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Colors Of The Rainbow Quotes By Luci Swindoll

Looking for the essence of beauty is comprehending and appreciating that quality in an object which is fairer and better than only what our eyes see or our ears hear, whether that be a patch of blue in an overcast sky, the fleeting laughter from a voice we love, or something as unexpected as the rainbow colors in a spot of oil on the driveway. — Luci Swindoll

Colors Of The Rainbow Quotes By Bob Proctor

All the borders in the world are man-made There are no borders, we are all hooked together. Everything is connected. There is no line of demarcation. We are hooked together like the colors of a rainbow, our problem is ignorance, we don't understand that. — Bob Proctor

Colors Of The Rainbow Quotes By Anna Kendrick

That woman is all the colors of the rainbow and I want to roll around in her closet. She — Anna Kendrick

Colors Of The Rainbow Quotes By Denis Diderot

To describe women, the pen should be dipped in the humid colors of the rainbow, and the paper dried with the dust gathered from the wings of a butterfly. — Denis Diderot

Colors Of The Rainbow Quotes By Blake Charlton

[Francesca] 'You really are a few biscuits short of breakfast.'
His eyebrows furrowed in confusion.
'You're a few colors shy of a rainbow?' she offered. 'Not pulling a full wagon? Knitting with only one needle? All foam and no beer? Your cheese slid off the cracker? You couldn't pour water out of a boot with instructions on the heel?'
[Nicodemus] 'All right. I get it. — Blake Charlton

Colors Of The Rainbow Quotes By Shel Silverstein

Ol' man Simon, planted a diamond. Grew hisself a garden the likes of none. Sprouts all growin' comin' up glowin' Fruit of jewels all shinin' in the sun. Colors of the rainbow. See the sun and the rain grow sapphires and rubies on ivory vines, Grapes of jade, just ripenin' in the shade, just ready for the squeezin' into green jade wine. Pure gold corn there, Blowin' in the warm air. Ol' crow nibblin' on the amnythyst seeds. In between the diamonds, Ol' man Simon crawls about pullin' out platinum weeds. Pink pearl berries, all you can carry, put 'em in a bushel and haul 'em into town. Up in the tree there's opal nuts and gold pears- Hurry quick, grab a stick and shake some down. Take a silver tater, emerald tomater, fresh plump coral melons. Hangin' in reach. Ol' man Simon, diggin' in his diamonds, stops and rests and dreams about one ... real ... peach. — Shel Silverstein

Colors Of The Rainbow Quotes By Amani Abbas

I'd rather see the world as a rainbow than endless shade of gray. — Amani Abbas

Colors Of The Rainbow Quotes By Anne Roiphe

I carried with me into the West End Bar, the White Horse Tavern, a long list of things I would never do: I would never have my hair set in a beauty parlor. I would never move to a suburb and bake cakes or make casseroles. I would never go to a country club dance, although I did like the paper lanterns casting rainbow colors on the terrace. I would never invest in the stock market. I would never play canasta. I would never wear pearls. I would love like a nursling but I would never go near a man who had a portfolio or a set of golf clubs or a business or even a business suit. I would only love a wild thing. I didn't care if wild things tended to break hearts. I didn't care if they substituted scotch for breakfast cereal. I understood that wild things wrote suicide notes to the gods and were apt to show up three hours later than promised. I understood that art was long and life was short. — Anne Roiphe

Colors Of The Rainbow Quotes By Sheryl Crow

One of the great exercises you can do is to stop and acknowledge the colors around you ... If you're constantly distracting yourself, then you're never really experiencing anything fully. It can cause you to feel like you have no center, like nothing is grounding you. — Sheryl Crow

Colors Of The Rainbow Quotes By Jane Louise Curry

The little cakes were iced in white, with golden yellow icing roses on top, and instead of ice cream there was sherbet that was a rainbow of colors in each dish. — Jane Louise Curry

Colors Of The Rainbow Quotes By Enid Bagnold

It's not till sex has died out between a man and a woman that they can really love. And now I mean affection. Now I mean to be fond of (as one is fond of oneself) -to hope, to be disappointed, to live inside the other heart. When I look back on the pain of sex, the love like a wild fox so ready to bite, the antagonism that sits like a twin beside love, and contrast it with affection, so deeply unrepeatable, of two people who have lived a life together (and of whom one must die) it's the affection I find richer. It's that I would have again. Not all those doubtful rainbow colors. — Enid Bagnold

Colors Of The Rainbow Quotes By Desmond Tutu

At home in South Africa I have sometimes said in big meetings where you have black and white together: 'Raise your hands!' Then I have said: 'Move your hands,' and I've said 'Look at your hands - different colors representing different people. You are the Rainbow People of God. — Desmond Tutu

Colors Of The Rainbow Quotes By Kanza Javed

I have learned the beauty of childhood, now. Every trivial thing holds great significance. You are sensitive and vulnerable to everything around you; you notice the changing leaves and all the colors in the rainbow. Every conversation leaves a brilliant imprint on your mind. — Kanza Javed

Colors Of The Rainbow Quotes By Debalina Haldar

I don't want a rainbow... Rainbows have too many colors and none of them receive the appreciation they deserve... I'd prefer a fading red or a striking golden, a shimmery silver or a sober blue... Ruling the sunset sky alone! — Debalina Haldar

Colors Of The Rainbow Quotes By Grace E. Easley

I'll Paint You A Rainbow

I'll paint you a rainbow to hang on the wall,
to brighten your heart
When the gray shadows fall,
On the canvas of joy outlasting the years,
with a soft brush of sweetness
To dry all your tears.
I'll paint you a rainbow with colors of smiles
That glow with sincerity over the miles.
On a palette of words I will tenderly blend
Tones in treasures of sunlight and wind.
I'll paint the rainbow that reaches so wide,
Your sighs and your sorrows will vanish inside,
And deep in the center of each different hue,
A memory fashioned especially for you.
So lift up your eyes, for suspended above,
A rainbow designed by the fingers of love. — Grace E. Easley

Colors Of The Rainbow Quotes By Richelle E. Goodrich

Gratitude is the real treasure God wants us to find, because it isn't the pot of gold but the rainbow that colors our world. — Richelle E. Goodrich

Colors Of The Rainbow Quotes By Frank Wilczek

Yet it is beautiful to discover that there's another chapter to the story, where we discover deep unity beneath, and supporting, the diversity of appearance. All colors are one thing, seen in different states of motion. That is science's brilliantly poetic answer to Keats's complaint that science "unweaves a rainbow. — Frank Wilczek

Colors Of The Rainbow Quotes By Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche

When a rainbow appears vividly in the sky, you can see its beautiful colors, yet you could not wear as clothing or put it on as an ornament. It arises through the conjunction of various factors, but there is nothing about it that can be grasped. Likewise, thoughts that arise in the mind have no tangible existence or intrinsic solidity. There is no logical reason why thoughts, which have no substance, should have so much power over you, nor is there any reason why you should become their slave. — Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche

Colors Of The Rainbow Quotes By RuPaul

I've dedicated my career to fighting the mundane. My hope is that my career will be a shining example to children everywhere that life is more meaningful when you are not afraid to see all colors of the rainbow. — RuPaul

Colors Of The Rainbow Quotes By Mari Strachan

Up here, far away from everybody, the night is peaceful: there's no sound except the hum of the Earth. At school, when I sang the note to Mr Hughes Music he said it was B flat but he laughed when I said it was the note the Earth hummed. He said: You'll be hearing the music of the spheres next, Gwenni. But he doesn't know how the Earth's deep, never-ending note clothes me in rainbow colors, fills my head with all the books ever written, and feeds me with the smell of Mrs. Sergeant Jones's famous vanilla biscuits and the strawberry taste of Instant Whip and the cool slipperiness of glowing red jelly. I could stay up here for ever without the need for anything else in the whole world. — Mari Strachan

Colors Of The Rainbow Quotes By Friedrich Nietzsche

Not without deep pain do we admit to ourselves that the artists of all ages have in their highest flights carried to heavenly transfiguration precisely those conceptions that we now recognize as false: they are the glorifiers of the religious and philosophical errors of humanity, and they could not have done this without their belief in the absolute truth of these errors. Now if the belief in such truth generally diminishes, if the rainbow colors at the outermost ends of human knowing and imagining fade: then the species of art that, like the Divina commedia, Raphael's pictures, Michelangelo's frescoes, the Gothic cathedrals, presupposes not only a cosmic, but also a metaphysical significance for art objects can never blossom again. A touching tale will come of this, that there was once such an art, such belief by artists. — Friedrich Nietzsche

Colors Of The Rainbow Quotes By Denis Diderot

If you disturb the colors of the rainbow, the rainbow is no longer beautiful. — Denis Diderot

Colors Of The Rainbow Quotes By Alexia Fast

I kind of view everybody like a rainbow. Everybody on the planet has all the colors of the rainbow inside. — Alexia Fast

Colors Of The Rainbow Quotes By Charles Martin

But what I knew in my head stayed up there, swirling about the other ten zillion things I had retained. That knowledge informed my actions, what I did and how I did it.
What Emma knew filtered from her head down into her heart and informed who she was - what I have since come to call the Infinite Migration. If my wonderings about life were scientific, bent toward examination and physical discovery, Emma's all leaned toward matters of the heart. While I could understand and explain the physics behind a rainbow, Emma saw the colors. When it came to life, I saw each piece and how they all fit together, and Emma saw the image on the face of the puzzle. And every now and then, she'd walk me through the door into her world and show it to me. — Charles Martin

Colors Of The Rainbow Quotes By Billy Joel

Ain't no rainbows shining on me, shades of gray are the colors I see. — Billy Joel

Colors Of The Rainbow Quotes By Matshona Dhliwayo

Through storms you get all the colors you need to paint a rainbow. — Matshona Dhliwayo

Colors Of The Rainbow Quotes By Herman Melville

Who in the rainbow can draw the line where the violet tint ends and the orange tint begins? Distinctly we see the difference of the colors, but where exactly does the one first blendingly enter into the other? So with sanity and insanity. — Herman Melville

Colors Of The Rainbow Quotes By Matshona Dhliwayo

It is during the worst storms that you get the best colors of the rainbow. — Matshona Dhliwayo

Colors Of The Rainbow Quotes By Megan Shepherd

I was afraid that I'd forgotten all the colors of the rainbow, but I know just where I can find them again. — Megan Shepherd

Colors Of The Rainbow Quotes By Osho

The whole world may say there is light and there is rainbow in the sky and the sun is rising,
but if my eyes are closed what does it mean to me?
The rainbows, the colors, the sunrise,
the whole thing is non-existential to me.
My eyes are closed, I am blind.
And if I listen to them too much,
and if I start believing in them too much,
and if I borrow their words and I also start talking about the rainbow that I have not seen,
about colors which I cannot see,
about the sunrise which is not my experience,
I may be lost in the forest of words. — Osho

Colors Of The Rainbow Quotes By Anita Diamant

They sang the words in unison, yet somehow created a web of sounds with their voices. It was like hearing a piece of fabric woven with all the colors of a rainbow. I did not know that such beauty could be formed by the human mouth. I had never heard harmony before. — Anita Diamant

Colors Of The Rainbow Quotes By Shay Mitchell

I love colorful things. I think the world is so beautiful because of all the different colors. With my feed, I really like it to be a rainbow effect, very colorful and vibrant, and just showing happy moments. — Shay Mitchell

Colors Of The Rainbow Quotes By Joseph Addison

Among the several kinds of beauty, the eye takes most delight in colors. — Joseph Addison

Colors Of The Rainbow Quotes By Charles R. Brown

The white light streams down to be broken up by those human prisms into all the colors of the rainbow. Take your own color in the pattern and be just that. — Charles R. Brown

Colors Of The Rainbow Quotes By Sara Bareilles

All the colors
Of the rainbow
Hidden 'neath my skin
Hearts have colors
Don't we all know?
Red runs through our veins
Feel the fire burning up
Inspire me with blood
Of blue and green
I have hope
Inside is not a heart
But a kaleidoscope — Sara Bareilles

Colors Of The Rainbow Quotes By Sy Montgomery

There is another important difference as well. Human eyes have three visual pigments, allowing us to see color. Octopuses have only one - which would make these masters of camouflage, commanding a glittering rainbow of colors, technically color-blind. How, then, does the octopus decide what colors to turn? New evidence suggests cephalopods might be able to see with their skin. — Sy Montgomery

Colors Of The Rainbow Quotes By Selena Fox

Also known as May Eve, May Day, and Walpurgis Night, happens at the beginning of May. It celebrates the height of Spring and the flowering of life. The Goddess manifests as the May Queen and Flora. The God emerges as the May King and Jack in the Green. The danced Maypole represents Their unity, with the pole itself being the God and the ribbons that encompass it, the Goddess. Colors are the Rainbow spectrum. Beltane is a festival of flowers, fertility, sensuality, and delight. — Selena Fox

Colors Of The Rainbow Quotes By H. L. Balcomb

His Nana's prayers were moving toward his mother like little butterflies of thoughts wrapped in the most beautiful colors. Each prayer looked like a mini-rainbow. — H. L. Balcomb

Colors Of The Rainbow Quotes By William Benton Clulow

Error is sometimes so nearly allied to truth that it blends with it as imperceptibly as the colors of the rainbow fade into each other. — William Benton Clulow

Colors Of The Rainbow Quotes By Tess Callahan

Because we're all rainbow-colored inside, each of us a different arrangement, of course. The kiss just makes all the colors more concentrated, so intense they can be hard to look at. Or feel, rather. Like a Mediterranean sunset. — Tess Callahan

Colors Of The Rainbow Quotes By Jeffrey A. White

Your house has two colors," she said,
while looking up at a corner
of my ceiling and walls.
"Yes," I replied.
"Why is that rainbow beach blanket on the couch?"
I replied, "Color."
She bent over and ripped
the beach towel off my white couch.
Maybe she thought I was trying to hide something.
"You talk a lot," she said sarcastically.
I looked back at her.
Maybe I raised an eyebrow,
but I didn't say anything.
She's right, of course.
I don't talk much.
I am a simple man.
I speak from my heart.
Sometimes, I write poetry. — Jeffrey A. White

Colors Of The Rainbow Quotes By Andry Lavigne

This world is like a rainbow or flower garden. Each nation donate different colors . Tribe, religion, race, language, traditions and different cultures,etc. The differences make this life be more beautiful. What would happen if the earth only contains black or white only. Rainbow with one color. Flower gardens with one kind of flower. We are all the colors of life and we live together in harmony to make this world more beautiful and give happiness to everyone. — Andry Lavigne

Colors Of The Rainbow Quotes By Rick Mayhew

He bolted right through the wooden cross arm at the parking garage exit and power-slid into traffic. A torrent of car horns and skids enveloped his vehicle, but the tears in Danny's eyes created the inability to differentiate one vehicle from another. The colors of the automobiles bled into each other like melting rainbow sherbet. — Rick Mayhew

Colors Of The Rainbow Quotes By Henri Matisse

The use of expressive colors is felt to be one of the basic elements of the modern mentality, an historical necessity, beyond choice. — Henri Matisse

Colors Of The Rainbow Quotes By Hayley Williams

When the sunlight strikes raindrops in the air, they act like a prism and form a rainbow. The rainbow is a division of white light into many beautiful colors. These take the shape of a long round arch, with it's path high above, and it's two ends apparently beyond the horizon. There is, according to legend, a boiling pot of a gold at one end. People look, but no one ever finds it. When a man looks for something beyond his reach, his friends say he is looking for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. — Hayley Williams

Colors Of The Rainbow Quotes By Malachy McCourt

Somebody once said that the Irish derived the greatest benefit from the English language. They court it like a beautiful woman. They make it bray with donkey laughter, they fling it at the sky like paint pots full of rainbow colors. — Malachy McCourt

Colors Of The Rainbow Quotes By Diane Ackerman

When I set a glass prism on a windowsill and allow the sun to flood through it, a spectrum of colors dances on the floor. What we call "white" is a rainbow of colored rays packed into a small space. The prism sets them free. Love is the white light of emotion. — Diane Ackerman

Colors Of The Rainbow Quotes By Black Elk

And as he spoke of understanding, I looked up and saw the rainbow leap with flames of many colors over me. — Black Elk

Colors Of The Rainbow Quotes By Alexandra Bracken

Because she knows what it's like to live in a world of black, and black, and the tiny bit of white, but when she escaped it, she didn't find the rainbow of colors, the dresses, the singing, the dancing. She only found ugliness. — Alexandra Bracken

Colors Of The Rainbow Quotes By Todd Burpo

Where are there lots of colors, Colton?" "In Heaven, Dad. That's where all the rainbow colors are! — Todd Burpo

Colors Of The Rainbow Quotes By Alice Dunbar Nelson

The rainbow is elusive, and its colors but the illumination of tears ... — Alice Dunbar Nelson

Colors Of The Rainbow Quotes By Salman Rushdie

She saw him fracture into rainbow colors through the prism of her love. — Salman Rushdie

Colors Of The Rainbow Quotes By Laurel Burch

I live within the vivid colors of my imagination, soaring with rainbow-feathered birds, racing the desert winds on horseback, wrapped in ancient tribal jewels, dancing with mythical tigers in steamy jungles. — Laurel Burch

Colors Of The Rainbow Quotes By Robert Burns Woodward

I love crystals, the beauty of their forms and formation; liquids, dormant, distilling, sloshing! The fumes, the odors good or bad, the rainbow of colors; the gleaming vessels of every size, shape and purpose. — Robert Burns Woodward

Colors Of The Rainbow Quotes By Jody Morse

It's so lame. Of all the colors in the rainbow we could have gotten, we get purple. Why don't we just morph into purple dinosaurs named Barney instead of werewolves, too? — Jody Morse

Colors Of The Rainbow Quotes By Ken Wilber

Each band or level, being a particular manifestation of the electromagnetic spectrum, is what it is only by virtue of the other bands. The color blue is no less beautiful because it exits along side the other colors of a rainbow, and blueness itself depends upon the existence of the other colors, for if there were no color but blue, we would never be able to see it. — Ken Wilber

Colors Of The Rainbow Quotes By Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche

When sunlight falls on a crystal, lights of all colors of the rainbow appear; yet they have no substance that you can grasp. Likewise, all thoughts in their infinite variety are utterly without substance. — Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche

Colors Of The Rainbow Quotes By Reggie Joiner

[Orange] is one of God's favorite colors
He stuck it right there between red and yellow as the second color in the rainbow. He decorates entire forests with shades of orange every autumn. It shows up in sunrises at the start of the day, sunsets at the end of the day, and in the glow of the moon at the right time of night. — Reggie Joiner

Colors Of The Rainbow Quotes By Lisa Renee Jones

All I know is he's letting me see it, and him, and he is exactly what he preaches. Raw and honest, and intense and I believe in this moment that we are a rainbow of the same colors, none of them bright or beautiful. We are the many shades of gray and black, hoping to find a glimmer of light in each other, not more darkness. — Lisa Renee Jones

Colors Of The Rainbow Quotes By Lauren Oliver

I am falling, tumbling through the air, but this time the darkness is alive around me, full of beating things, and I realize that I'm not surrounded by dark but have only had my eyes closed all this time. I open them, feeling silly, and at the same time a hundred thousand butterlies take off around me, so many of them in so many brilliant colors they are like a solid rainbow, temporarily obscuring the sun. But as they wing higher and higher they reveal a landscape below us, all green and gold and sun-drenched fields and pink-tinged clouds drifting underneath me, and the air around me is clear and blue and sweet smelling, and I'm laughing, laughing, laughing as I spin through the air because, of course, I haven't been falling all the time.
I've been flying. — Lauren Oliver

Colors Of The Rainbow Quotes By Jennifer Echols

It wasn't a pretty sunset. The colors were as expected: violet clouds, bright orange and pink underneath, against the pale blue sky. But the clouds were high cirrus, wispy, and crossed with the contrails of F-16s, a colorful glowing mess. I said, It looks like God barfed a rainbow. — Jennifer Echols

Colors Of The Rainbow Quotes By Lucy H. Pearce

There is a juiciness to creativity, a succulence that comes up from within, a sensuality which both produces and is soothed by the act and product of creativity. Creativity is pleasing to us on a deep level. Be it the feel of clay in our hands, the colors that make us feel alive as we knit or sew, the meaning that we find in the words that we write, the energizing feel of movement as we dance and the music moves through our bodies. Taking part in creativity helps us to be more fully alive on every level, it asks that we engage with life in a visceral, and interactive way. — Lucy H. Pearce

Colors Of The Rainbow Quotes By Maya Angelou

To describe my mother would be to write about a hurricane in its perfect power. Or the climbing, falling colors of a rainbow. — Maya Angelou

Colors Of The Rainbow Quotes By Jeffery W. Turner

In nature, a rainbow appears after a storm. It is luminous and shiny after the dark and rainy event that gave birth to it. Likewise with each of us, events both dark and stormy, but also ones that are bright and full of life, have made us who we are individually, and in turn who we are together as a couple.

The colors of our relationship rainbow really do blend together to create a close and exciting marriage that is also full of contentment, safety, and predictability for both of us. That way, as life's storms do rage around us, and the rainbows appear, we are consistent in our love for one another always. — Jeffery W. Turner

Colors Of The Rainbow Quotes By Jon Jones

No doubt, love comes in many colors of the rainbow. — Jon Jones

Colors Of The Rainbow Quotes By Al Franken

There are as many forms of advice as there are colors of the rainbow. Remember that good advice can come from bad people and bad advice from good people. The important thing about advice is that it is simply that. Advice. — Al Franken

Colors Of The Rainbow Quotes By Paul Cezanne

Sometimes I imagine colors as if they were living ideas, being of pure reason with which to communicate. Nature is not on the surface, it is deep down. — Paul Cezanne

Colors Of The Rainbow Quotes By John Ajvide Lindqvist

He didn't want to scream anymore. Didn't have the energy. The veils now covered his entire field of vision. He didn't have a body any longer. The colors danced. He melted into the rainbow. — John Ajvide Lindqvist

Colors Of The Rainbow Quotes By Caesar J. B. Squitti

Truth is like a double edged sword.

Truth, as in the colors of the rainbow, are truths, not to be confused with THE TRUTH, which is like LIGHT, all colors and no single color.

The Truth is like a tree, with all its fruit, while truths are like the fruit on the tree, part of the whole; parts of The Truth, half-truths.

Truth can be true, yet it can also lie.

So the question is does truth lead to THE TRUTH, or do truths lead us to a lie ? To see the difference is the key to the gates of Eden. — Caesar J. B. Squitti

Colors Of The Rainbow Quotes By Daniel Mega

But it was no ordinary fart. It was the Rainbow Fart Of Power. Who farted? Hoof Hearted did, that's who. All the colors of the rainbow shot from his butt and propelled him forward in the Cosmos. — Daniel Mega

Colors Of The Rainbow Quotes By Eraldo Banovac

Just look at the sky when the rainbow appears and all the richness of
colors will fascinate you completely. — Eraldo Banovac

Colors Of The Rainbow Quotes By Avalon

All the colors of the rainbow
All of voices of the wind
Every dream that reaches out
That reaches out to find where love begins
Every word of every story
Every star in every sky
Every corner of creation lives to testify

For as long as I shall live
I will testify to love
I'll be a witness in the silences when words are not enough
With every breath I take I will give thanks to God above
For as long as I shall live
I will testify to love

From the mountains to the valleys
From the rivers to the sea
Every hand that reaches out
Every hand that reaches out to offer peace
Every simple act of mercy
Every step to kingdom come
All the Hope in every heart will speak what love has done

churus — Avalon

Colors Of The Rainbow Quotes By Rajneesh

A small child has no ambitions, he has no desires. He is so absorbed in the moment - a bird on the wing catches his eye so totally; just a butterfly, its beautiful colors, and he is enchanted; the rainbow in the sky ... and he cannot conceive that there can be anything more significant, richer than this rainbow. And the night full of stars, stars beyond stars ... Innocence is rich, it is full, it is pure. — Rajneesh

Colors Of The Rainbow Quotes By Suzy Kassem


You are not white,
but a rainbow of colors.
You are not black,
but golden.
You are not just a nationality,
but a citizen of the world.
You are not just for the right or left,
but for what is right over the wrong.
You are not just rich or poor,
but always wealthy in the mind and heart.
You are not perfect, but flawed.
You are flawed, but you are just.
You may just be conscious human,
but you are also a magnificent
reflection of God. — Suzy Kassem

Colors Of The Rainbow Quotes By L.A. Paul

I argue, based on metaphysical and physical considerations, that we should think of the fundamental parts of the world as a mix of intrinsic natures, rather like a paint-pot filled with a rainbow of colors, loosely mixed to give a richly varied, spatiotemporally inseparable, spread of qualities, and that this mixture is what gives rise to ordinary reality. — L.A. Paul

Colors Of The Rainbow Quotes By Susan Barbara Apollon

Because you are an energetic being and your thoughts and feelings are energy, your journey may be compared to an intricately woven fabric. As the weaver of the fabric of your life, you alone decide whether your life will be beautifully intertwined with threads of gold and silver and blended with the colors of the rainbow, or made with strands of straw and cotton in shades of grays, browns, and other dark, heavy colors. — Susan Barbara Apollon

Colors Of The Rainbow Quotes By Lucy Christopher

My eyelids are heavy as stone. But when I sleep, I'll have that dream again. I haven't wanted to tell you about it, until now.
I'll be in the Separates, and I'll be digging with my bare hands. When I've made a hole deep enough to plant a tree, I'll place my fingers inside. I'll slip off the ring you gave me. It will catch the light and glint a rainbow of colors over my skin, but I will take my hands away, leaving it there. I'll sprinkle the earth back over it, and I will bury it. Back where it belongs.
I'll rest against a tree's rough trunk. The sun will be setting, it's dazzling color threading through the sky, making my cheeks warm.
Then I will wake up.
Good-bye, Ty,
Gemma — Lucy Christopher

Colors Of The Rainbow Quotes By Hunter S. Jones

With one perfect kiss on one perfect English summer afternoon, we understand the meaning of all the colors of every rainbow, forevermore. — Hunter S. Jones

Colors Of The Rainbow Quotes By J.A. Redmerski

Victor Faust did much more than help me escape a life of abuse and servitude. He changed me.
He changed the landscape of my dreams, the dreams I had every day about living ordinarily and free
and on my own. He changed the colors on the palette from primary to rainbow - as dark as the colors
of that rainbow may be. — J.A. Redmerski

Colors Of The Rainbow Quotes By Andrea Barbosa

And the images vanish
like soft clouds up high,
transforming the colors of my rainbow
into the dark loneliness of my night. — Andrea Barbosa

Colors Of The Rainbow Quotes By Suzy Kassem

This is God's universe and he is the master gardener of all. If we were to eliminate all colors in his garden, then what would be a rainbow with only one color? Or a garden with only one kind of flower? Why would the Creator create a vast assortment of plants, ethnicities, and animals, if only one beast or seed is to dominate all of existence? — Suzy Kassem

Colors Of The Rainbow Quotes By Victoria Finlay

Years later the Romantic poet John Keats would complain that on that fateful day Newton had "destroyed all the poetry of the rainbow by reducing it to prismatic colors." But color - like sound and scent - is just an invention of the human mind responding to waves and particles that are moving in particular patterns through the universe - and poets should not thank nature but themselves for the beauty and the rainbows they see around them. — Victoria Finlay

Colors Of The Rainbow Quotes By Rick Yancey

She whips the hose back and forth, laughing as he chases it, the fleeting, uncatchable colors, shimmering splinters of the golden light. Catch the rainbow, Sammy! Catch the rainbow! — Rick Yancey

Colors Of The Rainbow Quotes By Suzy Kassem

To become a true global citizen, one must abandon all notions of 'otherness' and instead embrace 'togetherness'. The world is no longer white, black, yellow and brown. Through love, tribes have been intermixing colors to reveal a new rainbow world. And as more time passes, this racial and cultural blending will make it harder for humans to side with one race, nation or religion over another. Therefore, practical wisdom should be used to abandon any cultural, social, religious, tribal, and national beliefs of alterity altogether. This is the only way mankind will truly evolve. Segregation is a word of the past. Unity is the key to a peaceful future. — Suzy Kassem

Colors Of The Rainbow Quotes By Morris Dees

What a privilege to be here on the planet to contribute your unique donation to humankind. Each face in the rainbow of colors that populate our world is precious and special. — Morris Dees

Colors Of The Rainbow Quotes By Suzy Kassem

The parent is protector and trainer, but never the ultimate teacher. Every parent is responsible for teaching their kid basic moral conduct, manners, the difference between love and hate, and right from wrong. However, after maturity, the child must set off to seek knowledge on their own. Religion is never to be forced. And you cannot threaten your child with hell and tell them your religion is the only right way. There is no one right way. The many ways to the Creator are as varied as the colors of a rainbow. — Suzy Kassem

Colors Of The Rainbow Quotes By Yuri Gagarin

Rays were blazing through the atmosphere of the earth, the horizon became bright orange, gradually passing into all the colors of the rainbow: from light blue to dark blue, to violet and then to black. What an indescribable gamut of colors! Just like the paintings of the artist Nicholas Roerich. — Yuri Gagarin

Colors Of The Rainbow Quotes By Nina Lane

You don't know that I started believing in impossible things after I met you. Maybe a person could slide down a rainbow or taste the clouds or count to infinity. Why not, if there was Liv in the world? The stars shone brighter, the colors of the world became more vivid, everything was clearer, happier, better. All because of you. — Nina Lane

Colors Of The Rainbow Quotes By Thomas Ligotti

It was no amalgam of colors comparable to anything in mortal existence. It was as if all natural colors had been mutated into a painfully lush iridescence by some prism fantastically corrupted in its form; it was a rainbow staining the sky after a poison deluge; it was an aurora painting the darkness with a blaze of insanity, a blaze that did not burn vigorously but shimmered with an insect-jeweled frailness. — Thomas Ligotti

Colors Of The Rainbow Quotes By Louis Armstrong

The colors of the rainbow so pretty in the sky Are also on the faces of people goin' by I see friends shaking hands saying, "How do you do" They're really saying "I love you." I hear babies cry, I watch then grow They'll learn much more than I'll ever know; And I think to myself, What a wonderful world; Yes, I think to myself, What a wonderful world. Oh yeah! — Louis Armstrong

Colors Of The Rainbow Quotes By Thomas Ligotti

The multicolored leaves were softly glowing against the black sky, creating an untimely nocturnal rainbow which scattered its spectral tints everywhere and dyed the night with a harvest of hues: peach gold and pumpkin orange, honey yellow and winy amber, apple red and plum violet. Luminous within their leafy shapes, the colors cast themselves across the darkness and were splattered upon our streets and our fields and our faces. Everything was resplendent with the pyrotechnics of a new autumn. — Thomas Ligotti

Colors Of The Rainbow Quotes By Christie Ridgway

It's ... You've been all over the world. Been in perilous places, taken risks that stop my breath. In comparison to all that, will what we might have ... will I be enough?"
"Sweetheart ... "
"You said my world, this world, is colorless, remember?" It almost made him laugh. "Honey-pie, when I'm with you, I think of a thousand colors. Your beautiful silvery eyes, your lemon-yellow swimsuit, your pink sunburn, your pumpkin shoes. You're ... you're my rainbow." His darling, serious, wonderful, brave, spirited, beautiful, talented Jane. So, so lovable — Christie Ridgway

Colors Of The Rainbow Quotes By Mary Church Terrell

No one color can describe the various and varied complexions in our group. They range from the deep black to the fairest white with all the colors of the rainbow thrown in for good measure. When twenty or thirty of us meet, it is as hard to find three or four with the same complexion as it would be catch greased lightning in a bottle. — Mary Church Terrell

Colors Of The Rainbow Quotes By Vanna Bonta

If you were the sky, I would unfurl myself in you, as a rainbow of colors yet unseen. I would become oceans of stars in your night. — Vanna Bonta