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Cigarettes Kill Quotes By Neil Gaiman

They say that cigarettes will kill you, eventually. Fine. That's just fine. I only wish they'd do it faster. — Neil Gaiman

Cigarettes Kill Quotes By Charlie Huston

It's not that fact of him telling me he's not going to kill me that assures me I've got some time to breathe. Predo could look me in the eye and tell me whiskey's good and cigarettes are better and I'd still need a drink and a Lucky to believe he's not lying. The man breeds lies. He spawns them asexually, with no need for any assistance. He exhales and lies fill the air. Alone in a room, he mutters lies to himself to keep from falling into the trap of truth-telling. In the day, sleeping in his bed, deep in the safest heart of Coalition headquarters, he dreams in lies. The better to keep his left hand from knowing what betrayals his right has planned.
Stretched on the rack and burned with hot irons, Dexter Predo will be in no danger of revealing the truth. Living so far beyond its borders. — Charlie Huston

Cigarettes Kill Quotes By Nick Flynn

I know cigarettes can kill & wonder why she wants to die. — Nick Flynn

Cigarettes Kill Quotes By Jules Laforgue

And to kill time while awaiting death, I smoke slender cigarettes thumbing my nose to the gods. — Jules Laforgue

Cigarettes Kill Quotes By Christopher McCandless

Two years he walks the earth. No phone, no pool, no pets, no cigarettes. Ultimate freedom. An extremist. An aesthetic voyager whose home is the road. Escaped from Atlanta. Thou shalt not return, 'cause "the West is the best." And now after two rambling years comes the final and greatest adventure. The climactic battle to kill the false being within and victoriously conclude the spiritual pilgrimage. Ten days and nights of freight trains and hitchhiking bring him to the Great White North. No longer to be poisoned by civilization he flees, and walks alone upon the land to become lost in the wild.
Alexander Supertramp, May 1992 — Christopher McCandless

Cigarettes Kill Quotes By Stephen King

But the pistol, this Walther ... it was as if it had been made for the express purpose of shooting people. With a chill Richie realized that was why it had been made. What else could you do with a pistol? Use it to light your cigarettes? — Stephen King

Cigarettes Kill Quotes By Piper Kerman

According to the CDC, cigarettes kill over 435,000 people a year in the United States. Most of us in Danbury were locked away for trading in illegal drugs. The annual death toll of illegal drug addicts, according to the same government study? Seventeen thousand. Heroin or coffin nails, you be the judge. — Piper Kerman

Cigarettes Kill Quotes By Nick Flynn

I know cigarettes can kill & wonder why she wants to die. — Nick Flynn

Cigarettes Kill Quotes By Kyra Davis

I don't know, man." He reached into his inside pocket and pulled out a pack of cigarettes.
"Ew!" I recoiled. "You smoke?"
"Only when I drink," he said, reaching for a lighter, "or when I'm seriously depressed."
I snatched the pack away. "These will kill you, and you don't want that."
"Yeah?" he said sarcastically. "How should I get myself killed then?"
"You could hang out with me some more," I suggested. "I attract homicidal maniacs like mosquitoes, baby. — Kyra Davis

Cigarettes Kill Quotes By Tommy Chong

Cigarettes, I won't do cigarettes, nicotine will kill ya. — Tommy Chong

Cigarettes Kill Quotes By Stephen King

Holly sighs. "I'm out of cigarettes, too." "Those things will kill you," Jerome says. She gives him a flat look. "Yes! That's part of their charm. — Stephen King

Cigarettes Kill Quotes By Dennis Miller

A third myth is that men think that women like guys who are dangerous. As a result, guys will often smoke cigarettes, drink too much, and ride a motorcycle without a helmet. The reality? Women don't like guys who are dangerous. Women want us to think that because women are trying to kill us. — Dennis Miller

Cigarettes Kill Quotes By Richard M. Weiner

Cigarettes don't kill people - cancer kills people. — Richard M. Weiner

Cigarettes Kill Quotes By Claire Vaye Watkins

His cigarettes helped mark the passage of time, especially on days that seemed all sun and sky ... The dependable dwindling of his cigarette supply reassured him that he hadn't been left out here, that eventually he would have to ride into town and things would still be there, that the world hadn't stopped whirling. — Claire Vaye Watkins

Cigarettes Kill Quotes By Iain S. Thomas

You cannot kill me here. Bring your soldiers, your death, your disease, your collapsed economy because it doesn't matter, I have nothing left to lose and you cannot kill me here. Bring the tears of orphans and the wails of a mother's loss, bring your God damn air force and Jesus on a cross, bring your hate and bitterness and long working hours, bring your empty wallets and love long since gone but you cannot kill me here. Bring your sneers, your snide remarks and friendships never felt, your letters never sent, your kisses never kissed, cigarettes smoked to the bone and cancer killing fears but you cannot kill me here. For I may fall and I may fail but I will stand again each time and you will find no satisfaction. Because you cannot kill me here. — Iain S. Thomas

Cigarettes Kill Quotes By Ariel Gore

It is a great paradox and a great injustice that writers write because we fear death and want to leave something indestructible in our wake and, at the same time, are drawn to all the things that kill: whiskey and cigarettes, unprotected sex, and deep-fried burritos. — Ariel Gore