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Coloring Outside The Lines Quotes By Lisa Kleypas

His golden-amber hair seemed to absorb the sunlight. His coloring was unquestionably Anglo-Saxon, but the dramatic lines of his cheekbones, angled at a rather tigerish slant, and the sensuous fullness of his wide mouth gave him a singularly exotic appeal. — Lisa Kleypas

Coloring Outside The Lines Quotes By Tina Ferraro

Kate DelVecchio's Six-Point Plan A Hexagon for Hooking Hotties Above are 6 numbered points. Write the names of the potential couple on the center line. Read the questions. For every YES answer, darken the corresponding numbered point with a colored marker. 1: Are both parties unattached and available? 2: Do they have similar interests? 3: Are they on speaking terms? 4: Will they look good together? 5: Do they have a meeting ground outside of school (i.e., work, youth group, mutual friends' homes)? 6: Will their personalities click? Once you have finished answering the questions and coloring the dots, connect all adjacent colored points with lines. When you are finished, examine your diagram. Is it a perfect hexagon for a perfect couple? Flopping — Tina Ferraro

Coloring Outside The Lines Quotes By James Spader

The script is the coloring book that you're given, and your job is to figure out how to color it in. And also when and where to color outside the lines. — James Spader

Coloring Outside The Lines Quotes By Steve Stockman

A need for precision and perfection has always been an enemy of art, which is about coloring outside the lines. It is also an enemy of the reality that following Jesus is a journey, not an arrival. — Steve Stockman

Coloring Outside The Lines Quotes By Harlan Coben

The artwork of children always broke Grace's heart. The pieces were like snapshots, a moment that is forever gone, a life-post, never to be repeated. Their artistic abilities will mature and change. The innocence will be gone, captured only in fingerpaint or coloring out of the lines, in uneven handwriting. — Harlan Coben

Coloring Outside The Lines Quotes By Diane Chamberlain

Sometimes coloring outside the lines can cost you. Only you can figure out if it's worth it. — Diane Chamberlain

Coloring Outside The Lines Quotes By Shane Claiborne

Jesus was Jewish. He went to synagogue "as was his tradition" and celebrated holy days such as Passover. But Jesus also healed on the Sabbath. Jesus points us to a God who is able to work within institutions and order, a God who is too big to be confined. God is constantly coloring outside the lines. Jesus challenges the structures that oppress and exclude, and busts through any traditions that put limitations on love. Love cannot be harnessed. — Shane Claiborne

Coloring Outside The Lines Quotes By John D. MacDonald

I drove back into town, full of the look of her, full of the impact of her. It was an impact that made the day, the trees, the city, all look more vivid. Her face was special and clear in my mind - the wide mouth, the one crooked tooth, the gray slant of her eyes. Her figure was good, shoulders just a bit too wide, hips just a shade too narrow to be classic. Her legs were long, with clean lines. Her flat back and the inswept lines of her waist were lovely. Her breasts were high and wide spaced, with a flavor of impertinence, almost arrogance. It was the coloring of her though that pleased me most. Dark red of the hair, gray of the eyes, golden skin tones. — John D. MacDonald

Coloring Outside The Lines Quotes By John C. Maxwell

People who are not leaders automatically gravitate toward lines
limitations set by others. Many people are taught this in kindergarten when they are instructed to stay within the lines while coloring. But leaders are more creative than that. They look for options and opportunities. They try to take things in a new direction, or beyond the limit. Progress and innovation are made by people who think without lines. — John C. Maxwell

Coloring Outside The Lines Quotes By Mike Yaconelli

Christianity is not about learning how to live within the lines; Christianity is about the joy of coloring. — Mike Yaconelli

Coloring Outside The Lines Quotes By Thomas Pynchon

Mason is able to inspect the long Map, fragrant, elegantly cartouch'd with Indians and Instruments, at last. Ev'ry place they ran it, ev'ry House pass'd by, Road cross'd, the Ridge-lines and Creeks, Forests and Glades, Water ev'ry-where, and the Dragon nearly visible. "So, - so. This is the Line as all shall see it after its Copper-Plate 'Morphosis, - and all History remember? This is what ye expect me to sign off on?" "Not the worst I've handed in. And had they wish'd to pay for Coloring? Why, tha'd scarcely knaah the Place . . . ?" "This is beauteous Work. Emerson was right, Jeremiah. You were flying, all the time." Dixon, his face darken'd by the Years of Weather, may be allowing himself to blush in safety. "Could have us'd a spot of Orpiment, all the same. Some Lapis . . . ? — Thomas Pynchon

Coloring Outside The Lines Quotes By Sarah Dunn

Just because I'd spent so many years coloring inside the lines, it wasn't fair for me to expect perfection. People make mistakes. Life isn't fair. People change. — Sarah Dunn

Coloring Outside The Lines Quotes By Eileen Cook

Tell me the truth. When you were a kid, did you always color inside the lines?"
"Coloring in the lines is the whole point. That's why they have lines," I said.
"That's where you're wrong. The lines are there just to hold you in. Like a prison. Think what you might have created if there hadn't been any lines. — Eileen Cook