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Top Coffee Drinker Quotes

Coffee Drinker Quotes By Robyn Schneider

See, that's a coffee drinker's problem,' Marina said. 'Meanwhile, I'm perfectly fine with tea bags.'
'I love that there's such a rivalry,' said Charlie. 'It's like, leaf watt versus bean water, you know? — Robyn Schneider

Coffee Drinker Quotes By Danica McKellar

So somebody told me that if I wasn't a coffee drinker yet, by the end of college I'd have to be, because a math major is so tough I would have to stay up very late. I was going to need coffee to do that. Well, merely because they said that, I never drank coffee in college, never got addicted to it, never needed it. — Danica McKellar

Coffee Drinker Quotes By Chelsea Clinton

My dad had always been a big decaf coffee drinker. But my mom had always been more of a tea drinker. So I grew up around a lot of tea. And I also really love tea. But I'm not one of those people who has ever felt the need to choose between coffee and tea. I think that is a completely false dichotomy. — Chelsea Clinton

Coffee Drinker Quotes By James Michael Tyler

I never have been a big coffee drinker. — James Michael Tyler

Coffee Drinker Quotes By Sam Harris

I generally start each day with a cup of coffee or tea - sometimes two. This morning, it was coffee (two). Why not tea? I am in no position to know. I wanted coffee more than I wanted tea today, and I was free to have what I wanted. Did I consciously choose coffee over tea? No. The choice was made for me by events in my brain that I, as the conscious witness of my thoughts and actions, could not inspect or influence. Could I have "changed my mind" and switched to tea before the coffee drinker in me could get his bearings? Yes, but this impulse would also have been the product of unconscious causes. Why didn't it arise this morning? Why might it arise in the future? I cannot know. The intention to do one thing and not another does not originate in consciousness - rather, it appears in consciousness, as does any thought or impulse that might oppose it. — Sam Harris

Coffee Drinker Quotes By David Foster Wallace

The first time I lay actual eyes on the real David Lynch on the set of his movie, he's peeing on a tree ... Mr. David Lynch, a prodigious coffee drinker, apparently pees hard and often. — David Foster Wallace

Coffee Drinker Quotes By Max Schneider

When I'm not shooting, I love going on adventures with friends. I love zip-lining through rainforests and different natural habitats, and I love writing music on the side, and I love drinking coffee. I'm a big coffee drinker and go to a lot of cafes and stuff. — Max Schneider

Coffee Drinker Quotes By Donny Osmond

I love cranberry juice, but I'm not a coffee drinker - as a Mormon, I avoid caffeine. — Donny Osmond

Coffee Drinker Quotes By Willie Geist

I'm not a coffee drinker, so my drink is kind of like a girlie skim chai latte. I'm not proud of it, but it's really good. — Willie Geist