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Top Clothes Dryer Quotes

Clothes Dryer Quotes By Patrick Carman

It all scares me, and it's all like clothes in a dryer that just keep rolling around in my head from one day to the next. — Patrick Carman

Clothes Dryer Quotes By Laurie Halse Anderson

What do you miss about being alive?" The sound of my mom singing, a little off-key. The way my dad went to all my swim meets and I could hear his whistle when my head was underwater, even if he did yell at me afterward for not trying harder. I miss going to the library. I miss the smell of clothes fresh out of the dryer. I miss diving off the highest board and nailing the landing. I miss waffles" - p. 272. — Laurie Halse Anderson

Clothes Dryer Quotes By Matt Chandler

The gospel gives it all. Justification for our guilt. Sanctification for deconstructing our false ideals. Adoption for the red face of our secret shame. And suddenly, in place of the raw emotions that continually joined forces against us, knocking us around like a nickel in a clothes dryer, the sun can now rise in the morning on a truly perfect storm, as God's grace feeds in us a new passion for Him, and passion responds by feeding us even more grace - a revitalizing shower where the only water seeping into our hearts is from the fountain of living waters, replenishing our once-guilty, once-shameful hearts with sheer joy, acceptance, and freedom. Let it rain. — Matt Chandler

Clothes Dryer Quotes By Andy Weir

The rover was not so lucky. It continued tumbling down the hill, bouncing the traveler around like clothes in a dryer. After twenty meters, the soft powder gave way to more solid sand and the rover shuddered to a halt. It had come to rest on its side. The valves leading to the now- missing hoses had detected the sudden pressure drop and closed. The pressure seal was not breached. The traveler was alive, for now. — Andy Weir

Clothes Dryer Quotes By Sheila Turnage

Some people look like they were born on a clothes hanger. Not me. I look more like I was born in a dryer. — Sheila Turnage

Clothes Dryer Quotes By Robert B. Parker

You guys look like you shipped back here in a crate," Quirk said.
"Clothes are fresh from the dryer," I said. "Just need a little ironing."
"So does your life," Belson said. — Robert B. Parker

Clothes Dryer Quotes By Jim Norton

Get a in clothes dryer with Magic Johnson and some razorblades. — Jim Norton

Clothes Dryer Quotes By Robin Alexander

How do you wash your clothes?" "Sally has a small washer and dryer." "Sally?" Selene said. "Who is that?" "The Winnebago we're traveling in. Long story, but my dad likes to name inanimate objects." "Ah, that makes perfect sense. The copier at our office is named Hateful Bitch. — Robin Alexander

Clothes Dryer Quotes By Lois Lowry

She was the only doctor's wife in Branford, Maine, who hung her wash on an outdoor clothesline instead of putting it through a dryer, because she liked to look out the window and see the clothes blowing in the wind. She had been especially delighted, one day, when one sleeve of the top of her husband's pajamas, prodded by the stiff breeze off the bay, reached over and grabbed her nightgown around the waist. — Lois Lowry

Clothes Dryer Quotes By Regina Brett

'Star Trek' never grabbed me. Every time I hear about Klingons, I think of those little lint balls that stick to your clothes in the dryer. — Regina Brett