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Centrism Quotes By Michelle Cliff

One of the effects of indoctrination, of passing into the anglo-centrism of British West Indian culture, is that you believe absolutely in the hegemony of the King's English and in the proper forms of expression. Or else your writing is not literature; it is folklore, or worse. And folklore can never be art. Read some poetry by West Indian writers
some, not all
and you will see what I mean. The reader has to dissect anglican stanza after anglican stanza for Caribbean truth, and may never find it. The anglican ideal
Milton, Wordsworth, Keats
was held before us with an assurance that we were unable, and would never be able, to achieve such excellence. We crouched outside the cave. — Michelle Cliff

Centrism Quotes By Timothy Noah

Within the narrow confines of Permanent Washington - the journalists, lobbyists, and congressional lifers who are the city's avatars of centrism and continuity - Ford is considered the beau ideal of American leadership. — Timothy Noah

Centrism Quotes By Edward Brooke

Historically we have rejected extremism on the left and the right. Centrism is the right course for America. — Edward Brooke

Centrism Quotes By Michael Chabon

You would never do anything like that, would you?" my wife asked him. "You would never hurt animals."
Our son shook his head, looking offended by the question. He might have been lying, but my knowledge of his belief system, composed of equal parts off-kilter Far Side animal-centrism and a dark Captain Nemoesque contempt for humanity, inclined me to think he was telling the truth. Gigantic fish pulling the limbs from cruel little boys, that might be something you could get him to sign on for. — Michael Chabon

Centrism Quotes By Robert Reich

Centrism is bogus. — Robert Reich

Centrism Quotes By Doug Henwood

Transcending divisiveness is one of the dreams of centrists, as if disagreement were a bad habit rather than fundamental to politics. — Doug Henwood

Centrism Quotes By Philip Zimbardo

Heroes are Ordinary People whose social action is Extra-Ordinary/ who ACT when others are passive, who give up EGO-centrism for SOCIO-centrism. — Philip Zimbardo