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Top Collapse Movie Quotes

Collapse Movie Quotes By Illeana Douglas

When we were doing a scene, lots of times we would collapse giggling, because it seemed so silly because it felt like we were doing a home movie at times. — Illeana Douglas

Collapse Movie Quotes By Eli Roth

I've always wanted to make a big apocalypse movie. I love 28 Weeks Later, I think it's great but Cell is totally different. It's about people's dependence on technology, the collapse of society and watching everything fall apart. That's something I've always wanted to do, which I believe it can! — Eli Roth

Collapse Movie Quotes By Claire Danes

I would sign on for projects that were meant to shoot in July, and then they would postponed and they would bleed into the following semester, and then I'd take a semester off, and then the movie would collapse. — Claire Danes

Collapse Movie Quotes By Matthew Specktor

People will continue to make movies. But I do think the economic model of the studio movie is closing in on a kind of systemic collapse. — Matthew Specktor

Collapse Movie Quotes By Colin Hanks

Everyone in my industry, the movie industry, is looking at the music industry and going, 'How do we avoid that collapse?' And I don't know if you can, to be quite honest! — Colin Hanks