness and much more than being in the wrong crowd? There is a strange comfort, a sense of safety, to suffering and loneliness. To be happy, to find our family, we must be willing to let that go. — Vironika Tugaleva

Compatible Love Quotes By Colleen Hoover

I'm convinced that people come across others in life whose souls are completely compatible with their own. Some refer to them as soul mates. Some refer to it as true love. Some people believe their souls are compatible with more than one person, and I'm beginning to understand how true that might be. I've known since the moment I met Maggie years ago that our souls were compatible, and they are. That's not even a question. However, I also know that my soul is compatible with Sydney's, but it's also so much more than that. Our souls aren't just compatible - they're perfectly attuned. I — Colleen Hoover

Compatible Love Quotes By Jacques Philippe

There are two things to be aware of if the fight against evil inclinations is to have any chance of success. First, our efforts will never be sufficient on their own. Only the grace of Christ can win us the victory. Therefore our chief weapons are prayer, patience, and hope. Second, one passion can only be cured by another - a misplaced love by a greater love, wrong behavior by right behavior that makes provisions for the desire underlying the wrongdoing, recognizes the conscious or unconscious needs that seek fulfillment and either offers them legitimate satisfaction or transfers them to something compatible with the person's calling. — Jacques Philippe

Compatible Love Quotes By Anthony Liccione

All the beaches of the world, could never amount to, nor implore the one grain of sand that I stand on, which is your love. — Anthony Liccione

Compatible Love Quotes By Neha Yazmin


I'm not sleeping nights,
I'm not doing good.
I'm not eating right,
have no use for food.

All I do is bleed dry for you.
But somehow I survive,
And wake up with more love for you.

It's not blood running through my veins, it's you.

I've had a strange blood transfusion,
To add to my confusion.
It's not compatible;
I'm going hysterical.
It's some kind of love transfusion.
Love transfusion.
Love transfusion.
I've had a strange blood transfusion.
Blood transfusion.
Blood transfusion.

It's not blood running through my veins, it's you. — Neha Yazmin

Compatible Love Quotes By Ruthie Dean

We won't know if we're compatible unless we have sex." How many people do you know who waited until marriage to have sex and then "weren't compatible" sexually? Sexual compatibility is a myth, because it's based on selfish desires and comparison. You will be sexually compatible with someone you love deeply. That's how it's designed to work. — Ruthie Dean

Compatible Love Quotes By Simone Weil

As for the spirit of poverty, I do not remember any moment when it was not in me, although only to that unhappily small extent compatible with my imperfection. I fell in love with Saint Francis of Assisi as soon as I came to know about him. I always believed and hoped that one day Fate would force upon me the condition of a vagabond and a beggar which he embraced freely. Actually I felt the same way about prison. — Simone Weil

Compatible Love Quotes By John Shors

Father once told me that would-be lovers were similar to mountains. Two peaks, wonderfully akin and compatible in every way, may rise to the clouds but never witness each other's majesty because of the space between them. Like a man and a woman from different cities, they would never find each other. Or, if the peaks were blessed, as my parents had been, they might be two mountains of the same range and could bask in each other's company forever. — John Shors

Compatible Love Quotes By Andre Breton

The act of love and the act of poetry
Are not compatible
With the reading aloud of a newspaper — Andre Breton

Compatible Love Quotes By Shane Eric Mathias

As you evolve, the friends and lovers you attract will be of a higher caliber. Embrace that fact and do not be afraid to leave old relations behind if they cease to be compatible with you. — Shane Eric Mathias

Compatible Love Quotes By Adyashanti

True love has nothing to do with liking someone, agreeing with him or her or being compatible. It is a love of unity, a love of seeing God wearing all the masks, and recognising itself in them all. With this love you can feel the walls of opposition come down naturally in the acknowledgement of deep connection. Not only do the walls of opposition fall, but love is felt for every human being and for life itself. — Adyashanti

Compatible Love Quotes By Shana Norris

Love is a form of pleasure. Pleasure is caused by the release of endorphins. The things we believe make a person attractive on pheromones. You respond positively to someone whose pheromones are compatible with your own, making you think you're falling in love. But it's all in your head. Literally. (Avery James) — Shana Norris

Compatible Love Quotes By William Faulkner

I think the serious things really are the things that make for happiness
people and things that are compatible, love ... So many people are content just to sit around and talk about them instead of getting out and attaining them. As if life were a joke of some kind. — William Faulkner

Compatible Love Quotes By Alain De Botton

If love is to be defined as a genuine concern for the well-being of another person, then it must surely be deemed compatible with granting permission for an often harassed and rather browbeaten husband to step off the elevator on the eighteenth floor in order to enjoy ten minutes of rejuvenating cunnilingus with a near stranger. — Alain De Botton

Compatible Love Quotes By Colleen Hoover

Our souls aren't just compatible - they're perfectly attuned. I feel everything she feels. I understand things she never even has to say. I know that what she needs is exactly what I could give her, and what she's wishing she could give me is something I never even knew I needed. She understands me. She respects me. She astounds me. She predicts me. She's never once, since the second I met her, made me feel as if my inability to hear is even an inability at all. I can also tell just by looking at her that she's falling in love with me. — Colleen Hoover

Compatible Love Quotes By Megan Whalen Turner

It might have been preferable," Eddis admitted, dryly, "if you had thrown off your chains of bondage solely for love of me. It would certainly have been more flattering." Standing so near to him, she was looking up into his face and watching it closely. "I am willing to accept, however, that we are real people, not characters in a play. We do not, all of us, need to be throwing inkwells. If we are compatible with one another, is that not sufficient?"
"Were I a king in more than just name, it would be all, all I dreamed of," said Sounis, and it was Eddis who blushed.
"You wish to wait, then, until you are confirmed as Sounis?"
"If ... "
"When," said Eddis, firmly.
"Yes," said Sounis, "then. — Megan Whalen Turner

Compatible Love Quotes By Randall Munroe

I'm not sure why we romanticize 'young love,' or love in general ... It just leads to the idea that either your love is pure, perfect and eternal, and you are storybook-compatible in every way with no problems, or you're LYING when you say 'I love you. — Randall Munroe