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Cerulean Quotes By G.M. Browning

Rarely have I had the pleasure of reading such a riveting tale of adventure on the high seas. Cerulean Isle delivers page after page and seems to have it all, from bloodthirsty pirates to the mesmerizing 'Mermaidens' of the deep. I highly recommend this book to anyone who has even a passing interest in those bold adventurers of old who called the heaving deck of a ship their home and declared war on the world around them. — G.M. Browning

Cerulean Quotes By Edward Abbey

Life's a dog and then you die? No no. Life is a joyous dance through daffodils beneath cerulean blue skies and then, then what? I forget what happens next.
-A Fool's Progress — Edward Abbey

Cerulean Quotes By Heather Lyons

Etienne shoves Mac over and sits down across from me.
"The truth?"
Why do people always ask me that? What do they think I'm going to say? No, please lie to me. I like being in the dark.

Lyons, Heather (2013-11-17). A Matter of Heart (Fate Series Book 2) (p. 173). Cerulean Books. Kindle Edition. — Heather Lyons

Cerulean Quotes By Heather Lyons

Our combined beauty," Callie says seriously, hand pressed against her chest, "was too much for even a god to bear all at once."

Lyons, Heather (2013-11-17). A Matter of Heart (Fate Series Book 2) (p. 128). Cerulean Books. Kindle Edition. — Heather Lyons

Cerulean Quotes By Laurell K. Hamilton

I sipped my own coffee, heavy on the sugar and cream, trying to make up for the late work the night before. Caffeine and sugar, the two basic food groups. — Laurell K. Hamilton

Cerulean Quotes By Royal Young

I grew up watching my father make plates that featured penises as centerpieces. Pink, proud, and stiff, encircled by cerulean Greek key, Dad's creations made me feel scared and small. I saw a private part of the man I could not measure up to. At six years old, I lived in a world shaded by his ceramic glazes. There was love and color, but anger, too, in the way he kneaded his clay, palms pounding the rich, wet earth into shapes of his choosing. — Royal Young

Cerulean Quotes By David Levithan

I have no idea how he knows when I need him. We can go weeks without speaking, and then, when my blue moods threaten to turn black, he will show up and tell me my moods are
and suddenly the blue will not seem so dark, more like the color of a noon-bright sky.
He brings the sun. — David Levithan

Cerulean Quotes By Jandy Nelson

The sky's gone blue: azure, the ocean bluer: cerulean, the trees are swirls of every hella freaking green on earth and bright thick eggy yellow is spilling over everything. — Jandy Nelson

Cerulean Quotes By Stephenie Meyer

Cerulean left. I wondered if she was from Flower Planet. Blue flowers were rare - one might take a name from that. — Stephenie Meyer

Cerulean Quotes By Erica Cameron

I look down, trying to see my skin like she does. Underneath the soft, cerulean-blue glow, there are so many lines it looks like a roadmap. I'm so used to the ruts and puffy scars crisscrossing my arms that I forget about them sometimes. They're the legacy of the questionable talent that's kept me alive as often as it's gotten me in trouble.
The story of my life is written in the wounds on my skin. I just wish other people could read the story, too. It'd save me a lot of explaining. — Erica Cameron

Cerulean Quotes By Irene Hannon

As she'd hoped, the two of them were the sole occupants of this stretch of windswept beach. Sipping the steaming liquid, she let the familiar peace seep into her soul. The cerulean water sparkled in the morning sun, as if sprinkled with diamonds, and she drew in a cleansing breath of the tangy salt air. She watched a sandpiper play tag with the surf. Listed to the caw of a gull high overhead and the muted thunder of the breaking waves. Felt the breeze caress her cheek. — Irene Hannon

Cerulean Quotes By Heather Lyons

Caleb does the mental equivalent of throwing his hands in the air in defeat. I ignore him.

Lyons, Heather (2013-11-17). A Matter of Heart (Fate Series Book 2) (p. 50). Cerulean Books. Kindle Edition. — Heather Lyons

Cerulean Quotes By Eric Spitznagel

He tilted the box toward a chipped Pottery Barn blue bowl, and the little blue clumps, like cerulean rat turds, tumbled out, hitting the porcelain with a surprisingly metallic thud. It sounded like pennies dumped into an aluminum trash can. — Eric Spitznagel

Cerulean Quotes By Cormac McCarthy

She smiled and sipped from her glass. There was altogether too much of her sitting there, the broad expanse of thigh cradled in the insubstantial stocking and the garters with the pale flesh pursed and her full breasts and the sootblack piping of her eyelids, a gaudish rake of metaldust in prussian blue where cerulean moths fluttered her awake from some outlandish dream. Suttree gradually going awash in the sheer outrageous sentience of her. Their glasses clicked on the tabletop. Her hot spiced tongue fat in his mouth and her hands all over him like the very witch of fuck. — Cormac McCarthy

Cerulean Quotes By Jenny Han

Some girls are pretty, and it's like they were destined for it. They were meant to be pretty, and as for the rest of us, well, we get to exist on the outer edges of life. It's like moths. They're the same as butterflies, aren't they? They're just gray. They can't help being gray, they just are. But butterflies, they're a million different colors, yellow and emerald and cerulean blue. They're pretty. Who'd dare kill a butterfly? I don't know of a single soul who'd lift a finger against a butterfly. But most anybody would swat at a moth like it was nothing, and all because it isn't pretty. Doesn't seem fair, not at all. — Jenny Han

Cerulean Quotes By Heather Lyons

Hey," she says to him.
"Hey," he says in return.
"Hey," I offer, making sure that I add to the awkwardness.

Lyons, Heather (2013-11-17). A Matter of Heart (Fate Series Book 2) (pp. 96-97). Cerulean Books. Kindle Edition. — Heather Lyons

Cerulean Quotes By Queenbe Monyei

Celadon, azure, crimson and amber.
They are beautiful, for sure.
But they have nothing on you.

Even the piano and its shades of melodic sounds.
And even, when I have the chance, Chopin in the park in Paris.
These are some of my fondest memories.

But still it is hard to think of the subtle nuances in the gold of the sun when I see you.
In you there is no viridian, cerulean, venetian, or citrine.

This is not to say that there is no color in you, because there is.
I just have not found the right words to describe you, and somehow,
I feel that I never will. — Queenbe Monyei

Cerulean Quotes By Heather Lyons

Can I borrow your phone?"
There's no hesitation.
"No." I sigh through my nose.
"Look. I totally butchered the last call. I don't want Jonah not knowing how much I love him if I go and die tonight or something."
Karl leans back against the wood paneled wall.
"Then don't die."

Lyons, Heather (2013-11-03). A Matter of Truth (Fate Series Book 3) (p. 144). Cerulean Books. Kindle Edition. — Heather Lyons

Cerulean Quotes By Heather Lyons

It's like watching a car wreck, no pun intended. I know what's going to happen, and as much as I want to look away, I can't. It's almost as if I have to see just how ineffective I was in Karl's Hummer that day.

Lyons, Heather (2012-08-25). A Matter of Fate (Fate Series Book 1) (p. 233). Cerulean Books. Kindle Edition. — Heather Lyons

Cerulean Quotes By Jack Kerouac

Are we fallen angels who didn't want to believe that nothing is nothing and so were born to lose our loved ones and dear friends one by one and finally our own life, to see it proved? ... But cold morning would return, with clouds billowing out of Lightning Gorge like giant smoke, the lake below still cerulean neutral, and empty space the same as ever. O gnashing teeth of earth, where would it all lead to but to prove that the proving itself was nil ... — Jack Kerouac

Cerulean Quotes By Morgan Rhodes

Her cerulean eyes widened.
"You dream about me?"
His gaze snapped back to hers.
"Nightmares only — Morgan Rhodes

Cerulean Quotes By Alice Hoffman

The river runs every shade of blue that has ever been known to humankind: ink and turquoise and lapis, indigo, teal, cerulean, and ultramarine. — Alice Hoffman

Cerulean Quotes By Heather Lyons

Speaking of, Kellan texted me yesterday, while I was in Annar: So. Today, I didn't see you at school. In class. In History, even.

I'd been amazed to discover that apparently my cell phone coverage included Annar.

Lyons, Heather (2012-08-25). A Matter of Fate (Fate Series Book 1) (p. 118). Cerulean Books. Kindle Edition. — Heather Lyons

Cerulean Quotes By Courtney Allison Moulton

His eyes were the brightest, most unnatural blue I had ever seen, a toxic cerulean. — Courtney Allison Moulton

Cerulean Quotes By Heather Lyons

She doesn't blame you. She knows this isn't your fault. It's not like on the day they were passing out Connections, you decided to hog two for yourself because you're a greedy bitch."

Lyons, Heather (2013-11-17). A Matter of Heart (Fate Series Book 2) (p. 320). Cerulean Books. Kindle Edition. — Heather Lyons

Cerulean Quotes By Hosea Ballou

It is a glorious occupation, vivifying and self-sustaining in its nature, to struggle with ignorance, and discover to the inquiring minds of the masses the clear cerulean blue of heavenly truth. — Hosea Ballou

Cerulean Quotes By Nina Malkin

Love is blue. A clear cerulean when new. A bright, bold, true blue in its glorious throes. And when it hurts, as it inevitably will, love turns deep, dark, the color of a bad bruise. — Nina Malkin

Cerulean Quotes By Luccini Shurod

A vinal shine turns over shades of cerulean and jasper from her expressive lips, revealing a jewel-like surface beneath a light that remains colorfast in a kiss composed of infinite grace. Being in a state of rest, Nadia still makes me the center of attention, dovetailing in an erotic entwinement that impels me to knead her coiling flex. Her resplendent fullness macerated into my bosom now grants me a restful anodyne, enabling the allay of my inner soul. — Luccini Shurod

Cerulean Quotes By Truth Devour

Lying down gazing at the cerulean blue-black sky, she slid her hands down to intertwine her fingers with his. "I love you," she whispers. — Truth Devour

Cerulean Quotes By Tawna Fenske

Her eyes met his, and he tried to remember if he'd ever seen such a deep shade of blue anywhere else. What was the word for it? Azure? Cobalt? Cerulean? Where was the fucking Crayola box when he needed it? — Tawna Fenske

Cerulean Quotes By Joseph Roth

A skyscraper is the incarnate rebellion against the supposedly unattainable; against the mystery of altitude, against the otherworldliness of the cerulean. — Joseph Roth

Cerulean Quotes By William Wordsworth

One interior life in which all beings live with God, themselves are God, existing in the mighty whole, indistinguishable as the cloudless east is from the cloudless west, when all the hemisphere is one cerulean blue. — William Wordsworth

Cerulean Quotes By Sue Monk Kidd

The skies were bright cerulean, teeming with ferocious winds, spilling mallards and fat wood drakes from the clouds. — Sue Monk Kidd