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Christmass Vacation Quotes & Sayings

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Top Christmass Vacation Quotes

Christmass Vacation Quotes By Shandy L. Kurth

What's cheaper than a gallon of gas? An ebook. Save a dollar, stay home and read! — Shandy L. Kurth

Christmass Vacation Quotes By Simone Elkeles

After we've been dancing awhile and need a breather, we walk off the dance floor. I whip out my cell and say, "Pose for me."
The first picture I take is of him trying to pose like a cool bad boy. It makes me laugh. I take another one before he can strike a pose this time.
"Let's take one of the both of us," he says, pulling me close. I press my cheek against his while he takes my cell and puts it as far away as he can reach, then freezes this perfect moment with a click. After the picture is taken, he pulls me into his arms and kisses me. — Simone Elkeles

Christmass Vacation Quotes By Craig D. Lounsbrough

Often the first step in our own resurrection is realizing how dead we really are. — Craig D. Lounsbrough

Christmass Vacation Quotes By Jennifer Weiner

This is motherhood for you,' said my own mother. 'Going through life with your heart outside your body. — Jennifer Weiner

Christmass Vacation Quotes By Lothar-Gunther Buchheim

Take it easy now - I've got first-class references from people who've been punched in the face by me. All of them were completely satisfied. — Lothar-Gunther Buchheim

Christmass Vacation Quotes By Tara Sivec

This is supposed to be a surprise - a huge, life-changing surprise that could make or break our future. Or my kneecaps if George decides he really does hate me. — Tara Sivec

Christmass Vacation Quotes By John Ciardi

Nothing goes further toward a man's liberation than the act of surviving his need for character. — John Ciardi

Christmass Vacation Quotes By Massimo Vignelli

You can say, "I love you," in Helvetica. And you can say it with Helvetica Extra Light if you want to be really fancy. Or you can say it with the Extra Bold if it's really intensive and passionate, you know, and it might work. — Massimo Vignelli

Christmass Vacation Quotes By John Goodman

But I'm not as bad as Al Pacino - he doesn't even know what month it is half the time when he's working. — John Goodman

Christmass Vacation Quotes By Marc Norman

Viola De Lesseps: You have never spoken so well of him before.
William Shakespeare: He was not dead before. — Marc Norman

Christmass Vacation Quotes By Leif Enger

Listening to Dad's guitar, halting yet lovely in the search for phrasing, I thought: Fair is whatever God wants to do. — Leif Enger

Christmass Vacation Quotes By Ben Bernanke

Consumers going through foreclosure typically will see their credit scores drop, raising longer-term questions about their ability to rebound financially and perhaps pursue a more sustainable home purchase at some later point. — Ben Bernanke

Christmass Vacation Quotes By Lisa Schroeder

I see you.
The real you.
The you who fillips a coin,
hoping to understand
how fate works:
this choice or that choice,
ultimately leaving you
no choice at all.
The you who smiles
and tries to be happy
because that's what
people want
you to be. — Lisa Schroeder

Christmass Vacation Quotes By Lyndon B. Johnson

He's [Nixon] like a Spanish horse, who runs faster than anyone for the first nine lengths and then turns around and runs backwards. You'll see; he'll do something wrong in the end. He always does. — Lyndon B. Johnson

Christmass Vacation Quotes By Tom Hooper

Actors are programmed to see the worst. If you're talking about an actor's TV series, you say, 'I loved you last night.' And they go, 'What about the week before?' They immediately worry. — Tom Hooper