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Top Carenet Quotes

Carenet Quotes By Linkin Park

I watch how the moon sits in the sky in the dark night, shining with the light from the sun, and the sun doesn't give light to the moon assuming, the moon's gonna owe it one — Linkin Park

Carenet Quotes By Michael Frayn

You just have to work with what God sends, and if God doesn't seem to understand the concept of commercial success, then that's your bad luck. — Michael Frayn

Carenet Quotes By Debasish Mridha

Oh! Let me love forever.
Let me dream in love.
Without power of love,
life is a waterless river. — Debasish Mridha

Carenet Quotes By David Clement-Davies

That we can never know," answered the wolf angrily. "That's for the future. But what we can know is the importance of what we owe to the present. Here and now, and nowhere else. For nothing else exists, except in our minds. What we owe to ourselves, and to those we're bound to. And we can at least hope to make a better future, for everything. — David Clement-Davies

Carenet Quotes By Kanye West

Fusion is the future. The mixing of ideas. The two lunch tables working together. Humanity ... we're 1 people. — Kanye West

Carenet Quotes By Niels Kaj Jerne

It seems a miracle that young children easily learn the language of any environment into which they were born. The generative approach to grammar, pioneered by Chomsky, argues that this is only explicable if certain deep, universal features of this competence are innate characteristics of the human brain. Biologically speaking, this hypothesis of an inheritable capability to learn any language means that it must somehow be encoded in the DNA of our chromosomes. Should this hypothesis one day be verified, then lingusitics would become a branch of biology. — Niels Kaj Jerne

Carenet Quotes By Philip Kitcher

Critics who perceive the first level of Mann's irony recognize that the second voice is giving us reasons to be dubious about various aspects of Aschenbach's life and work. But many of them don't appreciate the second level of irony, the one exemplified in setting this narrative voice alongside the more sympathetic one, and inviting us to choose. — Philip Kitcher

Carenet Quotes By Kristen Callihan

He's so perfectly sculpted he could be an anatomy lesson. — Kristen Callihan

Carenet Quotes By John Dryden

Some of our philosophizing divines have too much exalted the faculties of our souls, when they have maintained that by their force mankind has been able to find out God. — John Dryden

Carenet Quotes By Paul Erdos

Every human activity, good or bad, except mathematics, must come to an end. — Paul Erdos

Carenet Quotes By Ralph Waldo Emerson

Man is conscious of a universal soul within or behind his individual life, wherein, as in a firmament, the natures of Justice, Truth, Love, Freedom, arise and shine. This universal soul, he calls Reason: it is not mine, or thine, or his, but we are its; we are its property and men. And the blue sky in which the private earth is buried, the sky with its eternal calm, and full of everlasting orbs, is the type of Reason. That which, intellectually considered, we call Reason, considered in relation to nature, we call Spirit. Spirit is the Creator. Spirit hath life in itself. And man in all ages and countries, embodies it in his language, as the FATHER. — Ralph Waldo Emerson

Carenet Quotes By Denise Hunter

I love you so much, Shay Brandenberger. I want you to be my wife because you choose to be, not because of some cockamamie accident. I want to love you the rest of your life. I want to be a father for Olivia . . ." He reached out and palmed the side of her belly, a tiny smile hitching up his lips. "A father for our child. — Denise Hunter

Carenet Quotes By Muriel Rukeyser

I hope for quick, fluent copy and memorable pictures. The words would not 'describe' the pictures; the pictures would not 'illustrate' the words. Together, they would carry a stamp and tell a story. — Muriel Rukeyser

Carenet Quotes By John Waters

Do we secretly idolize our imagined opposites, yearning to become the role models for others we know we could never be for ourselves? — John Waters

Carenet Quotes By Aristophanes

Lysistrata: "Calonice, it's more than I can bear,
I am hot all over with blushes for our sex.
Men say we're slippery rogues--"

Calonice: "And aren't they right? — Aristophanes