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Top Classroom Management Quotes

Classroom Management Quotes By Hyman G. Rickover

What it takes to do a job will not be learned from management courses. It is principally a matter of experience, the proper attitude, and common sense - none of which can be taught in a classroom ... Human experience shows that people, not organizations or management systems, get things done. — Hyman G. Rickover

Classroom Management Quotes By Ronald Coase

Economics as currently presented in textbooks and taught in the classroom does not have much to do with business management, and still less with entrepreneurship. — Ronald Coase

Classroom Management Quotes By Larry Ferlazzo

People are more motivated and confident when they believe they have more control over their environment. "People with low-power mindsets do less than they otherwise could," said one motivation researcher (Rigoglioso, 2008). Inviting students to have a voice in classroom decisions - where they sit, what day a test takes place, in what order units are studied, or even where a plant should be placed in the classroom - can help them develop that greater sense of control. An added benefit to this strategy could be fewer discipline issues. William Glasser suggests that power is a key need of students, and that 95% of classroom management problems happen because students are trying to fulfill that need (Ryan & Cooper, 2008, p. 85). — Larry Ferlazzo

Classroom Management Quotes By Donovan L. Graham

The educational process must again provide the opportunity for students to make choices and live with the consequences of these choices. Teaching is not simply telling people what to believe and do. — Donovan L. Graham

Classroom Management Quotes By Donovan L. Graham

Most Christian teachers would profess to believe that their students are made in the image of God. . .Classroom practices, however, often reveal that students are not treated accordingly. They are not challenged to think through issues and carefully examine the various positions relevant to the issue. Instead they are simply given information as correct answers to be remembered and reproduced on a test or in some other written form. Rather than create an art project that reveals something about the way they view the world, they are given specific instructions for completing each step of the project and criticized, for example, if the trees are not green. While verbally teaching Johnny that he is an important person, a teacher may employ a learning model or classroom discipline system that clearly treats him as on object to be shaped and controlled by a system. . . (p18) — Donovan L. Graham

Classroom Management Quotes By John Owens

the assistant principal told me how he "loved to read a great novel and discuss the meaning of life." He smiled, sighed wistfully, and then turned suddenly serious. "But we can't do that at our school. We have to focus on basic skills and classroom management. — John Owens

Classroom Management Quotes By Daniel Goleman

The Responsive Classroom approach creates an ideal environment for learning
every teacher should know about it. — Daniel Goleman