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Close To Success Quotes By Henry Petroski

I employ case studies of failure into my courses, emphasizing that they teach us much more than studies of success. It is not that success stories cannot serve as models of good design or as exemplars of creative engineering. They can do that, but they cannot teach us how close to failure they are. — Henry Petroski

Close To Success Quotes By Ahmed H. Zewail

When I was a child, I thought of my Delta town as the center of the universe, but now I realize how little I know about the universe. As a child, I thought I was immortal, but now I recognize how limited a time we all have. As a child, success meant scoring A on every exam, but now I take it to mean good health, close family and friends, achieve- ments in my work, and helping others. — Ahmed H. Zewail

Close To Success Quotes By Bob Colacello

I think his portraits of Jackie, Liz, Marilyn, Mao, Elvis, Lenin - and objects like the soup cans, the dollar signs, the hammer and sickle, it's all about icons. Its all about what people worship in an irreligious or secular world. In terms of Andy's personality and Andy Warhol as a human being who I was very close to, I still feel kind of sorry for him on a personal level. I mean, he was the ultimate example of great success wrapped around inner turmoil and emotional pain. — Bob Colacello

Close To Success Quotes By Allie Brosh

Procrastination has become a it's own solution - a tool I can use to push myself so close to disaster that I become terrified and flee towards success. — Allie Brosh

Close To Success Quotes By Muriel Beadle

I have never understood why they tried to start the revolution by taking over the universities. It should have been self-evident that the net result of success would be to close the universities but leave the nation unaffected
at least, for quite a long time. Nor do I find it easy to believe that the rebels, as intelligent as most of them were, seriously expected that they could keep the universities alive as corporate bodies, once they had control of them, if they made the fundamental alterations in organization and role that they proposed to. — Muriel Beadle

Close To Success Quotes By John Wooden

I do not judge success based on championships; rather, I judge it on how close we came to realizing our potential — John Wooden

Close To Success Quotes By Richie Norton

To accelerate success, we must get as close to our dreams as possible as soon as possible. — Richie Norton

Close To Success Quotes By Fyodor Dostoyevsky

May it not be that he loves chaos and destruction (there can be no disputing that he does sometimes love it) because he is instinctively afraid of attaining his object and completing the edifice he is constructing? Who knows, perhaps he only loves that edifice from a distance, and is by no means in love with it at close quarters; perhaps he only loves building it and does not want to live in it, but will leave it, when completed ... — Fyodor Dostoyevsky

Close To Success Quotes By Thomas A. Edison

The biggest failure of man is that he gives up before he realizes how close he was to success. — Thomas A. Edison

Close To Success Quotes By S. Truett Cathy

I was not so committed to financial success that I was willing to abandon my principles and priorities. One of the most visible examples of this is our decision to close on Sunday. — S. Truett Cathy

Close To Success Quotes By Sandor Marai

It requires great spirit, an exceptionally great spirit, to suffer the success of a close relative. — Sandor Marai

Close To Success Quotes By R. Lee Smith

Yet for all the aggravation of tending them, it was not so terrible an ordeal. He'd never kept a pet before and keeping close to fifty of them all at once in the wildlands was not how any man ought to begin, but he seemed to be having some success at it and he had to admit, he liked having someone to talk to, even if she couldn't talk back. — R. Lee Smith

Close To Success Quotes By Kurt Vonnegut

There were two monsters sharing this planet with us when I was a boy, however, and I celebrate their extinction today. They were determined to kill us, or at least to make our lives meaningless. They came close to success. They were cruel adversaries, which my little friends the beavers were not. Lions? No. Tigers? No. Lions and tigers snoozed most of the time. The monsters I will name never snoozed. They inhabited our heads. They were the arbitrary lusts for gold, and, God help us, for a glimpse of a little girl's underpants. — Kurt Vonnegut

Close To Success Quotes By Terry Goodkind

Richard looked up at the beautiful, big pines spreading over them, illuminated in the firelight. A spark of understanding lit in his mind. He saw the branches stretched out with murderous intent in a years-long struggle to reach the sunlight and dispatch its neighbors with its shade. Success would give space for its offspring, many of which would also shrivel in the shade of the parent. Several close neighbors of the big pine were withered and weak, victims all. It was true. The design of nature was success by murder. — Terry Goodkind

Close To Success Quotes By Brit Marling

I feel like success to me is about feeling like I have done something in storytelling, where I've gotten close to articulating something intangible that I'm feeling, and I think I get closer every time, but I don't know that I've done that yet. — Brit Marling

Close To Success Quotes By Susan Juby

Fucking Hallmark never wrote anything for how I felt then. When Metallica and the rest of the metal community pitched in to pay for Acrassicauda, the Iraqi heavy metal band, to move to the US is the only thing that comes close. And maybe the late-breaking success of Anvil. I had a toasty heart, especially after I got called back to pick up first prize for Miss Frizz. Ah, never mind. You know what I'm saying. — Susan Juby

Close To Success Quotes By Dawn Gluskin

Some people will never know how close they really were to success because they threw in the towel right before their big break. — Dawn Gluskin

Close To Success Quotes By Tony Dungy

What did you have the potential to do? And if you came close to that, if you maximized that, then you were a success in God's eyes. So many of us do things that the world would say is successful, but we have so much more potential. — Tony Dungy

Close To Success Quotes By Gary D. Schmidt

Within a year, possibly by next fall," he was saying, "something that has never before been done, will be done. NASA will be sending men to the moon. Think of that. Men who were once in classrooms like this one will leave their footprints on the lunar surface." He paused. I leaned in close against the wall so I could hear him. "That is why you are sitting here tonight, and why you will be coming here in the months ahead. You come to dream dreams. You come to build fantastic castles up in the air. And you come to learn how to build the foundations that make those castles real. When the men who will command that mission were boys your age, no one knew. But in a few months, that's what will happen. So, twenty years from now, what will people say of you? 'No one knew then that this kid Washington Irving High School would grow up to do' ... what? What castle will you build? — Gary D. Schmidt

Close To Success Quotes By Matt Forbeck

A group of adventurers is known as a "party," and not just because they like to celebrate their success together in the end. Your party should be as close to you as your family--assuming your family can cast spells, kill monsters, and bring you back from the edge of death. — Matt Forbeck

Close To Success Quotes By Richard Dannatt

Soldiers are required to close with the enemy, possibly in

the midst of innocent bystanders, and fight; and to continue operating in the face of mortal danger. This is a group activity, at all scales of effort and intensities. Soldiers are part of a team, and the effectiveness of that team depends on each individual playing his or her part to the full. Success depends above all else on good morale, which is the spirit that enables soldiers to triumph over adversity: morale linked to, and reinforced by, discipline. — Richard Dannatt

Close To Success Quotes By Michael Flatley

Whenever I hear, 'It can't be done,' I know I'm close to success. — Michael Flatley

Close To Success Quotes By Ellyn Stern

My expectations-which I extended whenever I came close to accomplishing my goals-made it impossible ever to feel satisfied with my success. — Ellyn Stern

Close To Success Quotes By Yair Lapid

Israel is a tremendous success story. When I arrived, there were 600,000 Jews living here. Today there are close to 6 million. We have one of the world's top high-tech industries and a high standard of living. There is only one thing we haven't achieved: Making the country safer for Jews. — Yair Lapid

Close To Success Quotes By David McCullough

followed. . . . By merely observing with close attention how the winged tribes perform their feats, by carefully reflecting on what we have seen, and, above all, by striving correctly to understand the modus operandi of what we do see, we are sure not to wander far from the path, which leads to eventual success. — David McCullough

Close To Success Quotes By Gordon Parks

Success can be wracking and reproachful, to you and those close to you. It can entangle you with legends that are consuming and all but impossible to live up to. — Gordon Parks

Close To Success Quotes By H.W. Charles

No other ethnic group has even come close to matching the abilities and accomplishments of Jews. — H.W. Charles

Close To Success Quotes By Jeffrey Lurie

Other than my family and my close friends, there's nothing I love more than owning the team and doing everything I can to make it a success. That's how I live. That is me. — Jeffrey Lurie

Close To Success Quotes By Alain De Botton

The most fulfilling human projects appeared inseparable from a degree of torment, the sources of our greatest joys lying awkwardly close to those of our greatest pains ...
Why? Because no one is able to produce a great work of art without experience, nor achieve a worldly position immediately, nor be a great lover at the first attempt; and in the interval between initial failure and subsequent success, in the gap between who we wish one day to be and who we are at present, must come pain, anxiety, envy and humiliation. We suffer because we cannot spontaneously master the ingredients of fulfillment.
Nietzsche was striving to correct the belief that fulfillment must come easily or not at all, a belief ruinous in its effects, for it leads us to withdraw prematurely from challenges that might have been overcome if only we had been prepared for the savagery legitimately demanded by almost everything valuable. — Alain De Botton

Close To Success Quotes By Brian Simo

The thing about failure is that you never know how close you were to success. — Brian Simo

Close To Success Quotes By Hans Jurgen Eysenck

Nothing succeeds like success; children who opt out of school have had a continued record of failure, and it would be difficult to blame the children themselves for voting with their feet and playing truant as much as possible. This failure is not necessary; it is imposed on the children by inappropriate methods of teaching which do not take into account the innate patterns of abilities of these children. A return to sanity is long overdue; we must pay close attention to the genetic basis of our children's abilities. — Hans Jurgen Eysenck

Close To Success Quotes By Suzy Kassem

Doubt, fear and regret are the three villains of success. If you close the door on the first two, you will never have to worry about meeting the third. — Suzy Kassem

Close To Success Quotes By Anonymous

should therefore remain in the world and engage in spiritual practice.Well, can I get realisation in this life? M. : This has been already answered. You are always the Self. Earnest efforts never fail. Success is bound to result.D. : Will Maharshi be pleased to extend Grace to me also! Maharshi smiled and said "Um! Um!" With blessings and salutation, the interview came to a close and the party departed directly. 30th September, 1936 Talk 252.D. : Sri Ramakrishna touched Vivekananda and the latter realised Bliss. Is it possible? M. : Sri Ramakrishna did not touch all for that purpose. He did not create Atma. He did not create Realisation. Vivekananda was ripe. He was anxious to realise. He must have completed the preliminary course in his past births. Such is possible for ripe persons only.D. : Can the same miracle be worked for all?218 — Anonymous

Close To Success Quotes By Dalai Lama XIV

I believe that the very purpose of life is to be happy. From the very core of our being, we desire contentment. In my own limited experience I have found that the more we care for the happiness of others, the greater is our own sense of well-being. Cultivating a close, warmhearted feeling for others automatically puts the mind at ease. It helps remove whatever fears or insecurities we may have and gives us the strength to cope with any obstacles we encounter. It is the principal source of success in life. Since we are not solely material creatures, it is a mistake to place all our hopes for happiness on external development alone. The key is to develop inner peace. — Dalai Lama XIV

Close To Success Quotes By Thomas A. Edison

Many of life's failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up. — Thomas A. Edison

Close To Success Quotes By Jay Conrad Levinson

seven tips for gaining the response rate you want with direct mail. 1. The headline of your brochure should ask for the order. 2. The copy should always tell the person what to do next. 3. Blue is a dandy second color, but red with black is generally the best-pulling direct-mail combination. 4. Red can be overused; use it primarily for highlights. 5. Experts say that the four most important elements in direct mail are the list, the offer, the copy, and the graphics. Guerrillas pay close attention to each. 6. The fastest-growing segment of the direct-mail industry is nontraditional mailers - those who haven't used direct mail in the past. 7. Direct-mail success comes with the cumulative effect of repeat mailings. Make them repetitive yet different from one another. — Jay Conrad Levinson

Close To Success Quotes By David Archuleta

Yes, I've worked hard; and yes, I may have achieved a certain level of success-but I'm very clear about the fact that none of it would be worth it without doing the things that keep me close to God. — David Archuleta

Close To Success Quotes By Stormie O'martian

Freedom, wholeness, and true success can only be found when you are living a praying life. That means walking so close to God that He can keep you away from danger and guide you where you need to go — Stormie O'martian

Close To Success Quotes By DJ Khaled

They'll try to close the door on you ... Just open it. — DJ Khaled

Close To Success Quotes By Donald J. Boudreaux

People who seek political power are, with exceptions too rare to matter, never to be trusted; at best, such people are vain and officious busybodies. People who actually achieve political power are to be trusted even less than those who seek it without success; winning elections requires a measure of deceitfulness and Machiavellian immorality that no decent person comes close to possessing. — Donald J. Boudreaux

Close To Success Quotes By George Lucas

You need to have a lot of close family around you, a lot of friends to keep you honest. Take your time, take a year and just slow everything down a little bit. Get away from the success part, stay with yourself. Go off on a beach somewhere or do something to keep yourself aligned right. — George Lucas

Close To Success Quotes By William Shatner

Success is different for everyone; everybody defines it in their own way, and that's part of what we do in 'Close Up', finding what it was each person wanted to achieve and what their willingness to sacrifice for that was. — William Shatner

Close To Success Quotes By David Blankenhorn

The most important domestic challenge facing the U.S. at the close of the twentieth century is the re-creation of fatherhood as avital social role for men. At stake is nothing less than the success of the American experiment. For unless we reverse the trend of fatherlessness, no other set of accomplishments
not economic growth or prison construction or welfare reform or better schools
will succeed in arresting the decline of child well-being and the spread of male violence. To tolerate the trend of fatherlessness is to accept the inevitability of continued social recession. — David Blankenhorn

Close To Success Quotes By Susan Higginbotham

Hugh had led men into battle with success and was on reasonably good terms with the king, though they would never be intimates; in any case, his father had been so close to his king that this would probably have to suffice for whole generations of Dipensers. — Susan Higginbotham

Close To Success Quotes By Tobias Smollett

A novel is a large diffused picture, comprehending the characters of life, disposed in different groups, and exhibited in various attitudes, for the purposes of an uniform plan, and general occurrence, to which every individual figure is subservient. But this plan cannot be executed with propriety, probability, or success, without a principal personage to attract the attention, unite the incidents, unwind the clue of the labyrinth, and at last close the scene, by virtue of his own importance. — Tobias Smollett

Close To Success Quotes By Peter Guber

Beside every great success are the seeds of enormous failure. In every failure, there's the opportunity seeds of great success. They're not miles apart. So if they're that close together, and if you're really working, you're always gonna have that likelihood that something's not going to work. — Peter Guber

Close To Success Quotes By Mark Millar

The success [of the X-Men], I think, is for two reasons. The first is that, creatively, the book was close to perfect ... but the other reason is that it was a book about being different in a culture where, for the first time in the West, being different wasn't just accepted, but was also fashionable. I don't think it's a coincidence that gay rights, black rights, the empowerment of women and political correctness all happened over those twenty years and a book about outsiders trying to be accepted was almost the poster-boy for this era in American culture. — Mark Millar

Close To Success Quotes By Alex Rosa

you think I am going to give up now? I'm so close. — Alex Rosa

Close To Success Quotes By Charles Stanley

In times of defeat, we never know how close we are to victory. In every event of failure, God has planted a seed of success. — Charles Stanley

Close To Success Quotes By Mensah Oteh

Greatness has a fragrance. Get close to it and that fragrance will arouse your potential. — Mensah Oteh

Close To Success Quotes By Lewis H. Lapham

I begin to understand that failure is its own reward. It is in the effort to close the distance between the work imagined and the work achieved wherein it is to be found that the ceaseless labor is the freedom of play, that what's at stake isn't a reflection in the mirror of fame but the escape from the prison of the self. — Lewis H. Lapham

Close To Success Quotes By Elie Wiesel

At the time of the liberation of the camps, I remember, we were convinced that after Auschwitz there would be no more wars, no more racism, no more hatred, no more anti-Semitism. We were wrong. This produced a feeling close to despair. For if Auschwitz could not cure mankind of racism, was there any chance of success ever? The fact is, the world has learned nothing. Otherwise, how is one to comprehend the atrocities committed in Cambodia, Rwanda, Bosnia ... — Elie Wiesel

Close To Success Quotes By Chris Murray

The ability to close sales effectively has never been confined to the last few moments of the conversation. — Chris Murray

Close To Success Quotes By Christopher Moore

Success in America doesn't require any special talent or any kind of extra effort. You just have to be consistent and not fuck up. That's how most people fail. They can't stand the pressure of getting what they want, so when they see that they are getting close they engineer some sort of fuckup to undermine their success. — Christopher Moore

Close To Success Quotes By Israelmore Ayivor

You turn friends away before you discover they were good after all; you give up on your dreams before you realize you were very close to your success all that while. Be patient; don't rush things! — Israelmore Ayivor

Close To Success Quotes By Michael Jackson

"In Africa," S. B. once remarked, "if you do well, people close to you will hate you." — Michael Jackson

Close To Success Quotes By Belle S. Spafford

To me, success is one's ability to keep the faith, develop his God-given talents, and be able to honestly say at the close of life, "the world is a better place because I have lived." — Belle S. Spafford

Close To Success Quotes By Og Mandino

The prizes of life are at the end of each journey, not near the beginning; and it is not given to me to know how many steps are necessary in order to reach my goal. Failure I may still encounter at the thousandth step, yet success hides behind the next bend in the road. Never will I know how close it lies unless I turn the corner. — Og Mandino

Close To Success Quotes By Kamil Ali

Belief In Self
If you quit while pursuing your dreams, you will never know how close you've come to success. It might have been hidden behind that next door you decided not to open, since the last fifty doors revealed little or nothing. — Kamil Ali

Close To Success Quotes By Nia Long

I attribute my talent and my success to God, but I believe that the only way you can manifest what He has ordained for you is by being close to Him and by making it happen. But we have to stay close to Him in order to be an image of Him. — Nia Long

Close To Success Quotes By Vladimir Nabokov

It happens that over a long period you are promised a great success, in which from the very start you do not believe, so dissimilar is it from the rest of fate's offering, and if from time to time you do think of it, then you do so as it were to indulge your fantasy - but when, at last, on a very ordinary day with a west wind blowing, the news comes - simply, instantaneously and decisevely destroying any hope in it - then you are suddenly amazed to find that although you did not believe in it, you had been living with it all this time, not realizingt he constant, close presence of the dream, which had long since grown fat and independent, so that now you cannot get it out of your life without making a hole in that life. — Vladimir Nabokov

Close To Success Quotes By Grant Cardone

Treating success as an option is one of the major reasons why more people don't create it for themselves-and why most people don't even get close to living up to their full potential. — Grant Cardone

Close To Success Quotes By Tessa Afshar

There is only one measure of true success, child. How close you remain by His side. Does the dust of His feet get on your cloak because you follow so close? Does the sound of His whisper reverberate in your ear because you have drawn so near? Are you obedient to that voice, day after day, hour after hour? That's how I measure success. Do you understand? — Tessa Afshar

Close To Success Quotes By Oscar Wilde

Do you want to kill his love for you? What sort of existence will he have if you rob him of the fruits of his ambition, if you take him from the splendour of a great political career, if you close the doors of public life against him, if you condemn him to sterile failure, he who was made for triumph and success? Women are not meant to judge us but to forgive us when we need forgiveness. Pardon, not punishment, is their mission. Why should you scourge him with rods for a sin done in his youth, before he knew you, before he knew himself? A man's life is of more value than a woman's. It has larger issues, wider scope, greater ambitions. A women's life revolves around curves of emotions. It is upon lines of intellect that man's life progresses. Don't make any terrible mistake, Lady Chiltern. A woman who can keep a man's love, and love him in return, has done all the world wants of women, or should want of them. — Oscar Wilde

Close To Success Quotes By Jennifer Lawrence

I'm very, very thirsty for knowledge. Just because I'm good at something and have found success doesn't mean I'm done. I'm not even close to being done. I don't know if I ever will be done learning. — Jennifer Lawrence

Close To Success Quotes By Jeffrey Lurie

If you had to point to anything, it's when you've had as much success as we've had and are so close to winning a Super Bowl, at some stage you have an opportunity to think the next move, even if it's not consistent with all your previous moves, will be the one that gives you the chance to win the Lombardi Trophy. — Jeffrey Lurie

Close To Success Quotes By Katie McGrath

I have always said the success of the show has stemmed from our audience being able to relate to the characters on different levels - being based on the universally loved Arthurian legend is only a tiny part of its success - it's a story about acceptance and growing up. The breathtaking finale of this series leaves you with no doubt that characters have been on their journeys and had their stories told - it's completely the right time to draw our telling of the story to a close. — Katie McGrath

Close To Success Quotes By Cordelia Fine

There is in fact a category of people who get unusually close to the truth about themselves and the world. Their self-perceptions are more balanced,they assign responsibility for success and failure more even-handedly, and their predictions for the future are more realistic. These people are living testimony to the dangers of self-knowledge. They are the clinically depressed. — Cordelia Fine

Close To Success Quotes By Allie Brosh

Procrastination has become its own solution - a tool I can use to push myself so close to disaster that I become terrified and flee toward success. A more troubling matter is the day-to-day activities that don't have massive consequences when I neglect to do them. — Allie Brosh

Close To Success Quotes By Neeme Jarvi

What is a career, actually? Nobody can destroy my career. Only I can destroy my career, if I am a bad conductor. I've gone to lesser known orchestras in Scotland and Sweden, Detroit, but I have enjoyed the places I've been, and had success. I like the close community relations, and to solve problems. — Neeme Jarvi

Close To Success Quotes By Janvier Chouteu-Chando

Societies and people that come close to being happy are those that do well in narrowing the disparity between their desires and their needs, especially the material things of life. — Janvier Chouteu-Chando