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Top Charnelhouses Quotes

Charnelhouses Quotes By Victor Hugo

In Shakespeare the birds sing, the bushes are clothed with green, hearts love, souls suffer, the cloud wanders, it is hot, it is cold, night falls, time passes, forests and multitudes speak, the vast eternal dream hovers over all. Sap and blood, all forms of the multiple reality, actions and ideas, man and humanity, the living and the life, solitudes, cities, religions, diamonds and pearls, dung-hills and charnelhouses, the ebb and flow of beings, the steps of comers and goers, all, all are on Shakespeare and in Shakespeare. — Victor Hugo

Charnelhouses Quotes By Jeanette Winterson

Many waters cannot quench love, neither can floods drown it. What then kills love? Only this: Neglect. Not to see you when you stand before me. Not to think of you in the little things. Not to make the road wide for you, the table spread for you. To choose you out of habit not desire, to pass the flower seller without a thought. To leave the dishes unwashed, the bed unmade, to ignore you in the mornings, make use of you at night. To crave another while pecking your cheek. To say your name without hearing it, to assume it is mine to call. — Jeanette Winterson

Charnelhouses Quotes By Alice Walker

Deliver me from writers who say the way they live doesn't matter. I'm not sure a bad person can write a good book. If art doesn't make us better, then what on earth is it for. — Alice Walker

Charnelhouses Quotes By Elliott James

A portable CD player played some kind of new age stuff that sounded like aborigine instruments being used to help a woman imitate Enya. At any rate, there was definitely a bull-roarer and a didgeridoo in there somewhere. — Elliott James

Charnelhouses Quotes By Neil Patrick Harris

The voiceover thing is very selfless. You go in there and they've hired you for your voice, but they know exactly what they want, and the writer's there and he knows exactly how it's supposed to be said. So you can't really argue with them, you just have to let them tell you what to do and then do it. — Neil Patrick Harris

Charnelhouses Quotes By B.K.S. Iyengar

The union of nature and soul removes the veil of ignorance that covers our intelligence. — B.K.S. Iyengar

Charnelhouses Quotes By Darren Shan

The secret to success is to stop when you're ahead. — Darren Shan