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Top Casting Couch Quotes

Casting Couch Quotes By Claudette Colbert

The casting couch? There's only one of us who ever made it to stardom without it, and that was Bette Davis. — Claudette Colbert

Casting Couch Quotes By Anna Quindlen

Being accused of making money by selling sex in Hollywood, home of the casting couch and the gratuitous nude scene, is so rich with irony that it's a better subject for a comic novel than a column ... On one coast the cops are busting sex workers on Eighth Avenue, dragging them downtown to night court where they pay the fine and go right back to their corner; on another they're charging Heidi Fleiss with pandering in a town in which the verb is an art form. — Anna Quindlen

Casting Couch Quotes By Dorothy Stratten

I can honestly, and proudly, say that I never was on the casting couch. Oh, of course there have been advances from certain men in the movie industry, but nothing overwhelming. — Dorothy Stratten

Casting Couch Quotes By Kerry Condon

You think when you start getting jobs that it'll get easier, but that's the biggest lie ever. It gets harder. You have to put in more work. I wish it were the casting couch days because it'd be a lot easier! — Kerry Condon

Casting Couch Quotes By Krysten Ritter

I used Vamps as a casting couch! I pretty much did, because I was casting 'L!fe Happens' while I was on the set of Vamps, and anybody I had ever worked with, I asked to be in this movie. — Krysten Ritter

Casting Couch Quotes By Jason Bateman

Obviously, I did a couple of things right on the old casting couch. — Jason Bateman

Casting Couch Quotes By Arjun Rampal

I am affirming that the casting couch for men exists in the modeling world — Arjun Rampal